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Monday, August 31, 2015

This Is The Final Post For Inspirational August 2015

A Warm Farewell

I wish to thank all who visited here this August as well as all the contributors of inspiration.  I hope that you were inspired in a way in which you have found your own inner inspiration.

In my view to inspire is to invite others to visit the best part of themselves.  Their human(e)ity, the higher angels of their being, their Soul or as I refer to It as Self.

If God is willing and the creek don't rise, I'll be back again next year for a 6th Annual Inspirational August.

I wish you all the best in your lives and if you just arrived to this post today, then please click on the link provided below to:  older posts link  back to the first entry and then you have travelled through time and read all the posts for this event.  I believe that you will feel better if you were to do so  You can also click on the link below if you wish to visit where it all began:

My kindest & warmest regards to all,

Love Is The Healer - A Discourse by M.N. Hopkins

Love is the healer, love is that which gives one the courage to reach so deep down into one's own darkness and plock from oneself that which makes one ill.  Yes, ill it is as in illness of the mind and the body.

For illness takes a hold upon the minds of those weakened by grief, by anger, by so many years of disappointment.

Love is that which can and will free one from one's self-imposed prison of darkness.  Love is both the key and the force that motivates one to open the door of one's prison cell and be released into the Light of healing.

Yes, healing is a Light.  A blinding white light that heals our blindness and allows us to see clearly ahead the possibility of health being renewed.

For in health one is truly free from one's fears, from one's limitations, from all that keeps one from seeing clearly the simplicity of the healing act.

For, the healer is only he or she who shows one the possibility that good health exists and is 100 % sure that the body, emotions, or mind can be again returned to a state of Grace, or good health.

If one accepts the limiting words of Science, then one is truly doomed to a life of imprisonment in a cell that is made up of the energy of one's own fears which is guarded by ego.  Ego is as a child and lacks both the guidance of wisdom and believes the words of those of limited knowledge who give power to sickness by giving power to one's fears.

The day that one closes one's ears to outside voices of no real authority and listens to one's own Inner Voice which has contact and guidance from the Highest Authority, then the chains of fear will no longer continue to tie one to one's illness.

When one meets one whose faith is so great and trusts in his or her own Inner Voice that has been so nutured and allowed to be heard, then an opportunity exists, an opportunity to restore the body back to balance and health.

The healer does nothing more than to hold the hand of him or her in need of healing while they again reconnect to their own Inner Strength and Wisdom and see the truth of their current situation and clearly see their doorway to freedom.

Once seen and understood, then they break the chain of illness and calmly walk out into the Light of freedom.

It's so simple and easy to do, yet few can see through the dark clouds of their own fears.

Once the Light reveals the darkness and dissolves the fear, then a calmness and a certainty fill one's being and the sickness instantly disappears never more to return.

Come with us while we hold your hands and be not afraid.  We make this offer of health to all whom will listen.  Remember, there is nothing that cannot be healed through the simple act of Faith and Love from Self.

We will not give the names of your human illnesses.  For this will only give them power over you.  Instead, will we give to you the gift of Grace to Man and watch while all illness disappears and the body is returned to a natural state of balance.

Pray to God for Grace and it will be delivered to you upon the wings of angels.  Be brave and join with us to bring back balance and love.

Be at peace and be in Love.  For there is no place for fear in a balanced body and mind.  Fear is an unnatural state and has no place in a healthy state of being.

Healing is a word many use, but few understand.  Healing is so simple an act that it eludes the human mind.  Why does it do so?

Because of the habits of fear that have been encouraged by the human communities to protect those of limited knowledge and even more limited experience with true acts of healing.

Healing is simply a phenomenon that occurs when one can set aside from one's limiting thoughts and outerward imposed limited thinking and for the moment be free from all the fears others have encouraged within you as a means of control and that you have allowed to remain, further hindering any possibility of self-healing.

For, it is truly an act of the Self upon the self once one has for just even a brief moment dropped all their preconceived notions and misunderstanding that have been taught and maintained in a deliberate effort to maintain the power of the self-proclaimed voices of authority that deceive to gain a profit from human suffering.

How many times have you heard the term, scientifically proved.  What does this mean in reality?

That a group of health practitioners or a drug manufacturer have chosen a scientist to publish the results that shed a positive light upon their practices or medicines while at the same time denying any claims that dispute the results of those hired for the results that they wish people to believe in.  These results are published and aggressively marketed through a campaign of fear and trickery.

