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A Letter From Alex Kochkin

I am passing on a  letter I received from Alex Kochkin at Positive Future Consulting & Global Awakening Press. 

 Ascension and Transformation of the Human and Higher Being

Letter introducing a new update that is in process.
December 16, 2010

Dear Readers and Friends,

This letter introduces a new discussion of what appears to be significant changes related to ascension and spiritual evolution. It is something that has been working away quietly since August of 2010 and was identified in 2007.

When I sent out the two-part October 2010 Update, it seemed that by around mid-December we would have a clearer understanding of what course the greater changes will be taking.

There does seem to be a major change underway and this needs to be described properly, so a December 2010 Update is underway. It will convey what we can of our understanding. It will briefly recapitulate a number of important themes and topics, all necessary to understanding the bigger picture. The material will be prepared in such a way as to stand on its own and be understandable to a wider readership.

What we presented in Global Awakening News and the 2010 “A-List” Updates represents what we have been comfortable stating for publication. To say that the main point and substance now is a “delicate matter” is an understatement and this has been one the most difficult explanations we have undertaken. I have been ambivalent over whether or not to even publish any more. One of my concerns has been how to do this yet not inappropriately influence people’s spiritual development or practices in ways that might cause them to ignore or disregard something else of comparable value and potential. I will likely prepare a specific disclaimer with regard to this for inclusion with the December material.

At the very least I wish to say that what we are presenting here is not intended to be the “last word” on ascension or the spiritual situation in this realm. It is what we are aware of and it is described to the best of our abilities. Unbeknownst to me, there may be other practices and avenues that lead to desirable outcomes relative to “true ascension” and spiritual evolution that are in accord with higher oneness and the intentions of Creator of All. At this time though, I am not aware of any. What earlier spiritual practices there were, most were focused around continuing ones consciousness upon severing connection with the physical body, and not with spiritual evolution. Those oriented to dissolving the physical body with little or no trace may offer a conduit to spiritual evolution, but those who practiced this successfully left little record of their process or progress. Furthermore, practices related to this were centered on completion of this physical life and were generally not involved with the larger problems of spiritual evolution or the resolution of the problem of the dark.

It may be possible that over the coming months individuals here will be able to share information concerning their own progress, symptoms, and confirmatory signs. From this a practice or set of practices may be defined to help all concerned.

Yes, this civilization is coming to an end and so is the control of the dark over humans. Various types of earth changes will continue to grow in frequency and magnitude. Dark side humans will continue to make their machinations toward war and parasitic conquest, while the masses of humans sink further into servitude and chaos. As much as the signs are present and growing for this, there is also some possibility that the more extreme effects of this will not play out fully.

Regardless of how moderate or extreme the disintegration is of this civilization, 3d is not where to pin ones higher aspirations, far from it. 

Most importantly, this is the time for spiritual completions and new spiritual evolutions and thus it is crucial to “complete” as fully as possible what one is about in this plane of existence.

“Completions” also are on the agenda for our higher selves. This is part of the “makeover” of this entire Creation.

Those who can, need to contemplate their deeper understandings of the problems and challenges of 3-d density existence. This is also important for the further development of the larger collective higher being that most humans are associated with. This is also part of the development of new creator beings.

Such “understandings” at the human level have nothing to do with mainstream or alternative news sources, nor anything to do with the latest in human dramas, channeled pronouncements, or expectations for some version of a world savior.

This is all about you and your greater being your connection to Source, Creator of All and the higher oneness. It is at the your greater being level that much learning is to be integrated and from which much can be accomplished.

Those who have little to no understanding as humans, will eventually have other opportunities to further their learning, if this is something they are capable of choosing.

Presently most humans are skating on “thin ice”, mostly unaware of how thin this layer of “ice” is  –and even less aware that there is little if anything supporting this layer that represents ordinary social-economic existence. Imagine if you will, the rapid change –shown in the TWZ and HPH graphs shown in the October 2010 Update –as the draining away of the water that supports the “ice” upon which humanity resides. For most humans to become aware of this would be a major “revelation”. However, it is only the surface cracks that are beginning to dawn to their ways of conditioned thinking.

Beyond this is something of even greater importance concerning the vibrational state of 3-d reality.

Concerning the greater reality, when the October 2010 Update was sent out, I did not know with any certainty how things would be headed in terms of the spiritual changes since this had not yet been adequately processed at the higher levels. Given this, I did my best to frame the situation in the October material and to set the stage for what is now to be explained.

At the time of that writing, I was aware of a growing sub-atomic instability in the 3-d matrix that corresponds to the higher level flaw in creation that led to the formation of the dark forces. At the time I was not clear as to what the implications were to us and did not want to present inappropriate speculations.

I did know that whatever was to occur, it was absolutely essential that everyone who is more aware and in a process of spiritual awakening to attend to their own assessing of what has been learned in 3-d and to address any “unfinished business” to greatest extent possible and at their human and higher levels.

Even more important, would be the impulse to push ones own personal envelope in terms of finding the vibrationally highest attractor possible and then keep expanding that envelope.
Once enough is known of these larger patterns, you either understand this or you do not. These patterns are all consistently evident in ideas, behaviors, language, subtle energies, etc. Once this is an understanding of the larger influencing dynamics, then there is no need to keep following “rabbit holes” looking for more distractions, unless there is very good and specific reason to do so.

For those who are ready, there is the clear and complete rejection of all that is false and that is distorted by the dark at any and all levels.
What then is there?

To identify with and develop the highest level attractor possible involving the totality of your being.

For some this will be to develop the highest vibrational “love”, a localized counterpart to the high oneness of the true creation. This can become ones new “call home” signal. It can be directed “upward” and a reciprocal response developed that resonates and grows between your lower and higher levels of being, and that potentially expands outwards.

This is also closely related to the dynamics of a vibrational level bifurcation that can lead to the resolution of what has been a grotesque entanglement of dark and light energies. From your high level attractor and with the energy of high oneness and love, consider calling to your awakening human self all of you that is of the true light, particles waves, bodies, whatever descriptors fit.

Consider asking the correction energies to filter out any dark distortions as you do this. A corresponding process is occurring at the higher level of being that also involves the human “you”. 

And all this is related to connecting to the space between your atoms to the energies of true creation.

There are those who may say that it was “love and light” anyway and always, but if nothing is learned of any substance in this realm, then there can be no direction or conscious expression for the “love and light” and thus its potential remains unrealized and the intention of creation unfulfilled

The December 2010 Update begins with a preface and a summary recapitulation of what we have noticed and reported on so far. An introductory section then helps frames the major features and points covered. The main body has sub-headings to help delineate major thematic elements. We will circle around as concisely as possible to connect all the facets. The exercises discussed in an appendix are experimental and likely will not work for everyone right away. This is why we are encouraging emailing us at to describe your experiences with this. John Crawford and I will be the only ones who see your email. We will do our best to assist and to composite this feedback for the benefit of all concerned.

While instant results may be nice and desirable, patience is needed. It has “only” been hundreds of thousands of years in coming.

I would emphasize that whatever occurs in these coming months or sparsely few years, there is no failure to you, not to any of us at any level. Consider that some very major cosmic beings have repeatedly tried to penetrate the situation here and develop workable solutions. Overall, they failed in achieving the desired goals, and not always due to internal flaws on their part.

It is time.



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