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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The 7 Most Dangerous Lies Your Doctor's Tell You - by Health Science Institute

The 7 Most Dangerous Lies
Your Doctor's Telling You

(even if he doesn’t know it)

Get the real story here, right now...

This is the audio presentation:

Here is the text if you wish to read this prsentation:

Believe it or not?   Your Health is your responsiblity.  It's up to you to research and gather information before making health choices.   Trust Pharma or your Doctor without questioning their advise.  Not I.  Use you right to Health Freedom while we still have it.

You Were Born Together - A Poem by Kahlin Gibran

Source of picture:

You Were Born Together

Then Almitra spoke again and said, And what of Marriage, master?

And he answered saying:

You were born together, and together you shall be forevermore.
You shall be together when the white wings of death scatter your days.

Ay, you shall be together even in the silent memory of God.
But let there be spaces in your togetherness,
And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.

Love one another, but make not a bond of love:
Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.
Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup

Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf.
Sing and dance together and be joyous, 
but let each one of you be alone,
Even as the strings of a lute are alone
though they quiver with the same music.

Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping.
For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts.
And stand together yet not too near together
For the pillars of the temple stand apart,
And the oak tree and the cypress grow 
not in each other’s shadow.

Lebanese Poet and Philosopher Kahlil Gibran – 1883-1931.

This will be my last sharing - at least for awhile. I don’t feel there’s anything more I can say.  I’d like to sincerely thank my Editor – Jim Butler, and his ‘sidekick’ Glenn, who have both been so supportive – and finally to all of you out there who have stopped me in the street and expressed your appreciation – a big “Thank You”!  It has really meant a lot. 

Michael Brine.

OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Obama’s Forgery and Fraud Have Become a Thorn in the Side of the Union by Patrick Henningsen

OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Obama’s Forgery and Fraud Have Become a Thorn in the Side of the Union

Friday, March 30, 2012

Killing the Speech - "Modern" Kids Losing Language and Confidence? - A Poem by Taylor Mali

Text by Taylor Mali
Animation by Ronnie Bruce

Speech is the vocalized form of human communication. It is based upon the syntactic combination of lexicals and names that are drawn from very large vocabularies. Each spoken word is created out of the phonetic combination of a limited set of vowel and consonant speech sound units. These vocabularies, the syntax which structures them, and their set of speech sound units, differ creating the existence of many thousands of different types of mutually unintelligible human languages. Human speakers (polyglots) are often able to communicate in two or more of them. (Wiki)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

After Viewing This Video Would You Still Allow Your Daughter to Be Vaccinated With Gardasil?

If there was even the slightest chance of this happening to your daugther after taking Gardasil, would you still trust the authories and the doctor and allow you child to take the vaccine?

Click on the link below and watch these videos and spread the link to this blog entry far and wide if you have any concern for the welfare of others and believe in the freedom of health choices and don't forget to wish this dear young women well.


There is much sadness in these video logs.  If you are unwilling to view the tragic and sad side effects of Gardasil,  then please do not click on the link below.

Education And The Debt Crisis: Austerity in the Mind Factory by Alan Sears

Education And The Debt Crisis:  Austerity in the Mind Factory

An Apple a Day is Not Enough - A Poem by Taylor Mali

"An Apple a Day Is Not Enough" is a powerful poem written and performed by Taylor Mali (a well-known spoken word artist and teacher) about the importance of health education. It's done in the style of kinetic typography. We must get the word out about the importance of health education and its ability to get this country's health back on track—but we can't do it alone. Please share this video: Forward it, blog about it, like it on Facebook and send it to your Twitter followers. We'd also love to hear your thoughts on the issue in the comments below.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Corporations Are Not Interested in Healthy Food - An Interview with Christopher Cook

March 27, 2012

Obesity is one of the main health problems in America. But it turns out that big corporations in the US are cashing in on making people fat. To tell more about how lobbyists are fattening up the American public and their own wallets Christopher Cook, author of the book "Diet for a dead planet," joins RT's Kristine Frazao.