Remedies or practices that are simple, inexpensive, and very effective are demonized and woe to those who dare to fight for the health and well being of their patients.  A modern day witch hunt may be a more accurate description of these practices of those who gain great profit with often ineffectual results.

This is the beauty of acts of faith.  These interventions cancel out the imprinted fears and allow the body to be in a state of calm, which is nothing more than the freedom from fear.  Once the body's mind and emotions are calm, then the health giving Light surrounds and fills the person and the body's natural healing ability is at it's optimum.

Soon, what are called medical miracles occur since those self-proclaimed High Priests of Medicine cannot maintain their lies and rather than get caught and have to admit that our systems of healing that they have not yet embraced or understand are effective, proclaim this rapid healing as an unexplained medical mystery.

Those who dare to question their authority are discredited and a systematic campaign begins to destroy their careers and stop them from practicing less others begin to question the High Priests incompetence and lack of understanding.

This is so common not only within the Health Profession, but in all human institutions with great profits and funding that will be and are protected at all costs without any concern for the health and well being of others.

So, can you see how something so simple as the act of healing through prayer or faith can be stopped by the voices of fear, whether that fear be ego fear from within one's own being or the outward voices of the ego fears of others who deceive and lie to maintain their own fears of loosing control over others.

For, in freedom, one cannot be controlled.  For, in freedom, have we choices.  This freedom is the most prized and sought after while at the same time, the most feared attribute of Man.

For, where is the profit in healthy bodies and minds.  So, you see in a sense the current human remedies are not the cure and in more causes than not are the causes of many sicknesses and plagues upon your kind.

Your Soul or Self has only Love and Kindness and good and true intentions for your health and well being and will join with God once ego has been quieted and bring true healing to the human organism.

Once the voices of fear that limit one by telling one what is possible or impossible have been quieted, then one reconnects to one's Soul which is connected to God and a Health Giving Light begins to flow filling the body with Calm, Love, and the Joy that is beyond the Human Realm.  Filling one again with hope and the possibility that nothing is impossible and all can be healed by the Grace of God to Man.

We ask you to be not afraid and feel this power that awaits you just behind our words.  Feel our Love, feel our Calm, feel our Joy of being able to be of service to Man and be now healed!

These are more than mere words and for those who have opened their hearts for even a moment will feel the effects and know beyond any doubts that that which ailed them is now gone and the sign of this being true will be a feeling of renewed strength and vitality within your human body.

We ask you to be brave and daily pray to God to send His Healing Angels who bring with them the gift of healing.  Do this daily and have faith that your prayers will be answered and each time that you do this, one or more physical, emotional, or mental afflictions will cease to exist and within their place shall be a strong, calm, and balanced body.

We speak again of healing and mainly the healing of the heart.  The heart is that which contains the doorway to one's Soul and that Soul is one's connection to God.

A strong and healthy heart is open to all possibilities and harbors no limitations that can be found within the human mind.  The heart that is open waits upon the Grace of God which is the greatest redeemer and healer of all that ails Mankind.

Through Grace are all sins healed.  Through Grace does one again find one's way back home to one's Soul.

Once Soul has connected to the heart a flow begins from God to Man.  A flow that cannot be reversed by mind.  A flow that brings with it a calmness and a certainty that cannot be found in the Earth Dimension.

First, comes the Calm, then comes the Love of Life, and lastly, comes the Joy in living.  This joy is intoxicating and permeates every cell of your human body bringing with it a revitalization of human health.  A natural health that if allowed to flourish, strengthens and fortifies the body against all illness or disorders of the mind and emotions.

The body was created to be a self-substaining and self-healing, but Man through his limited thinking thought that he knew better than his Creator and set about to create a system built upon limitation or self-limitation that resulted in illness and mental and emotional disorders of every kind imaginable.  And it was imagination that fueled this fire of the destruction of an already well functioning system.

It was within the human need to feel as a god that hell on Earth took form where once a paradise existed.  A true rebellion to overthrow all that is good and of God through deception and the creation of false concepts and systems of living.

The Human has set about to create systems that mimic or imitate natural systems that have already been in place since the beginning of time.  Art to capture Natures natural art forms and Music to imitate the Music of Creation.  A foolish venture indeed.  An attempt to rob life of Life, when Life is all that exists all around and within Creation.

