Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Dream For The Little Ones by M.N. Hopkins

I had a dream a few nights ago in which I sat in my arm chair in my living room and near me on our sofa sat a little girl around the age of 5 to 6 years.  She was blond haired with pale skin and could have been from North American, Norden, Russia, the UK, Australia, New Zealand or Northern Europe.

She was very sweet and innocent as any child at that age.  She looked at me with a childlike innocence and said to me in  a clear and direct way, "They are trying to make us all dumb at school."

I told her that I understood..  I looked at her and put my hand over my heart saying, "You can hide your intelligence here and they will never see it or be able to take it away from you."   As I did and said this, she also put her little hand over her heart and said in a very innocent manner.  "Yes, I can do that."

The alarm clock then rang and woke me from the dream.  Later, I thought of the RSA video entry in my blog and a television show I had seen of a classroom of 6 year olds earlier that evening.  Please take a look at the RSA video and you will see why this came to mind after the dream.

After reflecting on this dream, I wondered if there was perhaps a little girl living somewhere in our world who woke up that morning and went to school to share this knowledge with her fellow classmates.


Magnus said...

Hi! Thank you for sharing

I came to thought about this post after hearing a story from a friend of mine. They doesn't really have the same theme, but it was such a beautiful story: My friend has a daughter about five years old one day she came home from the "pre-school" and told her Mom: When I grow up I will marry Peter (I don't remeber if it was the name she mentioned, but doesn't matter for the story), and her Mom as knew who Peter was thought, well he seems to be a very kind and good boy to be five years old, but she was curious about why she had choosen Peter as her special one, so she said: Okay, well, that sounds good, he seems to be a very gentle and kind boy, but why have you choosen Peter, my darling? And her child responded. Yes, because of all children in the school, Peter is the only one who can say "I'm sorry"

Well, that story touched me to hear, and I thought about it, and it kind of made me feel that it is hope for the coming generations - if just more children could learn and take the same approach as Peter and his fiancee.

Mathew Naismith said...

Dumbing us down, for sure, their controlling egos need to keep their delusions going, I think once the delusion is gone, so is the controlling ego.

Quite a significant dream.