Greek Government Robbed Public Institutions to Complete the Bond Swap by John Ward

Greek Government Robbed Public Institutions to Complete the Bond Swap

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

'Hunt for Assange' - A Message To Whistleblowers

March 27, 2012

Washington's relentless pursuit of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and alleged whistle-blower Bradley Manning, is no secret. And for some experts, the US government's high-profile crackdown on the two men is designed to send a warning to other critics of Washington's actions. RT's Marina Portnaya reports.

Empires Then and Now by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Empires Then and Now

Results Of An International Poll on Allowing Ones' Child To be Vaccinated With Gardasil

In Sweden all girls in Class 5 and 6 were given the option to be vaccinated within Swedish Schools, so I decided to take a poll to see what parents thought about this or if they were willing to have there own children vaccinated with Gardasil.  The voting was for one week and ended today and here are the results.  Now, this is an International Polling since my readers are in 142 nations.   I was curious to see the results and now I am sharing  the results with you.

The total sample was 51 people.  If this is indication of what Swedish parents decided then a lot of girls stayed home from school the day of the vaccination.  There is no way to really know the truth since the Media is State controlled and there was alot of misinformation given out at the schools.  I heard more than one story of school nurses telling students and parents that this vaccine was totally safe and there are no side effects.  Where they got there information I don't really know.  It is the County Governments that are responsible for diciding such matters and getting out the information to schools and parents.  They get their information from the Swedish FDA. 

I do hope that the girls have good immune systems and that there are few side effects or deaths after the shots.  If there are, I do hope that this information will  come out into the open and this will only happen if the parents speak up and demand their stories told.  As in North America, Sweden is now a Neoliberal Land controlled by Mega Corporations and Risk Capitalists.  The Politicians and Media are more servants of them than of the people.  Profits come before the health and welfare of the citizens.

And for critics of this poll.  It may be far more accurate than paid for polls or PR Polls by the Government in which figures are sometimes, at least in my opinion, magically pulled from a hat and samples can be controlled by calling certain selected populations.  Official Statistics rarely if ever match reality.  They are often given their own authority due to their source.  For a journalist to show civil courage and go against the party line is career suicide since most journalists work hourly or are freelancers today.  A good way to control information.  The work only goes to those who betray themselves and their Land out of fear of reprisal.  Mainstream Media in a nutshell.

Now here are the results:

Will You Allow Your Child To Be Vaccinated With Gardasil?

  7 (13%)
  44 (86%)
Haven't decided yet
  0 (0%)
Don't really care
  0 (0%)

R2P: Imperial Conquest by Another Name - An Interview with Investigate Reporter Pepe Escobar

R2P: Imperial Conquest by Another Name
by grtv - March 26, 2012
As the world recovers from one humanitarian peace bombing in Libya, and braces for another possible intervention in Syria, many are now asking how it is that the so-called liberal left have become cheerleaders for the very wars of aggression they once pretended to deride. As long-time investigate reporter Pepe Escobar explains, an obscure international doctrine called Responsibility To Protect or R2P has been the main tool for shaping this new paradigm for the continuation of NATO's imperial power grabs around the world.

Find out more about the history of this doctrine in this week's GRTV Feature Interview with our special guest Pepe Escobar.

Below are several articles explaining the Responsibility To Protect Doctrine:

Monday, March 26, 2012

Documentary- A Silent Forest. The Growing Threat, Genetically Engineered Trees- Full Length Movie with David Suzuki

You might wish to visit this site for more information on David Suzuki and his work:

Genetically Engineered Trees - 

Genetic engineering of food crops has been a stealth technology; it went from 0 to 60 before we knew it - zero to 60 million acres - and with worldwide outcry is now holding steady at around 100 million acres. Meanwhile, the equally stealthy cousin of genetically engineered (GE) agriculture is poised for a similar explosive start: the genetic engineering of trees is proceeding in hundreds of test locations, and the possibility that the new genes spliced into GE trees will interfere with natural forests isn't a hypothetical risk but a certainty. During our lives, genetic engineering may do as much damage to forests and wildlife habitat as chain saws and sprawl.

This is not to say that every application of GE will necessarily be bad. There may be good uses for this technology; it may be possible to use it responsibly. But common sense should warn us that its commercial development in the absence of environmental safeguards is a prescription for disaster. Sierra Club opposes the out-of-doors deployment of genetic technologies because the genes are free -- as free as pollen on the wind -- to invade nature, and because once this has happened they can't be recalled. The arguments below are not intended to be inclusive but only to illustrate the nature of the problem.

