Monday, April 4, 2011

A Call To Prayer on April 6, 2011

I recieved this message from my warm and kind hearted friend Maria in Bulgaria today and I'm passing it on.

I for one will join in in this prayer for Mankind on Wednesday, April 6th.  I am usually not so keen about group prayers and meditation but in this case I felt it would be worthwhile.  I am of the belief that Prayers are a powerful force and to pray for a better future for Mankind is something we all could benefit from.

I would only add that those of other faiths and cultural views to use prayers that are dear to their hearts.  The Good Lord wouldn't mind.  He or She or It or Whatever you might call the Source has sent numerous Prophets and Saints with their messages of Love and Care of one another and I see this as a chance for us to spread some good intentions and spread some well wishes by the use of prayer which I see as a good and powerful force for change.

So, let us join Paul even if his vision is wrong or not entirely accurate.  I never trust dates given.  I believe that the time for change is Now.  Why not allow ourselves to make that now, April 6th. It's for a good cause and if done with faith it will certainly help each involved with their own personal evolution and awakening. And Paul, my best wishes to you and thanks for your work to iniate such a sincere effort to aid Mankind on it's way back to it's former glory.  Perhaps, if we do it right we will remember what we already are.

”Why are we assembled here in the school?   To form a society of people who should have a great love of one another, and to form a mileu of Love, and from this centre, there would be spread powerful waves of Love throughout the world.  This Love will spread in the world, reach the human souls, and wake them up".

Beinsa Douno

A brother from the Universal White Brotherhood tradition in Madagascar, Paul Rasabotsy, has meditated extensively on the significance of the coming times.  He believes that April 6, 2011 is an especially critical junction point, in the progress of the planet and humanity toward the next stage in their evolution.  This corresponds to the traditional start of the Madagascar New Year, when the energy of renewal and transformation are considered to be at their highest. 

He would like as many brothers and sisters as possible to pray and meditate deeply, with the focus on the Lords Prayer, on April 6, 2011 as a way of helping in this transistion.

If you are so moved, please join us in this prayer/meditation, in whatever form is right for you.  Please join in at sunrise, noon, before retiring, and during any free period of time throughout the day.

Love, Light, Peace and Joy,

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