Sunday, February 26, 2012

Targeted to Die - Worlds Population Poisoned By Chemtrails & Radiation

February 22, 2012

Anthony J HIlder with Dr Ed Spencer and Deborah Tavares across the bay from San Francisco. taling about AirCrap (Chemtrails) and electronic radiation we all absorb every day. Ted Turner, Jacque Costeau and the Malthusians say we the people use too much of the worlds resources and need to die to save the planet. Insects and primitive life have more right to live here than we do ..... so time to poison the people of the planet. The chosen ones have refuges and antidotes saved for themselves.

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Anonymous said...

One comment -

If even all this was true I personally feel that it will be Gaia that will beat it to the punch! As I have said so often we are reaching the major point of transition - population crises along with passing between Ages and the cyclic nature of the Universe - all of which you've heard from me before.

Yes I know - BORING! :)


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello M:

Yes, Nature will bring about the big changes and the transition to new ways of living, not Man. I am convinced of this. In the meantime, we must suffer the fools.

Thanks for your comments. Yes, much of this kind of info is fear produced or hooks into poeples fears. Not many can just look at these problems in a calm way.

Take care,