Corporations, as Milton Friedman pointed out, exist not to be ethical but to make money. And from the standpoint of a forestry company, wildlife habitat has very little value. "Growing the bottom line" is what such companies try to do, and among their strategies are clear cutting and replanting with uniform and fast growing trees (tree plantations). An optimal match between the manufacturing process (cutting lumber and making paper goods) and the inputs can add to profits. These companies now see an opportunity to engineer trees which grow faster, contain less lignin, are more uniform in their characteristics, are more resistant to disease, and so forth. And unfortunately, if this is the way to make money, this is likely to be the future. Sierra Club believes that pressure from society in the form of legal prohibitions and restraints, stringent regulations and liability laws, and consumer activism must be brought to bear in order to hold the industry in check.

We are often told that commercialization of genetically engineered (GE'd) trees is at least several years away. This is also part of the "stealth" referred to above. GE'd stands of papaya trees are yielding commercial crops in Hawaii. The tip of the iceberg is already under our prow, not on the distant horizon. But it is for the traditional forestry industries of paper and lumber making that most research is presently being done. This is also an area which poses the greatest risk to nature.

The threat of GE'd trees interbreeding with wild trees is extreme. While many agricultural varieties are already quite different from their ancestors of thousands of years ago, this is not the case with trees. And genetically engineered trees could easily become invasive. Faster growing, limp, low-lignin trees resistant to common pests could easily become a kudzu-like threat, moving into our national parks and forests and changing their character forever.

Should we object if forestry companies do genetic engineering on their own land? Sierra Club opposes GE'd tree plantations on private land for all the same reasons we oppose other tree plantations. To put it briefly, tree plantations are not forests. This will be even more so of GE'd tree plantations. For instance, GE'd pines might be grown without all those "useless" pine cones. They may be herbicide resistant so that competing undergrowth can be eliminated. They may be pesticide resistant so that many of the insects which live in association with trees are poisoned. The result, then, may be a silent forest, one which doesn't support chipmunks or snakes at ground level, holding no birdsong in its branches, and with no raptors soaring above. Clearly, such a stand of trees is not really a forest. And worse, the damage can't be confined to private property as trees live for many years and can't be closely observed; "birth control" among trees is less reliable than among people and even genetic engineering can't guarantee that a branch won't decide to manufacture pollen. Pine pollen can blow hundreds of miles on the wind.

Should we oppose genetic "improvements" to trees on public lands? Sierra Club believes that we can't allow the industry to be judged by its hype and that patented genes are not an improvement over nature. We also must avoid only judging what one gene may do, because once hundreds of different genes -- most of them patented by industry and enjoying protection as "private property" -- are allowed access to public lands, the consequences of unintended combinations will be unpredictable.
GE trees will also be a danger in other nations, particularly in the underdeveloped world where conditions for effective regulation often don't exist.

For all of the above reasons, action is needed both at home and internationally to create a worldwide moratorium on the further development and planting of GE trees at least until an effective framework for public debate, unbiased scientific evaluation, and regulation in the public interest -- with the goal of preserving biodiversity -- can be brought into being.

If you agree with the above, does this make you a Luddite? This is an unfair characterization by our opponents. Sierra Club does not oppose the use of genetic science in indoor research or medical applications. Our policy about genetic research is that there should there should be more of it, more of it aimed at answering questions about long term effects on health and the environment, and less of it shielded by industrial secrecy provisions. We believe genetic technology belongs indoors, with containment, not out in the fields.

We would also point out that the United States is using twice as much paper per capita as other highly civilized nations (Europe, Japan). Let us not ask genetic engineering to do what could be accomplished by lower-tech means like putting a surcharge on junk mail.

Just as there are powerful economic incentives behind logging on public lands, sprawl, and other activities which Sierra Club opposes, there are similar incentives behind genetically engineered sylviculture. Not only are landed property rights and business rights involved, but also the patent rights to genetic code which are now privatizing the genetic heritage of our planet. It is Sierra Club's task, as always, to oppose such interests and to fight for the right of nature to exist for itself, and of future generations to enjoy and be inspired by it.

