Saturday, November 23, 2013

Boycott Wal-mart on Black Friday 2013.

Right on!! Walmart employees and their supporters are staging a nationwide boycott on Black Friday, November 29. Walmart is one of the nation's biggest opponents of raising wages, despite being one of the world's most highly profitable cor...porations. Worse, each Walmart store has been shown to cost taxpayers upwards of $1 million per year in government assistance that their employees must qualify for to survive. Please share this image to let your friends now about this important action!

Image by the campaign to
Raise The Minimum Wage. Please join us by giving our page a "like"!

Adding insult to injury, Walmart stores will remain open on Thanksgiving Day, which means that their employees WON'T be able to have dinner with their families that night. When does the greed stop?

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