Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sisters In The UK Refuse The MMR Vaccine

Sisters refuse to get MMR jab despite judge ordering them to be vaccinated after their divorced parents fight over inoculation

by Stephen Adams

Dail Mail Online, UK,  12 October 2013

  • Girls' were told it was in their 'best interests' to get the injections
  • But solicitor claims they have no plans to agree to the decision 
  • The case was brought by their father who separated from children's mother 
  • Parents agreed for children not to receive vaccine when they were married

Two sisters ordered by a High Court judge to have the MMR jab are refusing the vaccination.

The girls, aged 11 and 15, were last month told by Mrs Justice Theis they must have the inoculation against measles, mumps and rubella.

Last night their mother’s solicitor told The Mail on Sunday the girls had no plans to agree to be vaccinated. The legal deadline was Friday night.

Philippa Dolan said the mother might go to a higher court in a bid to overturn the judgment.

She said: ‘One of the interesting aspects of this case is the question of taking two healthy people and forcing them to submit to a medical procedure which they don’t want to submit to.’

She said the judge had failed to take into account the ‘practical difficulties’ of ensuring the sisters were vaccinated.

Physically forcing the girls to have the jabs was  ‘a legal grey area’ and Ms Dolan said: ‘I can’t envisage it happening.’

The case seeking vaccination was brought by their father, who separated from their mother in 2011. They are now divorced.

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This whole vaccine issue always leaves me chilled when I read things like this.

Thanks Mike.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Yes, it's sad to hear how far Pharma has gone in taking away health choices and our freedom to say no.

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Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Yes, one might say that.

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