Friday, November 1, 2013

Support The UK Magazine, "What Doctors Don't Tell You"

And here is why:

The Times vs. WDDTY

On 1st October, The Times newspaper of London published an article that could well have precipitated the death knell of WDDTY magazine. If The Times piece had stopped the public buying the magazine, it would undoubtedly have struggled to survive. Fortunately, this hasn’t happened; in fact, subscription rates have increased, not declined, as a result of the publicity. That's how keen the public is to get information they can’t readily get from their doctors!

Nonetheless, there are valuable lessons to be learned by all, especially the fact that it is the public’s choices that can have the most powerful influence on the status quo. For many of us that support freedom of the press, it is a relief to find that magazine sellers have been unswayed by the poorly researched, provocative article in The Times, or those skeptics that inspired it.

In Lynne McTaggart’s own words, here’s what happened…

By Lynne McTaggart, editorial director, What Doctors Don’t Tell You

On October 1 2013, we woke up to find ourselves and our magazine, What Doctors Don’t Tell You (WDDTY), the subject of a national scandal, when The Times of London ran with an article about how there was a ‘call to ban’ our journal over ‘health scares’.

The Times’ article alleged that a group of ‘experts’, including ‘scientists, doctors and patients’ were ‘condemning’ shops for carrying our magazine.

The article also said that we’d claimed that vitamin C ‘cures’ HIV, that homeopathy could treat cancer, that we’d implied the cervical cancer vaccine has killed ‘hundreds’ of girls and that we’d told parents in our latest (October 2013) issue not to immunise their children with the MMR vaccine.


Open season

Suddenly, it was open season on WDDTY, with other media simply parroting the story. The Wright Stuff show on Channel 5 quickly followed suit with a TV debate, flashing up a photo of me as editor of WDDTY, while the BBC’s Five Live held a radio debate about the maggazine. By Thursday, when the Press Gazette got onto it, the headlines had escalated that our health advice “could prove fatal”.

In all the furore, not one of the newspapers, radio shows or television stations bothered to hold the story until they’d made contact with us, even to solicit a comment – which is Journalism 101 when you intend to run a story on someone, pro or con.

It’s also apparent from the information published in The Times and in all the media following that not one journalist or broadcaster has read one single word we’ve written, particularly on the homeopathy story, and for a very good reason: at the time the story broke in The Times, our article had not yet been written!

Don't trust the censors

As James S. Turner, Board chair of Citizens for Health, a health advocacy organization, said recently:

“Those who control or suppress access to such information say they do it to protect an ‘ignorant’ public. Don’t be fooled. People who hide information disrespect the public and act against its interest in taking responsible personal action. Don’t trust the censors.”

Here’s a video of the full story:

To read the entire article and for more information, please click on the link provided below:

Alliance For Natural Health Europe

Note:  I will put my money where my mouth is and enquire whether this magazine delivers to Sweden.   I hope that others who read this may feel the same as I.   There has been a witch hunt on sources of alternative health information that has been allowed by governments and financed by corporations for some years often feeding the public with hearsay and other misleading information. I applaud this magazine's leadership in the way that they dealt with this all too common form of  bullying that attempts to silent those voices that go against the status quo.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Michael for this.

I feel it may indicate that the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Medical profession who they control are running scared. I say this because we recently had a similar negative item on our Canadian Broadcaster [CBC] putting down the Homeopathic profession. There may be a link between these two items being featured in such a negative way to try and scare the uninformed majority.

Hhhhhmmm Good - I hope so!

Michael B.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Thanks for this info, Michael B.

We have the same scare tactics in Sweden through the media.

Take care,