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Fear Is A Handicap - A Guest Post by Michael Brine

Fear Is A Handicap

In 2004 I wrote this to a friend with whom I was having an exchange. In 2006 this was later published on a web site who had asked permission. I have decided that perhaps the time has come to give it a wider audience given the times we are living through. Also, may the wisdom of the poetry of Baha’u’llah touch your heart. Enjoy – M.B. 

“Oh Son of Spirit!
I created thee rich, why doest thou
Bring thyself down to poverty?
Noble I made thee, wherewith dost
Thou abase thyself? Out of the essence of
Knowledge I gave thee being, why seekest thou
Enlightenment from anyone beside me? Out of
The clay of love I moulded thee, why doest thou busy
Thyself with another? Turn thy sight onto thyself,
That thou mayest find Me standing within thee,
Mighty, powerful and self-subsisting.”

"Fear is a Handicap"

There are many voices out there as you too are aware. It remains I feel, for each of us to use our intuition as to what we are drawn to explore and indeed listen to.  Personally, I have for years felt that we have been seeded from other star systems and that our different races represent the particular star system we may have come from. I do however, feel there is a different story for the indigenous peoples of the earth but not sure exactly how for they are very much more in tune with this planet than are us ‘others’.

Getting out of the “Box” of our conditioning is the first big step. Once we have done that it remains for us to look around at this new unfolding landscape [ as we rub our eyes and get used to this new light] and see/feel what we are drawn to explore and pursue it.  As you well know we have been ‘ruled’ by fear and it is this that has controlled us over millennia by forces that have not operated in our best collective interests. [ Religions have done it very effectively through ‘judgemental’ motifs et al]. Who have been the ‘controllers’ behind the scenes is a matter of speculation.

There are ‘takes’ on this and I’m sure you’ve heard them. Again, intuition here is the best guide – at least for me. It is, however, very important not to get caught up in any fear motif for this only muddies the waters. Awareness is one thing and throwing light on a negative situation is very valid to help inform – but never get caught up in acting out of fear itself. Indeed this whole epoch we are traversing thru is an incredible time of discovery about who we really are. While we may see desolation and tragedy taking place everywhere around us, it is perhaps a prelude to a new unfolding discovery about our very existence and what it is all about! You cannot build a new structure on a crumbling foundation  - so the ‘old’ must be exposed and removed to allow for the new growth. I feel that is what is taking place as we move thru these disturbing times and most importantly – for me at least – is that we have the support of our Star family at this exceptional time with the codicil of course of non-interference unless we collectively ask them too. I suggest that these amazing Crop Circles are coming from these concerned beings who surround us and they come in Love.

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Always love M.B.'s posts and the sign with this one is awesome. Thanks, Mike.