Source of the above article and GMO image:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Miracles - A Poem by Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman (born Walter Whitman) (May 31, 1819 – March 26, 1892) was an American poet, essayist, journalist, and humanist born on Long Island, New York. His most famous works are the collections of poetry Leaves of Grass and Drum-Taps.

Why, who makes much of a miracle?As to me, I know of nothing else but miracles,Whether I walk the streets of Manhattan,
Or dart my sight over the roofs of houses toward the sky,
Or wade with naked feet along the beach just in the edge of the water,
Or stand under trees in the woods,
Or talk by day with anyone I love,
or sleep in the bed at night with anyone I love,
Or sit at table at dinner with the rest,
Or look at strangers opposite me riding in the car,
Or watch honey bees busy around the hive of a summer forenoon,
Or animals feeding in the fields,
Or birds, or the wonderfulness of insects in the air,
Or the wonderfulness of the sundown, or of stars shining so quiet and bright,
Or the exquisite delicate thin curve of the new moon in spring;
These with the rest, one and all, are to me miracles,
The whole referring, yet each distinct and in its place.
To me every hour of the light and dark is a miracle,
Every cubic inch of space is a miracle,
Every square yard of the surface of the earth is spread with the same,
Every foot of the interior swarms with the same.
To me the sea is a continual miracle,
The fishes that swim--the rocks--the motion of the waves--the ships with the men in them,
What stranger miracles are there?

If you would like to hear this poem, please view the below video:

Global Food Revolution Day on 19 May 2012

 The Food Revolution Is Going Global - We Need Your Help!

Story by The Food Revolution Day Team, March 20, 2012

On May 19th we’ll be holding the first ever Food Revolution Day, Jamie’s first day of action and inaugural global food festival to mark our commitment to food education for a better life.

We’re hoping that no matter how big or small, events will be taking place in cities all over the world and to help make this happen we’re on the lookout for people to take leadership in their city and join our growing global team as a Food Revolution Day Ambassador.

What Is The Role Of A Food Revolution Day Ambassador?

The role of an Ambassador is to be the local point of contact for Food Revolution Day events by reaching out to schools, businesses and farmers markets to make sure they know all the ways they can get involved. Ambassadors are the spark of enthusiasm that can turn this into a local movement by connecting the dots of support.

Food Revolution Day aims to give those who have been working tirelessly a platform to share their knowledge with the local community and open up opportunities for even more people to learn about real food through participation. Whether that is a local chef offering a cooking class, gardeners teaching their neighbours how to make a vegetable garden in their own backyard or food educators getting creative and offering local experiences like 'shopping healthy on a budget', Food Revolution Day provides an opportunity for us to unite and have all of these events happen on one day.

As part of the global team, Ambassadors will share regular updates with their community to ensure the campaign is adapting to the needs of volunteers and will also work with local press to answer any questions.

So if you love food and planning events, want to connect with your community and get them involved on May 19 and think you have the leadership to become one of our global Ambassadors, head over to and fill out this application.

See Your City Below?

These are just some of the cities we need ambassadors for, could you be an ambassador or know someone who would be perfect? Apply to be a local ambassador at and bring Food Revolution Day to your community!

Tokyo, New York City, Seoul, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Chicago, Mumbai, Houston, Jakarta, Philadelphia, Sao Paulo, Phoenix, Shanghai, Beirut, Nairobi, London, Dallas, Syndey, Paris, San Diego, Seattle and Washington D.C.!

How Else Can I Get Involved?

When the website launches in early April, there will be loads of different ways you will be able to get involved and participate in Food Revolution Day, so make sure you register your interest by signing up to be the first to hear when we launch and stay tuned!

100% of local events are run by volunteers. 100% of funds raised through Food Revolution Day will go to support food education programs primarily for children through Jamie’s foundation projects in the UK, US and Australia.

Find out more here.

The Food Revolution Day Team


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hang Onto Your DNA - the 1% Wants That, Too by Scott Johnson



Hang onto your DNA - the 1% wants that, too

By Scott Johnson

Food Freedom News,  March 23, 2012

First, they took your manufacturing, then your jobs, then your homes, then the whole economy.  Next, they got more physically personal and took the food that goes into your body and genetically engineered it and in doing so they took your health.  They are also going after all land and resources and your labor (an undeclared part of UN Agenda 21, which they wrote).