Imaginary systems of hierarchy and valuation that is built upon false concepts of reality.  An attempt to falsify all that is true.

A foolish and childish venture indeed and one that has caused so much pain and suffering and still you all allow these lies to continue when the Truth shouts itself out so loudy that no one can hear, no one can see it, and no one can feel the pulse of Life that vibrates within every cell of the human form.

Open your hearts to the Truth of Creation and your minds will be healed and aline again with your Souls intentions and the ability to create a world of beautiful creations that are honest and pure and capable of substaining a body's lifetime for many generations if needed.

Join with Soul and God and become the true trilogy.  God, Soul, and Man as One.

We can say many things, but we choose to say to all who will listen.  All can be healed through Love.

All physical, emotional, or mental problems can be healed in such a simple way that few can understand or words through the fears that have been imprinted upon them by those who practice these ancient and barbaric techniques that are called, modern medicine.

Rather than calling it modern medicine, perhaps  it would be more accurate to say, a modern poison.  If not for the use of pharmacitical drugs is damaging enough, we also have the words used by practioners that poison one's emotional and mental states and in truth act as obstacles or hinderances to the body's natural healing abilities, which if left unchecked would bring about the natural healing of both.

Belief is so important and perhaps the key factor in the healing process.  So as one believes, so it will be in time.

If one believes in health, then health is the natural result of one's belief system.  If one believes in sickness and illness and the words that comdemn rather than encourage, then sickness is the end result.

To say that one is sick with such and such symptoms just gives power to the illness.  If words are to be given, then let them be ones of hope and kindness and words that will instill an active belief that there is no bacteria, no virus, no micro organisms that can damage or defeat the health of the human body.

We say to all who will listen:  "There is no illness, ailment, or mental or emotional problem that cannot be quite easily cured just through the simple faith of a child."

Be not deceived by those of limited knowledge who practice in a guessing game and a game of chance with the well-being of your body and mind.

Take responsibility for your body and mind as you would care for a small child and protect them from the words that comdemn and destroy a sound built in system that maintains good health.

Be misled and deceived no more by those who concentrate more upon their personal wealth and power over others, than have a true or sincere love and concern for you as a fellow human in need of support and kindness that will lead again to a strong and healthy state of being.

Open your heart to this possibility if just for a moment and let the Healing Light enter through your heart and travel to the place within your body that needs healing.

Now, feel it in your Heart of Hearts that health soon returns.  Be not afraid and open yourself up to new possibilities and believe not those of dark determination who profit from the suffering of many due to their own weaknesses and ill afflictions.

We, the Healing Friends will come as theives in the night and join with you who truly wish to be restored to good health.  Think on us and we will come to restore faith oneself and in God and in the natural healing abililites of the human body.

Now, think on us before retiring for the night.  Pray only to God and ask that He send His Healing Angels of Light.  Have the faith of a child and know that when you arise in the morning, you will be restored again to health.

Now, we wish you all a happiness that comes from knowing with the mornings light will come a new found health.

© M.N. Hopkins

Note:   I speak not just for myself but for many.  Thus, the use of "We" instead of "I" in the narrative.

There Is A Reason Why We Call Her Mother Earth - Author Unknown

Friday, August 28, 2015

A Discourse About Balance In Human Community by M.N. Hopkins

What Is Balance?

Balance: What is balance and how does it effect your being in your everyday life with human community?

Balance is the key to good and sound functioning human communities. For today it has become fashionable to worship or adore chaos in all its many forms.

Your organizations, your workplaces, your schools are nothing more than a training ground for future generations to maintain and see to the continuation of traditional ways of behavior. Unfortunately for you all, those with flaws in their character have been chosen to lead. Weak by nature, never given proper instruction in critical thinking.

No longer are the Elders respected and sought after for wise counsel. Instead immature and unbalanced individuals who verge on the edge of mental and emotional sickness are chosen and chosen not for their strength of character, but for their many weaknesses that can be used against them as a form of control.

For without Self-control and inner knowledge and wisdom they can be easily manipulated and maneuvered into evil devices that destroy and isolate, rather than being together or united with human community.

