Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Vision of Hope by M.N. Hopkins

Now, I will share a personal insight with all who will listen.  One day at a time of down heartedness, I thought of our current world situation and what would become of me and also what would become of Humankind in the years ahead.

I saw myself in my minds eye as one of many extended both long back into time and long forward into the future.  It all began with a dream of freedom countless centuries ago.  After the dream had begun, each added to the strength of the dream by adding their contributions and energy to human community thus keeping the dream alive.  All knew and understood their part in this joint creation of Man that involved many over a very long period of time.

I saw humanity as individuals all connected to this dream that appeard as a wave in the sea.  The wave was rolling through time, growing in intensity and height as each contributed their part to this movement toward freedom.  After some time the wave grew to such an intensity it had Tsunami strength.  Each individual through time had played their part and added to the collective energy of the dream until it had become an unstoppable force of nature aided by Man.  So many had sacrificed so much along the way to unleach such a powerful force of longing into our world.

At a point in my vision all down heartedness disappeared and I knew with that calm certainty that I feel at times that even if our present day Servers of the Good and I could no longer add our contributions of energy to this dream of Man that others would continue until the dream has been realized in time.  The wave was rolling with such an intensity that I knew without doubt it was now unstoppable and had already done the work of the transformation of human community to that of love and reason.  I knew without a doubt that Man would once again live in his former glory and in freedom in the future.

This event occured not due to the efforts of Aliens, Advanced Beings, or Ascended Masters but due to the hard work and sacrifice of countless humans who have held this dream of freedom dear and close to their hearts.  It is our dream and our prize.

So be at peace and be assured that no one, nowhere can possibly put an end to this collective dream of Mankind.  Be not deceived and know deep within yourselves that your efforts were a loving gift to future generations.  A gift of freedom given freely that will one day be appreciated and cherished and will live within the human heart.

 © M.N. Hopkins


To those who will, feel these words as you read the above text and see and feel in your own unique way and come to your own realization as to the truth of these words.  Calm your mind before reading or join with me in your minds eye and view the wave as it rolls to completion.  Express yourself in art or music or just feel the calmness and certainty of being.


Anonymous said...

Yes Michael - Very much on the same page. I did hesitate when you made reference to Ascended Masters et al in a somewhat negative overtone but I also understand were you are coming from. These beings do exist and I feel are in our midst and try and influence when they feel it appropriate. You as well as I have had our own experiences in this way. However, I do get frustrated with so much of this channelling that I receive and question much of its genuineness also as I'm sure do you. Michael.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Michael:

I thought that perhaps my ascended masters part of the message would be viewed as negative. Yes I believe in all 3 live forms mentioned, but see them as only advise givers or counselors. It is we in human form who do the work. As Man we are enlightened beings also and perhaps more admirable, since we are the one's swimming in the shit to bring Light to this world. I think most channeling is rubbish coming out the the pain of damaged folks---at least this is how I sense many channelers and mediums. Perhaps I have done mine out of my pain also.

Anyhow, I wrote it as I got it and as with all intuitive information, I take out what works for me and leave the rest on a shelf for later consumption. People can take it as they will. As any author, one puts it out for people to read and have no control over it's interpretation. I am not making any money, so do not have to cater to clients for pay. I give freely and what is done with the information is up to the receiver. I just act with what I hope are good intentions with the hope that I can bring a little comfort or hope to those struggling along their way.

I think that you get it...being a wise old man...

Kindest regards,

Anonymous said...

Vision of Hope is beautiful - and to my mind, absolutely true.

Interesting to read the tsunami reference. I dreamed of a huge one coming my way two nights ago. Had no fear, just curiousity.

Very best wishes, your "fan," Maggie

Anonymous said...

Vision of Hope is beautiful - and to my mind, absolutely true.

Interesting to read the tsunami reference. I dreamed of a huge one coming my way two nights ago. Had no fear, just curiousity.

Very best wishes, your "fan," Maggie

grover the peace man said...

This vision is one of many mankind has had, but neglect to play on. This is a good message , thanks for sharing your passion for a peace in our existing,and the future.

wordwan said...

I think the thing we need to remember is, should we dwell in thoughts of all the evil in the world, why the hell wouldn't there be an attendant level of good? People swing so manically, depressedly from room to room, thinking there can only be one color.

Silly bear. Course the light will always be there. Pick up your glass.