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A Narration on Health - From Interview With An Angel

Medicine is necessary for our bodies in disease only because our bodies have learned the art of not getting well without medicines. Even so, one sees often that the moment Nature chooses for recovery is that in which the life is abandoned as hopeless by the doctors.

It should take long for self-cure to replace medicine, because of the fear, self-distrust and unnatural physical reliance on drugs which Medical Science has taught to our minds and bodies and made our second nature.

Sri Aurobindo

Health - From the book, Interview With An Angel by Steven J Thayer and Linda Sue Nathanson.

Linda:   Do people get sick because they are not going according to the universe's plan for them?

Ariel:  Sickness is very complicated.  It is so misunderstood by people.  Sickness can be a warning--a warning that you are living far from your truth, a warning that you are ignoring tremendous feelings, especially fear and stress.  But, sickness can also be the weight one lifts.  There are sicknesses, illness, that are diagnosed in order to wake someone up--to snap him out of being so stuck, so imprisoned in fear; to awaken him in a spiritual sense to a higher part of his life.  The ego has many ways it can be coached or coaxed into growth, into sharing the limelight with it's divinity.  ear of sickness and death is a very, very powerful force.

Linda:  We use the term alternative healing or alternative medicine to nontraditional methods of healing the body.  Do you have a comment on the value of these approaches?

Ariel:  In truth, all the approaches you speak of are alternatives.   Each one is an alternative to the true focus and the true mechanism of healing.  To understand this answer, it is important to know what is being healed.  All of what you consider needing to be healed, all "dis-ease" or disharmony of the human body, mind, emotions or spirit are simply manifestations of human beings' limitation in connection to the unity of this universe in which they live.

All are manifestations of ways in which the idea of separateness that humans insist on having is allowed to run too freely and allowed to take such importance tha tit cuts off the person from his true source.  It is the true source, the harmony and connection to the unity of the universe and the energy there in that is the source of all health and hence the source of all healing.

It must be understood that any healing that takes place happens within the individual.  All healing, no matter in what form, is what you might label self-healing.  All of these things that you describe are in truth, alternatives to self-healing--the true form of healing.  Each one has it's perfect place.  This is why each one has been created.  Sometimes when the individual has been distant from his very source for a significant length of time, such disharmony or disease will manifest within the physical body or the emotional body to the point where intervention, outside help is needed.

In truth, all intervention is a support to self-healing.  All intervention, whether it be from what you label traditional or what you label, alternative or even what you label spiritual forms of healing, are simply devices that allow the person to be bought back within the range where this self-healing can take place.

Even when a surgeon remove material from the body or reconnects tissue to itself, these are simply mechanicl acts, acts that are in and of themselves great marvels and in come cases, great mysteries even to the ones who are perfoming them.  But, it is ultimately the person who heals,who takes that support and  within whose body the soul manifests the knitting together of the tissues, the muscles that have been severed by a surgeon's scalpel.  The more that a healing mechanism caan support the natural union with the nature of the soul's harmony and the connection to unity, the more it will support the person in his self-healing.

Each being, each person, has a natural affinity or openness to a certain method of healing.  Each method of healing provides a technique that is supportive for certain people.  As a result,in this marvelous mosiac of life, there is a healing approach. a support, a tool for every type of person.  What will work for one may not work for the other.   But, in all cases  the most important healing happens not at the surface level where symptoms are fixed, but at the deepest level where the source of the problem is corrected.  And that can only happen deep within the individual.

You have seen too often how a disease will appear.  It will be eradicated by the most complex of medical science procedures, only to reappear after a period of what you call time.  The symptom was treated but the problem was not dealt with as part of the medical procedure.

Likewise, within the world of what you call alternatives, symptoms are sometimes corrected and yet the underlying problem remains, so in time the symptoms reappear.

The more that a therapeutic approach combines dealing with a manifest symptom that is visable and interrupting the harmony of the person's life while balancing the person's true innner nature with the unification of his spiritual connection, the more that approach will provide a total solution of supporting true and permanent self-healing with the individual.

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Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Goda:

I'm glad that you liked it. Self-healing is the way to go if you believe in it strongly and can listen to your own Inner Divinity.

Have a lovely weekend,

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Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Yes indeed, M.B. I'm glad that you get it.

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Magnus said...

Thank you! Makes much sense to me. My own experiences is that it's all about "inner causes/conflicts" that triggers diseases. From my view, I sometimes have heard to abandon the belief totally - like when I'm sick I'm searching for some natural remedy which will help me - but again, even if it's not traditional medicine or drugs, I still search for something outside that will end it up. But usually I end up realize that it didn't helped me anyhow until I get in contact with my inner and realized what it was all about.

Hope this post make some people curious to look for the "remedy" within themselves instead of realing on other forces and doctors, or health practitioner or drugs... Or why don't make it simple, just lay down where you are and like a little child say: "God, know I need to have a conversation with you to solve this within me that I haven't been able to solve on my own yet... Please help me" - and He will! That makes life a lot more curious as well....

Thank you and have a nice day

Zorroa said...

I am absolutely believer of sickness and other problems comes from disturbances we create in our communication with Divinity and the only way to heal that it is going back to our original vibration