Leaders are punished and persecuted for being intelligent and strong and not so easily controlled by forces that seek to enslave all inhabitants of your human community. Always are the inept, the incompetent and the dull of wit and mind chosen so as to teach the youth that these qualities of weakness and corruptibility will be rewarded whereas strength and intelligence will be punished.

There are so many leaders on the fringes of your societies. Many live in poverty or are now, homeless, yet maintain their principles and wait upon the day of transition when their skills and abilities will be needed to organize and rebuild human community.

Through their hardships they have learned to survive on a little, have learned to use their mental resources and initiative to survive in a world that has condemned them to a form of a prolonged prison sentence or death sentence, the only difference is that they are not locked up behind bars.

In a way, they have been in training for the future collapse of human community as we have known it since after the beginning of the industrial revolution that weakened and poisoned not just our human bodies and that of the Earth body, but also enslaved us within a system of commerce.

Gone are the family farms, the clans, the tribal groups that flourished for countless centuries and evolved in the ways of the heart and developed mental powers that cannot even be conceived of by the inhabitants of your world today.

These systems gave Man a sense of pride, freedom and self esteem as well as a reverence for both the Earth and for God.

For Man was in balance and gained from the strength and wisdom of both Realms.

Now, Man has grown dependent on machine and a new priestly class of the Corporation which has created new myths and taken much of the power away from the early priests of the Church.

The new priests of darkness control your governments and in fact, all your institutions. The new mantra is buy, buy, buy. In so doing, have you all said, bye, bye, bye to the better parts of your being.

Emotional and mental illness is as a plague upon the Lands. This is due to unnatural conflicts created when one begins to see reality through a haze of myth and images created and put into human minds by this priestly class.

For, long ago they learned the persuasive power of the image, the attraction of the mind toward fantasy and myth and used this knowledge to serve their own purposes.

Now, after thousands of years, the human systems fail and some begin to see behind the illusionary veil to the heart of what we have become over time by no longer following our God given paths.

Now, we have a creative tension that builds up in your world, ready to explode and destroy the old as it creates anew a new, yet old long forgotten system of evolution of consciousness and the creativity of Man.

After the release of new energies, people will clearly see what they have become and what they can and will become again in time.

For, intelligence and creativity will flourish again upon the Lands and leaders will be recognized from an early age and encouraged and taught to be future leaders.

Men and Women of inspiration, courage, and wisdom listening to their hearts for advise and consul and sharing their knowledge freely with all within human community.

No longer will tyranny of self or others be respected and tolerated.

Man will again enjoy the senses and connect again to God, Soul and Earth. The true trinity. The love of the Mother, the Father and OneSelf.

It is Light you asked for and Light it will be to light your way back to yourSelf and back to the Source Of All Life on Earth and on other worlds, those seen and unseen, still there waiting upon the arrival of not just a few, but of many.

We see a time of a great awakening from a sleep of discord, a sleep of deception and a sleep never more to be for those whom accept the truth of themSelves and accept the offer of a life renewed and energized by the Light and the Love that flows eternal, that flows from another realm to your realm of darkness.

It is we who come with the Light, it is we who renew the gifts of Spirit, it is we who continue to walk upon your Earth so as to reap the harvest, to reap a harvest of Love once denied, but now fulfilled in the moment.

That moment is now. Now, has been the time, will be the time and is the time of harvest. For the Light is now ripe and ready to fall from the Tree. The Tree of Life, that eternal tree that bears the fruits of Mankind's efforts and accomplishments. Now, this fruit comes to your table to be savored and enjoyed.

This is not the fruit of knowledge, but the fruits of wisdom grown over the march of time, grown with a purpose to give nutrients to those seekers who have found their way here today.

Yes, this is a gift, a gift for all that will give strength and longevity. The fruits of the labours of many who have served the Good for countless centuries waiting upon this day when the Will of Heaven is fulfilled upon the Earth.

Light and the waters of Spirit have allowed and encouraged the growth and fruition and now is the time to share in the harvest.

Now is the time. Not yesterday and not tomorrow, but now is the time of harvest and has always been the time of the coming of redemption and salvation.

There is no date chosen, no place chosen, no chosen people. This gift if for all who will accept the fruits of our labour. A gift for all people in all Lands. No longer divided, but united in Love.

Yes, Love, the great uniter. Not fear induced behaviors, but the actions of those of great faith and love who can see beyond appearances to the Heart of All Matter.

Now, your time has come. The way has been made easy.

