Thursday, December 30, 2010

Migrant Workers Union Fights For Justice For Cheated Thai Berry Pickers

Here's an update from Sweden about the cheated Thai berry pickers from last summer.  A Thai organization called, Migrant Workers Union that is engaged in the international business of cheap labor has criticized the company Lömsjö bärs  (Lömsjö Berry Company) saying that the Thai bery pickers could not possibly meet the conditions of their contract under normal working hours despite that the contract was accepted by both the local townships and the Swedish Immigration Department.

They are demanding that the Swedish State ought to pay back an average of 11,000 Swedish Crowns that the berry pickers had to pay in taxes, visa fees, and work permits in order to come to Sweden and work.

Here are two links to articles in the Swedish language:

Note:  To all Thai readers of my blog,  please pass on the link to this blog entry to your fellow countrymen and women.  I was in a forum of the but have been blocked from logging in.  There was another blog entry I wished to post there from a Finnish organization that has been fighting hard for the berry pickers in both Sweden and Finland, but I was unable to.  Would any Thai readers be so kind as to pass this information on?  Thanks for your help.  Here is the other link:

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