Saturday, October 13, 2018

Being A Medium & Precautions To Take - The Wisdom of Omraam Mikheal Aivanhov

Being a medium - the precautions to take

"You sometimes meet very sensitive people and highly sensitive mediums who are in a deplorable state because they have no means of defending themselves against astral entities. It is good to be sensitive to the invisible world, provided you first exercise judgment and will-power. To make contact with the invisible world, you must abandon yourself, one way or another, to the influence of spirits.  But not all spirits of the invisible world are favorably disposed towards human beings. Some take advantage of defenseless human beings and deceive them, use them and steal their energies. And after a while, these poor souls are completely exhausted and disoriented.

It is not enough to feel an attraction for some aspects of occult sciences. A genuine master will tell you to wait the necessary time and to prepare yourself. The day they consider you to be sufficiently purified and strong, it is they who will unveil the truth, and then everything you wanted to see or know will become accessible to you."

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Magnus said...

Thanks for sharing!
Much interesting information. I believe most sensitive/spiritual person might encounter these struggles in the spiritual journey. I guess on a deeper level it is all about lessons and hopefully one learns discernment.

Kindest regards