Monday, February 6, 2012

INTERNET FREEDOM: Europe Rises Up Against ACTA by Washington Blog

 A group of Polish politicians wore Guy Fawkes/Anonymous masks in Parliament to protest ACTA.
INTERNET FREEDOM: Europe Rises Up Against ACTA

by Washington Blog
Global research Canada,  February 5, 2012

Widespread Protests Are Starting to Turn the Tide Against Anti-Democratic Bill

The widespread protests against the anti-democracy bill ACTA by the Polish people have forced Poland’s prime minister to stall – or perhaps even back out – of the treaty. As TechDirt notes:

Following the growing protests about ACTA in Europe, as well as signs of US meddling, Poland’s prime minister is making it clear that Poland will not ratify ACTA for the time being, leading to speculation that the EU may not actually join ACTA.

"Tusk’s backtracking could spell the end of ACTA for the entire European Union. If Poland or any other EU member state, or the European Parliament itself, fails to ratify the document, it becomes null and void across the union. As it stands, there are already five member countries that have not even signed ACTA.

 “I share the opinions of those who from the beginning said that consultations were not complete,” Tusk said, according to a report in Wirtualna Polska. The 54-year-old prime minister added that a Polish rejection of ACTA is now on the table, and admitted that he had previously approached the agreement from a “20th century” perspective, due to his age.

The Slovenian ambassador to Japan has apologized to her country and her children for signing ACTA, saying she signed it because her government told her to, and “out of civic carelessness” in not bothering to understand what ACTA meant before signing it.

Bulgarian and Polish MPs wore Guy Fawkes masks to protest ACTA. Again, from TechDirt:

European Parliamentarian Marietje Schaake writes:

As a Member of the European Parliament, I very much welcome the increased attention the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) has received in the past weeks. It has taken a while for massive outcry to emerge, but we are seeing protest voices getting louder and louder.

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Some politicians in Bulgaria thought that was a good idea, and have done the same thing.

The elderly in Sweden love their Internet freedom.


Helene Dsouza said...

recently there has been lots of new rules online and I have seen it happening in different countries. but there is no chance that we can do anything against it. the problem is if u give freedom to the crowds they miss use it (exm pedophily). they have a reason to stop all this because we users gave them an oppotunity to take away our only place in the world where we r free. The once who spoiled the web r the once who should be punished.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Helene:

Thanks for visiting and your comment.

The forces behind censorship are more about power & money and control.

Yes, irresponsible people ruin it for the responsible ones, but this has always been the way of human community when it has weak leadership.

Kind regards,