Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Message About The Need For Honest Living

Here is another message that I wrote some time ago.  It came to mind again recently while I was thinking about how we are daily bombarded by lies from governments, institutions, and business through their controlled and financed public relations firms and medias.  Stories are created to deceive and mislead either to profit a wealthy corporate class or to maintain power for the know nothing, do nothing, leaderless leaders who fill up the seats of Parliaments, Ministries, and Congresses worldwide. It is the common citizen who suffers the most and are asked to sacrifice while those in power continue to increase in riches.  I have often wondered why the one's with the knife to the throat are so active to defend and protect the one's who are holding the knife to their throats.  Crazy world that we live in.  Enslavement called freedom and plutocracy called democracy 

Honest Living:

Light and Light alone is enough to heal all ills and illnesses from humankind's long list of illusionary complaints.  For Light with it brings an honesty in living and in an honest way cannot the illusions of illness exist in Man.

For Man was taught to be ill as he was taught to be dishonest by those who mislead and misinform for their own selfish purposes.  For a return to honest living would insure a return to healthy individuals as well as groups within human communities.

Honesty is what is most needed today.  Man has been taught to lie as he has been taught to deceive.  For when a few impose a false reality or illusion than can no longer Man see with clear eyes, feel with clear emotion, and think with a clear mind.  Reason no longer exists in this system of forced control and sickness prevails.

A natural system changed to an unnatural one will always exhibit illness or conflicts within the human organism.  Germs, microbes, viruses, and bacteria were all the creations of a sick mind that inflicted others to believe in sickness rather than in health.

The concentration is now upon weakness of every kind and no longer upon Man's natural strength and health nutured by a strong mind that is not controlled by outside influences.  Man now reacts to fabricated rumors and lies reinforced by falisfied information and statistics that make no sense or would make no sense if Man still had the ability to think clearly and see the reality of his or her existence here in the world of Man.

A simple view is always better.  Complexity was the invention of those who confuse in an effort to control Mankind's direction.

Stop and look at not just the outer landscape, but look within to see where truth makes it's home.  No longer trust your medias.  For they are nothing more than the means to mass deceive.  You are bombarded with a multitude of useless information to distract and keep you from real information for your decision making processes.  In fact, you have given up your decision making abilities and handed them over to a few others who entertain rather than intelligently inform you of the world around you.

We see many dark clouds arising within your human communities.  This is a natural process that must occur before the release of Light into your world.

There are so many conflicts now as the few make a last desperate attempt to control the affairs of Man.  This will fail as all efforts that come from an ego source will fail.

Have no fear and know that balance will again return to your world and kindness and sanity will rule again the affairs of Man.  For few can see the need to reconnect to both Nature and to God.  This is the only way to maintain balance in your world.

Let not fear be your guide, but let love and reason once again rule.

©  M.N. Hopkins


Mathew Naismith said...

It is amazing how many people refute that simply being honest with ourselves and everybody else is the answer no matter what the truth is. All you simply need to do is look at what created our present reality, dishonesty, especially self-dishonesty, so to correct this what do we need to do? So many don't want to see this, probably because they are now of this dishonesty and self-dishonesty.

It is so frustrating for the aware who care what happens to the collective.......

Be Always Blessed Mike.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Same to you Mat.

Kindest & warmest regards from up over,