Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hymne - Era Musical Project - Eric Levi

October 13, 2007

*About the lyrics: Sources say that the lyrics created by Eric Levi is "based on chants in an imaginary language close to Latin".

I'm not sure how accurate this spanish to english translation is, but i'd just like to restate panchovaladez's comment: "The majority of the era letters is composed by Eric Levi, the letters are a compilation of the Latin and of the French and for that reason they do not have translation."

Also, below are two versions of the lyrics. I cannot tell which one is correct as I'm still trying to find that out. If you have a copy of the CD album Era 2 or The Very Best of Era, please let me know.

*About the pictures: This video is also an appreciation of the beauty of nature & hope.

For more information on the Era Musical Project:


You can listen to more Era music at:



Anonymous said...

Incredibly beautiful, Mike. Brought tears to my eyes especially when I compare this to the noise music we are pounded with in to-day's world!

By the way that girl's voice reminded me of that same voice I heard when you introduced that singer from the far north of Sweden a couple of years ago. What was the name of that Indigenous group again, and her name also?

Michael B.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

It's a mix of latin and chanting in a sort of new age way.


Trish C said...

Very cool :)

Pam Bickell said...

Really beautiful, Mike. I'm going to make a link back to your site. Thanks for sharing this.