Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Message of Encouragement to Those Who Serve the Good

I often talk on my blog about people who serve the good.  I have written many inspirational messages in the past and will share one that I wrote here on my blog.  This one was written on January 11, 2010 and I hope it will be a comfort to all who serve their better natures and serve community in a positive way.  We now live in a difficult time of many changes and my hope is that these messages will bring some calmness and balance to the readers. 

Here is the message:

Be kind to those who do not understand this path that you have set out upon.  None can know the pathway of another.  For the Guide is unique to every traveller along his or her way.  The path is sometimes pleasant beyond description and at other times, a nightmare of adversity.  All are necessary if one is to develop into a fully concious and aware human being who can one day carry the torch light for another.  At times a lonely path full of pit falls and at other times a garden path full of friendship and delight.

Continue to walk upon your path and allow others to freely traverse their own intended paths.  Some walk slowly, some hardly move, while others glide effortlessly as if carried by a winged host.  All arrive one day.  All are greeted upon their return.  All are grateful for the kindnesses and help along the way shown one to another.

Walk quietly, but with steps that are sure and enjoy the moments of solitude as well as the lovely moments of comradery.  Remember that others have gone before and left their markers so as to make it a bit easier for the ones yet to come.  You have left your markers as others have left theirs.  All have been done with a sense of conviction and a sense of knowing that their efforts were not in vain.

All are remembered in the book of time and all honored for their contributions made for future generations.  Know that your contributions have not gone unnoticed and know that you have been loved as you are now loved as you will continue to be loved on the pathway that leads one back to one's Self.

Be kind and remember the kindnesses shown to you along your way.  A good way, one of many ways back to your home in the stars.

©  2010  M.N. Hopkins


Karen Lee said...

You and I are cosmic cheerleaders. This message so beautifully stated sums up the path of self realization brilliantly. May all sentient being awaken to itself. May the blessings be.

Mathew Naismith said...

Indeed Mike, everyone is unconditionally worthy no matter what.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Mat knows

Kindest regards,