But all that is not enough.  They want more of what is yours and they are going even deeper.

They want to take over your DNA.

They can do this with the new DNA vaccines.  They are injecting genetically engineered PATENTED material into people.  That means not only that they are altering people’s very code of life (for the first time in all of existence, forcing their synthetic genetically engineered material into the person’s DNA), but after doing so they can make commercial patent claims on what is inside people’s bodies.  This is just what Monsanto is doing to farmers after it contaminates their organic fields.  They could make claims over blood, organs, whatever, because DNA with their patented intellectual property is in it all.

And this is the intent.

Never mind they didn’t let anyone know about this.  Never mind these vaccines are mandated to children and college students,  and they are trying to do so now with nurses as a requirement for their job.

Never mind this is highly deceptive commercial theft of a person’s organic – perfect – DNA.

This is mandated theft.

But more, it is mandated rape of one biologic heritage, as surely as if a rapist were allowed to forcibly impregnate a woman against her will and got her pregnant.  In both cases, the new DNA is there to be handed down.  Only in the case of the DNA vaccines, it is not only the one unborn child who will carry the rapist’s DNA.  With DNA vaccines, the person raped by them is themselves stuck with corporate patented DNA and affected medically by it, AND as are ALL children they may ever have.  And there is no way to “abort” it.

Would anyone in their right mind turn their child’s perfect DNA over to the pharmaceutical industry to have them inject patented material into it when they might make commercial claims over the child’s body in the future?  Would any caring parent do that just to avoid minor childhood diseases such as measles or mumps or rubella?  Were kids dying like flies from these minor diseases before vaccines or did they routinely catch them and miss a few days of school, ending up with permanent immunity?  But today, they are risking brain damage and death from the vaccines themselves.  But even if they survive, every child who is forced to take these DNA vaccine products, are no longer are the owners of their own DNA.

The government has a vested interest in the vaccines, including patents.

1) The U.S. Government gives tax money to Researchers who can develop a  profitable drug or vaccine technology.

2) The U.S. Government then patents the technology, drug, or vaccine.

3) The U.S. Government then licenses the patent to Pharmaceutical Companies.

4) The U.S. Government then declares the product is “Safe and Effective.”

5) The U.S. Government then gets a cut of the profits from the drug or vaccine.

6) The U.S. Government then passes laws that protects these companies from lawsuits.

7) The U.S. Government then uses TAX DOLLARS to buy drugs for free distribution to increase
profits for drug company stockholders like John McCain ($25,000,000.00), George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld (former Board of Directors for Gilead Sciences (TAMIFLU)), ……..

8 ) The U.S Government is involved in RACKETEERING, at the expense of human life, and should be treated as any other street corner drug peddler.

What the government and corporations do not inform parents is that there are and have been complete cures for ALL infectious diseases and that vaccines are obsolete.


Poland's Monsanto Action Lays 1000s of Dead Bees on the Polish Goverments' Steps by Rady Ananda


Poland's Monsanto Action Lays 1000s of Dead Bees on Govt Steps

by Rady Amanda

Food Freedom News,  March 22, 2012

Ag Ministry begins process to ban MON810

On March 15, over 1,500 beekeepers and their allies marched thru the streets of Warsaw, depositing thousands of dead bees on the steps of the Ministry of Agriculture, in protest of genetically modified foods and their requisite pesticides which are killing bees, moths and other agriculturally-beneficial insects around the globe.

Later that day the Minister of Agriculture, Marek Sawicki, announced plans to ban MON810, which has become ineffective at deterring pests in the US.
GM crops and the pesticides used with them have led to a host of problems (itemized here), including the development of new pathogens.  One is associated with spontaneous abortion in cattle and another is responsible for massive methane foaming on manure lagoons which explode, killing thousands of animals in the US since 2001.

The Polish Beekeepers Association organized the protest, joining forces with International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (ICPPC) and the Coalition for a GMO Free Poland.  Targeting Monsanto’s MON810 GM corn in particular, they also called for a complete ban on all GM crops and harmful pesticides.

In 2008, the Polish Parliament banned GM feed, including both the planting and importing of GM crops. “Despite this progressive step,” reports Food Travels, “the European Commission has refused to accept regional bans on GMOs, keeping Polish farmers, producers, and activists on the offensive.”
Regardless, says the ICPPC, “None of the nine European Union countries that have already prohibited MON 810 did so by asking the permission of the EU.”
Beekeepers dressed in their traditional working uniforms and ran their hive smoke guns as they marched.  Some wore yellow jackets with the misattributed quote of Albert Einstein warning that if bees were to die, humanity would soon suffer the same fate.  Though he did not say it, it’s true.  Most food crops rely on bees for pollination.

Others wore a variety of original costumes, sported signs and banners and carried bee-like objects to draw attention to the plight of these all-important pollinators.  More pictures at Stop GMO Festival.

The ICPPC is asking Polish residents to write Minister of Agriculture Marek Sawicki, demanding that he implement an immediate moratorium on GM crops, without waiting for EU approval:

Tel.: 0048 226231510; fax: 0048 226231788


Friday, March 23, 2012

Los caminos que conducen al desastre - Reflexiones de Fidel

Los caminos que conducen al desastre - Reflexiones de Fidel

Global Resarch Canada,   22 de marzo 2012
Esta Reflexión podrá escribirse hoy, mañana o cualquier otro día sin riesgo de equivocarse. Nuestra especie se enfrenta a problemas nuevos. Cuando expresé hace 20 años en la Conferencia de Naciones Unidas sobre Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo en Río de Janeiro que una especie estaba en peligro de extinción, tenía menos razones que hoy para advertir sobre un peligro que veía tal vez a la distancia de 100 años. Entonces unos pocos líderes de los países más poderosos manejaban el mundo. Aplaudieron por mera cortesía mis palabras y continuaron plácidamente cavando la sepultura de nuestra especie.

Parecía que en nuestro planeta reinaba el sentido común y el orden. Hacía rato que el desarrollo económico apoyado  por la tecnología y la ciencia semejaba ser el Alfa y Omega de la sociedad humana.
Ahora todo está mucho más claro. Verdades profundas se han ido abriendo paso. Casi 200 Estados, supuestamente independientes, constituyen la organización política a la que en teoría corresponde regir los destinos del mundo.

Alrededor de 25 mil armas nucleares en manos de fuerzas aliadas o antagónicas dispuestas a defender el orden cambiante, por interés o por necesidad, reducen virtualmente a cero los derechos de miles de millones de personas.

No cometeré la ingenuidad de asignar a Rusia o a  China, la responsabilidad por el desarrollo de ese tipo de armas, después de la monstruosa matanza de Hiroshima y Nagasaki, ordenada por Truman, tras la muerte de Roosevelt.

Tampoco caería en el error de negar el holocausto que significó la muerte de millones de niños y adultos, hombres o mujeres, principalmente judíos, gitanos, rusos o de otras nacionalidades, que fueron víctimas del nazismo. Por ello repugna la política infame de los que niegan al pueblo palestino su derecho a existir.

¿Alguien piensa acaso que Estados Unidos será capaz de actuar con la independencia que lo preserve del desastre inevitable que le espera?

En pocas semanas los 40 millones de dólares que el presidente Obama prometió recaudar para su campaña electoral solo servirán para demostrar que la moneda de su país está muy devaluada, y que Estados Unidos, con su insólita y creciente deuda pública que se acerca a los 20 mil millones de millones de dólares, vive del dinero que imprime y no de lo que produce. El resto del mundo paga lo que ellos dilapidan.

Nadie cree tampoco que el candidato demócrata sea mejor o peor que sus adversarios republicanos: llámese Mitt Romney o Rick Santorum. Años luz separan a los tres de personajes tan relevantes como Abraham Lincoln o Martin Luther King. Es realmente inusitado observar una nación tan poderosa tecnológicamente y un gobierno tan huérfano a la vez de ideas y valores morales.