Step forward and claim your prize. Claim your rightful inheritance. Claim your heart and the love that springs from a joy in living.

Feel the peace of this moment and revel in your accomplishment. For you only see the end of this journey that leads you to the beginning of a new adventure.

A new adventure in living, a new clarity, a new resolve, a new found strength and wisdom.

Now, we walk hand in hand and as we continue our journey, more will decide to join us on this new way of living. The old way left behind, the new way is now to be experienced, now to be accepted, now to be manifest in physical reality.

The dreamers have dreamed, you have had the courage to manifest it within your everyday living.

It is done. It has manifested in you within the space of your heart. A seed long dormant, now watered and a blossom comes forth. A most beautiful creation and one unique to only yourself. Each will manifest their own dream in their own time.

Now, it is time for you who have found your way here this day. Now, is your time, now has it been done.

Bask in the Light and go forth.

©  M.N. Hopkins

Earth Is Our Home.....

Another Super Moon on 29 August 2015

A Summer Of Super Moons Video:

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Accept The Gifts That This Life Has To Offer

What Are Words?- A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

What Are Words?- A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

Words Are

Nothing more than

Symbols and sounds

That are used

To define

The undefinable


Used as a tool


Sometimes the avoidance


Our direct experience


Our everyday living

Copyright © 2015 M.N. Hopkins

Note:  This poem was written during the month of August,  2015 and first published on my blog today.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Song of the Butterfly - A Collaboration of: Istvan Sky Kék Ég, Estas Tonne, Pablo Arellano and Indrė Kuliešiūtė.

Published on July 14, 2014

While attending Everness Festival in Hungary we were invited by artist Istvan Sky Kék Égto to visit his Surya Sangíta Asram. There four beautiful souls met together and by improvising created the musical adventure you are witnessing now.

Music made by Collaboration of: Istvan Sky Kék Ég, Estas Tonne, Pablo Arellano, Indrė Kuliešiūtė.

Video made by Geri Dagys

More info about artists:

Estas Tonne -
Pablo Arellano -
Istvan Sky Kék Ég -
Indrė Kuliešiūtė -
Geri Dagys -


Keeping Good Company - A Quotation by Epictetus

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

For What Is Wisdom And To Whom Does It Apply - A Discourse by M.N. Hopkins

For what is wisdom and to whom does it apply.

Wisdom is a finer knowledge that is a result of many years of one's living experiences within human form.  To have acquired wisdom, one must have actively sought after this prize and worked diligently to attain it's mastery.  For wisdom is only for those who have paid the price of many years of living within human form.  For even the angels, so full of Light can be lacking in wisdom if they have never chosen to visit the Earth Realm.  For, wisdom is a concept that was developed within the Earth Realm by those who have visited here many times and have gained the knowledge of nature along with the living knowledge of humanity.

There is no other road to wisdom, but a long one that has been traveled by a few.  Yes, those few share their knowledge with others to make their way a little less perilous, but not in a way that will interfere with one's development toward being a complete human being.  For the one's of wisdom act as guides, as teachers, and benevolent participants in this journey that you call a human lifetime. One of many journeys.  For one must travel to the Earth Realm often to attain a mastery over himself before winning the prize of wisdom.

Many fail at this task, but in reality, there is no failure.  For there are always lessons learned and strength gained through one's life experience. 

We are here to remind you and others in a gentle way that wisdom is available to all who seek this prize.  And by prize, we mean a gift not given to all, but to those who train and complete the tasks given to them.  For, do not your athletes win prizes?  No one sees the long years of discipline and hard work that was necessary to win the prize, but the athletes themselves and those close to them.

So, do not misunderstand.  We are here to help those who wish to grow in wisdom, not to bestow this most precious and unusual jewel upon those who think that they can steal this prize. 

This attitude is so common today within the Earth Realm.  Those who promise the most ridiculous and absurd, acquire great wealth and power that is built upon lies.  People so want to believe these untruths and fall victim to those who prey upon the weakness in others.

We say again, there are no easy ways or quick fixes, only a slow, deliberate, step by step process of learning.  Yes, we can help you to open up and see what is possible and in reality, what the individual has already attained within a future time, but this effect will last but so long.  This is only a tool used to show what is possible to attain, if only the individual make a decision and do whatever is necessary to bring the changes about.

© M.N. Hopkins