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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hold Fast To The Freedom Of Your Soul - The Wisdom Of Beinsa Douno

Hold fast to the freedom of your soul, to the power of your spirit, to the bright thoughts of your mind, and to the good feelings of your heart.  Treasure  your good deeds as precious stones, which you have attained in your life. They are your reward in life.  Enjoy the path of light in which you are walking, more than the lost path of darkness, which you have left behind.

Prepare yourself, work hard, be ready, because the door of the Kingdom of God will be open soon. You need to enter in as the light enters everywhere freely. Be as light, if you would like to enter into the Kingdom of God without  impediments.

Beinsa Douno

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gardasil: I Should Have Researched First by Paula

Gardasil: I should have researched first

By Paula 
Alzey, Germany

When I received my first Gardasil-Vaccination/Immunization at the beginning of the Easter holidays in 2014, I felt very uncomfortable. It felt as if I had been injected with something viscous, like dough or batter.
The spot in which the needle was pricked, was very thick and hard. Furthermore, it hurt and I directly fainted at the ambulance. I was put on a lounger and after a short while I was able to stand up again. We didn`t do anything to combat the pain because I thought it`s something like a bruise.
One day later: I stood up like always, but I had a strong giddiness and felt as if I had a glass dome above my head. Three days later I was experiencing palpitations during the evenings for around one week. Also I often had chills and would shiver a lot. Afterwards I sweated and my right leg and right arm were vibrating (nervous twitching).
In school I was distracted and couldn`t concentrate. This lasted for a few weeks. For eight weeks I ran a fever every day. The doctor called it sub-febrile temperature. The whole thing was so bad that I could not sleep, stand up or eat anything. The vaccinating house doctor told me that my discomfort had nothing to do with the vaccination.
I had to give up my favorite sport because I was not able to take part in training anymore. Since I missed a lot of school lessons (classes), I have to catch up a lot. This is very exhausting so my family and I decided to cancel my sport school membership to fully concentrate on my academic studies at school. Even though I felt well again it would be too much at the moment.
But back to my bad time after the vaccination!
My blood was tested two times and my Immunoglobulin M was much too high. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics because she had no other solution. She didn´t want me to get a bacterial infection in addition to the virus infection.
It had been found out that the Gardasil-Vaccination triggered Gluten and Histamine hyper-sensitivity. Whenever I eat normal bread I get a bad stomach which will last until the next day.
In May I went for the first time to the osteopathic practice of Chr. Plothe. There, my problems were taken seriously for the first time. Everything was explained to me in detail and they carried out a lot of tests (blood, etc.). I was given the services of a dietitian and my therapy was discussed. I also had to take some dietary supplements, was detoxified, got infusions and was treated by an osteopath. Step by step I felt better.
In general, I missed school for forty days. Often, my mother brought me to class for only two lessons, because I was not able to handle more. Simply the bus drive to school was impossible for me.
It was remarkable that my palpitations (which I had only for one week in the beginning), the shivering and the twitching of my leg and my arm strongly reoccurred shortly after the first Glutathione infusion. It felt as if my body worked very hard. The high doses of Vitamin C infusions which I was given in the clinic helped me a lot. Moreover I felt much better after the osteopathic treatment.
Since the first week of summer vacation I feel very well again. The glass dome above my head disappeared. I have new energy and I am able to stand up in the morning.
After the holidays I was in school for one complete week. I am able to keep attending class and to do my homework afterwards. Two months ago I thought that I would never get healthy again.
I am so thankful to have been able to go to this clinic and receive this treatment and I would highly recommend it. It saved me from having long-term health issues.
How I wish we had looked into the side effects which can occur with the Gardasil vaccine before agreeing to being inoculated.
I strongly recommend that every family does a thorough investigation before deciding to use Gardasil. Check the internet. You will find many thousands of young people with serious health issues after being vaccinated with Gardasil.
I am one of the lucky ones who was given a treatment that helped me recover. Many others have not been so lucky.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Eat To Beat Inflamation And Boost Your Immune System

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Warning From Australia: Gardasil Injuries Can Have A Permanent Impact by Annette

vaccine science?

