Friday, November 8, 2013

Can You Trust Governments When They Push Useless Vaccines On Their Citizens?



Can You Trust Known-to-be Corrupt Governments When They Also Push Useless Flu Vaccines – US Talk Radio Dr Michael Savage On The Savage Nation January 11, 2013


An excellent perspective on the webs of corruption in government and health industry to push useless pharmaceuticals and use health issues to try to exercise control over a population.
Dr. Michael Savage on The Savage Nation US talk radio January 11, 2013 on the dangers of and government lies involved with flu vaccines.
If you agree governments have lied about so much else, should you trust them with medical advice to take a ‘flu shot?
Why have US nurses rejected ‘flu vaccines and why do US labor unions oppose mandatory ‘flu shots?
Show starts 8 minutes into the mp3 recording which you can download here:
Or YouTube – The Savage Nation US talk radio January 11, 2013

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