Irán no posee armas nucleares. Se le acusa de producir uranio enriquecido que sirve como combustible energético o componentes de uso médico. Quiérase o no, su posesión o producción no es equivalente a la producción de armas nucleares. Decenas de países utilizan el uranio enriquecido como fuente de energía, pero este no puede emplearse en la confección de un arma nuclear sin un proceso previo y complejo de purificación.

Sin embargo Israel, que con la ayuda y la cooperación de Estados Unidos fabricó el armamento nuclear sin informar ni rendir cuentas a nadie, hoy sin reconocer la posesión de estas armas, dispone de cientos de ellas. Para impedir el desarrollo de las investigaciones en países árabes vecinos atacó y destruyó los reactores de Irak y de Siria. Ha declarado a su vez el propósito de atacar y destruir los centros de producción de combustible nuclear de Irán.

En torno a ese crucial tema ha estado girando la política internacional en esa compleja y peligrosa región del mundo, donde se produce y suministra la mayor parte del combustible que mueve la economía mundial.
La eliminación selectiva de los científicos más eminentes de Irán, por parte de Israel y sus aliados de la OTAN, se ha convertido en una práctica que estimula los odios y los sentimientos de venganza.

El gobierno de Israel ha declarado abiertamente su propósito de atacar la planta productora de uranio enriquecido en Irán, y el gobierno de Estados Unidos ha invertido cientos de millones de dólares en la fabricación de una bomba con ese propósito.

El 16 de marzo de 2012 Michel Chossudovsky y Finian Cunningham publicaron un artículo revelando que “Un importante general de la Fuerza Aérea de EE.UU. ha descrito la mayor bomba convencional -la revienta-búnkeres de 13,6 toneladas- como ‘grandiosa’ para un ataque militar contra Irán.

“Un comentario tan locuaz sobre un masivo artefacto asesino tuvo lugar en la misma semana en la cual el presidente Barack Obama se presentó para advertir contra el ‘habla a la ligera’ sobre una guerra en el Golfo Pérsico.”

“…Herbert Carlisle, vice jefe de Estado Mayor para operaciones de la Fuerza Aérea de EE.UU. [...] agregó que probablemente la bomba sería utilizada en cualquier ataque contra Irán ordenado por Washington.

“El MOP, al que también se refieren como ‘La madre de todas las bombas’, está diseñado para perforar a través de 60 metros de hormigón antes de detonar su masiva bomba. Se cree que es la mayor arma convencional, no nuclear, en el arsenal estadounidense.”

“El Pentágono planifica un proceso de amplia destrucción de la infraestructura de Irán y masivas víctimas civiles mediante el uso combinado de bombas nucleares tácticas y monstruosas bombas convencionales con nubes en forma de hongo, incluidas la MOAB y la mayor GBU-57A/B oMassive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP), que excede a la MOAB en capacidad destructiva.

“La MOP es descrita como ‘una poderosa nueva bomba que apunta directamente a las instalaciones nucleares subterráneas de Irán y Corea del Norte. La inmensa bomba -más larga que 11 personas colocadas hombro a hombro, o más de 6 metros desde la base a la punta’.”

Ruego al lector me excuse por este enredado lenguaje de la jerga militar.

Como puede apreciarse, tales cálculos parten del supuesto de que los combatientes iraníes, que suman millones de hombres y mujeres conocidos por su fervor religioso y sus tradiciones de lucha, se rendirán sin disparar un tiro.

En días recientes los iranios han visto como los soldados de Estados Unidos que ocupan Afganistán, en apenas tres semanas, orinaron sobre los cadáveres de afganos asesinados, quemaron los libros del Corán y asesinaron a más de 15 ciudadanos indefensos.

Imaginemos a las fuerzas de Estados Unidos lanzando monstruosas bombas sobre instituciones industriales capaces de penetrar 60 metros de hormigón. Jamás semejante aventura había sido concebida.

No hace falta una palabra más para comprender la gravedad de semejante política. Por esa vía nuestra especie será conducida inexorablemente hacia el desastre. Si no aprendemos a comprender, no aprenderemos jamás a sobrevivir.

Por mi parte, no albergo la menor duda de que Estados Unidos está a punto de cometer y conducir el mundo al mayor error de su historia.

Fidel Castro Ruz

Marzo 21 de 2012


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