Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two New Year Wishes To All Who Visit Here

I wish to give a New Year message for the upcoming year of 2011.  I received these quotations from my friend Maria in Bulgaria.  They are the words of an illuminated and wise man whose words ring just as true today as when he said them.  Wisdom is timeless and comes from the mouths of many over time.  Sometimes we listen and sometimes not.  His words were appropriate to what I wished to say to all who find their way to this blog.  Here is a message of joy from Peter Deunov:

“Happiness is a reality towards which people aspire. Whoever endures all difficulties for the sake of happiness deserves to taste its fruits. You should be conscious when the fruits are given to you, to be thankful and not to ask how long they will stay with you. Happiness stays forever with one in which Love, Wisdom and Truth reign.

How can happiness be attained? What are the opportunites for one to be happy? It does not require a lot. Open your heart so that Divine Love can flow through it--not drop by drop, but in abundance. Place a golden faucet on your heart so that love can flow readily to all people. Turn a new page of your book and begin to write with the light of your mind and with the warmth of your heart. Love as God loves. When you need Him, pray sincerely. Each prayer and gratitude which comes from the bottom of your heart is always accepted. God hears even the smallest call and answers.”

-The Master Peter Deunov

Now, for my part:

Happy New Year 2011. 

I wish you all every happiness.  There is much to be happy for even in dark times. Now, I will quote something that I wrote several years ago:                    

So, now you will see clearly with the heart. For through the heart way lies the greatest happiness while living one's life as a human being. It is the heart way that seeks a better way for all inhabitants of the human community. It is the heart way that balances and brings the peace and certainty of Spirit into one's being. The heart way bridges the gap between Heaven and Earth and allows one to enter into realms of unlimited potential. For through the heart one can again know that one is neither apart from or separate from the Whole. One becomes the heart of a Larger Heart, which beats with the rhythm of the One Heart, which is the Essence of all of life.

So celebrate one's existence here in this world of physical flesh and know that all is possible if one only believes this to be true. One's beliefs color one's view of physical reality. Paint one's life portrait with light and vibrant colors that bring into being a more joyous existence. Share one's joy with all whom you come into contact with.

Think not upon all the wrongs and injustices of men, but think upon a future in which all co-operate and seek the greatest good for the greatest number. Hold a vision that is joyous and life giving and share it so that others can come to realize that such a joyous existence is a possibility within the physical realm of existence. Be not discouraged, for the gift of faith returns. A stronger more resilient faith that will help others know of their own deep and personal relationship to their own Soul. Once this connection is reestablished many will touch upon and benefit from an inner wisdom and strength, which is inherent to all.

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Sharon said...

Hello Mike..Beautiful and meaningful words. I needed this. (: