Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some Warm Words of Encouragement from M.N. Hopkins

Here is another message that I wrote on March 26, 2010 that I would now like to share with all who find their way to my blog.  I wish to all who read this a warming in your heart. I do hope that you too find this message of some comfort. 

March 26, 2010 Message

The warmth that you now feel is your own inner warmth. It is a warmth that is available to all, not just a few chosen ones.

The warmth subtains life as it gives life and fuels the inner fire that illuminates one's darkness and turns it into light.

A negative turned positive and so simple as feeling one's heart light and letting it spread throughout your physical body and mind.  The Light goes in and as it comes outward from the heart it releases many emotional and mental toxins.  Yes, as a detox yet more effective than any method known or devised by man.

So simply done that any child can do this simply by asking in a prayerful way.   All prayers are received and answered by those of sincere hearts.  Be as a child again with full faith and the ability to receive the gifts of Grace to Man.

Be comforted and be at ease and feel our gifts given freely and without need of reward.  For we have all that is needed since we have no needs.  We live in a state of grace in which we can feel the joy in living and express the Good out into your world of darkness.  We have such a joy when our gifts are received and shared with others in human form.

We seek no acclaim, but make the claim that Mankind will continue upon his and her path back to Self.

Feel now the ease of living in a new way.  Feel now the joy of creation that allows for the creation of a joyous and well functioning human community.

Yes, it is possible again to live as you once did.  Free of ego tyranny, free of fear and full of faith.

©  2010 M.N. Hopkins

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