Warning: Gardasil injuries can have a permanent impact

by Annette 
Melbourne, Australia

Sane Vax, Inc.,   4 December 2014

I write our daughter’s story to give you an idea of the permanent impact Gardasil injuries can have on a young girl’s life. My daughter has battled her injuries for over 5.5 years. Thank you for taking the time to read her story.
Before our girl got sick she was a high achieving student, an active member of the Student Leadership Council, a Scouts girl and a fantastic field hockey player. She got sick after receiving 2 Gardasil vaccinations in the beginning of 2009.
She has a Vaccine Injury and has officially been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, Hypotension (low blood pressure) and Tachycardia (high heart rate when standing up, to pump blood to brain), also called POTS.
At the moment, she still suffers from (extreme) fatigue on a daily basis, headaches (especially end of the day), her hands are sore with nerve pain and she lives with daily joint and muscle pain. Her ears pop every time she swallows and she has trouble hearing. She has difficulty concentrating when there is noise around her. Her feet are always cold but she doesn’t feel it. And that isn’t all of it…
Her days vary; one good day doesn’t mean the next will be ok. One good week doesn’t mean the next week might be better. Sometimes her symptoms come on quickly. A severe headache can appear in a couple of minutes.
In the last 5.5 years our daughter also had to deal with fatigue that made her a couple of times lay in bed fulltime for (6) months in a row, a constant (excruciating) headache that lasted 2.5 years (!), sore throats, swollen glands, chest pains, dizziness with black outs, weakness in her legs making it unable to walk without assistance, abdominal pain, muscle pain, brain fog, trouble concentrating and short term memory and gastro-intestinal problems. She picked up every bug that was around and had high temperatures about every 4-5 weeks.
After 2.5 years of being sick (and no doctor or specialist knowing what to do to help her) our daughter deteriorated so much that we almost lost her (mid 2011), she was too weak to talk, or even eat and drink. Her body was so toxic that her organs were shutting down. For months we were afraid to go into her room in the morning….
Neuro training, brain training, osteopathy, detoxing, a strict diet, supplements and more alternative treatments all helped to improve her health.
We have seen great results; she has had a couple of fantastic months…. until a relapse happens. We have also seen her deteriorate very quickly to being fulltime in bed again around September/October in the last three years. Each time this happens it is hard to get healthier again.
Because of being sick our girl missed about 3 years of her schooling. She wants to be at school but her body doesn’t always let her, which is very disappointing every time it happens. There are many times she needs to spend all her energy on catching up with school work. Through all of this she still wants to finish high school with year 12 and study at a University (she is interested in Political Science).
Next to missing out at school she struggles with her social life. She is lucky to have a couple of friends that have stood by her from the time she got sick, but a lot of people don’t understand. She always worries if people will understand her limits, when she isn’t able to stay in touch because she is just too exhausted or when she needs to cancel last minute. She is now 18 and still can’t do sport or a hobby next to (part time) school. She is not able to get a regular job to make some money like most of her peers.
Besides the physical illness, the stress of not knowing if she would ever get better, of not having a “normal” life, of disappointment after disappointment, of people not believing you, has been enormous, not only for her, but also for her younger sister, my husband and I. Gardasil changed our lives completely, we have learned to appreciate the little things in life.
We are very proud of our daughter and admire her way of handling all the challenges in her life. She has become mature very quickly in certain ways, but she has missed out on lots of experiences as well. We still fight hard to make her health improve more, we hope she will stay good for longer than a couple of months and keep our fingers crossed she will be able to accomplish everything she is dreaming of…  
Through sharing our daughter’s story I hope that people research before they say yes to the unnecessary Gardasil vaccine. We trusted the system and thought we did the right thing, but the system has failed us.
Nobody wants to take the responsibility when this happens to your child. This “one solution fits all” system needs to change.
Please go to, or the Facebook groups set up for families injured by HPV vaccines. Do some research before you decide if Gardasil is a good choice.


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