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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Right And Wrong - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

How can right be right
and wrong be wrong
when sometimes right is wrong
and wrong is right?

In my view there is no
need for conflict.

Choose your rights
and choose your wrongs.

Find that place of balance
between the two opposing views.

Live your life from that place.

That place I call,  Self.

© M.N. Hopkins

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Reflection of The Day--Our Children as Mirrors

It's one of those grey clouded and rainy days today.  After hearing a story about a friend's relationship with her daughter, I had this reflection.

Now to explain:  A friend of mine has a lovely daughter.  Very strong, intelligent, independent, and head strong.  A nice way of saying stuborn or hard headed.  Anyhow, this child manages to get herself into some predicaments in her everyday living.  When I was told of the latest drama in my mind I thought what a mature and responsible young lady and that she acted in a  kind and wise manner, yet her Teacher, School Counselor, and Parents caught up in this drama might think otherwise. In my mind I thought she did exactly as any responsible member of the community should do within a similar situation and that I wish our shared world had more people in it like her.

Her mother is the same exact type of person.  They are like two peas in a pod or one might say, cut of the same cloth.  She is a person that I greatly respect and admire also.  Now, the mother gets to stand by her daughter and give her the help and support that she never had herself as a child.  The mother gets a second chance to right the wrongs done agains't her during her younger years and perhaps develop a more mature or wiser perspective on why the reactions were as they were.

Now, for my reflection.  Isn't it lovely or beautiful how the Universe, Life, Good, or what one might even call God gives to us such children who act as a mirror for us to see both our shortcomings and those characteristics or personality traits that might make one proud of oneself and one's accomplishments in this world of ours.

© 2010  M.N. Hopkins

Reflection Of The Day - Serve The Good

A few months ago I was  a little down emotionally and was thinking about my future and what will become of me along my life's path.  I felt a clear calmness and that clear strong inner voice I often hear while in a quiet reflective mood said, "Serve the Good".

Simple and to the point and respectful of my individual and unique interpretation as it aplies to my life.  A simple yet profound phrase that allows each the freedom to paint on the canvas of their individual being and express their own concept or ideas of what it means for them to Serve the Good.

M.N. Hopkins

Friday, August 27, 2010

Thanks to Mr. Privatägt in Metro

Thank you Mr. Privatägt in the Metro opinion section.  You took the words right out of my mouth in your response to the Metro  PR article about Sweden having short cues in the Grocery and Retail Stores.

Your statement that lucky that this study was not done in the Swedish Health Care System in which cues can be from 6 to 8 hours before seeing a Doctor.  This is Swedish sarcasm at it's best.  Good job.

By the name that you used which translates into English as "Private owned" which indicates you are an advocate of privatising the Swedish Health Care System which I think is a very foolish idea and the party line of the current reigning government.  Privatising will in no way improve the quality of health care in Sweden.  Swedes have managed to take the "care" out of Health care.  It is not the system that has failed the citizens of Sweden, but the people working within the system who have become "careless" and have contributed to it's downfall.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some Unworldly Wisdom

Now to leave the hypocracy and irresponsibility of politics and human community to read an inspiring and uplifting poem:

“In This Moment”

In this moment, I will love rather than judge.
In this moment, I will build rather than destroy.
In this moment, I will look to God, rather than to other people, for approval and direction.

In this moment, I will change because I want to,
not because I need to.

In this moment, I will realize my power,
rather than blame other people for their actions.
In this moment, I will experience the joy of God’s plan, rather than the pain of my plan.

In this moment, I will see the possibilities,
rather than the difficulties.

In this moment, I will serve others,
rather than serve myself.
In this moment, there is Heaven on Earth.

Channeled from Angel Ariel by Stevan J. Thayer

Typical Swedish Politic

The Election to decide which political party will control the Swedish Government is in full swing. Promises are flying through the air, but I don't think that many of them will ever make a landing down to Earth.

The question of rape has been avoided very effectively. The underdog party, the Swedish Democracts who have been demonized to such an extend that it is taboo to even mention their name in public. They have been dubbed the party of Rasists and Right Wing Fanatics by the two biggest parties and the Media. If one would compare them to Conservative Republicans in the States they would be viewed as warm fuzzy liberals, at least in comparison.

Anyhow, back to my story. The Swedish Democrats did their own study to bring out into public just the seriousness of Rapes in Modern Day Swedish Society but concentrated on Immigrant groups in the statistics. This I view as a mistake and something that is totally unnecessary. My view is a rape is a rape is a rape and it is a violent crime and should be punished harshly without pointing fingers at any race groups. All in the society are responsible for allowing rapes to flourish in Sweden and all should be dealt with on an equal basis. This intolerance and fear of politicians toward those who go agains't the party line is the very reason why extremist groups are growing in Sweden as in the rest of Europe.

Anyhow, in their report which was taken from statistics based on Police Records there were 6,000 rapes reported in Sweden in 2009. Only 253 cases ending up being tried in court. The Party studied 114 cases from 2009 and came to the conclusion that 48 % of rapists were foreigners and 39.5 % were of non-European origin. These are code words for Arab and African born immigrants.

So, the Government's damage control was to say through their statistical agency called, Brå that perhaps there are three possible reasons for this increase in rapes over the last few years. First, that a tougher sex crime law was passed in 2005 that defined Rape. Second, Swedish Society's tolerance of Rape has lessened and more victums are going to the Police and pressing charges. Thirdly, perhaps there is a possiblity that there has been an increase in rape in the community. Whatever these Statistic Bureaucracts are paid it's too much in my opinion. I was actually contacted by Brå once to do a survey and I was to be called before a certain date and the results would be published after a certain date and the reality was I was never called and the results were published one full month before the stated date. Like I said earlier but in a different way, Good money on bad...

I also read another news report and Rapes were blamed on an increase in alcohol use. Up 30 % since 1995 and studies have shown that there is a relation between alcohol use and violent crime. Increased internet use was also blamed because people can meet on the Net and hook up very quickly. The Justice Minister of the reigning political party's answer to the Swedish Democracts study was that she wasn't allowed to point fingers at any folk groups. Spoken like a true Politician. Both major political parties have publicly announced that if this imfamous Swedish Democatic Party which must have been forged in Hell were to come to power that neither would work with them and totally freeze them out. Now, children can't we just all get along and work together.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Three School Burnings in One Night

Well, the poor Swedish Children who need to be educated as to why it's not a nice thing to burn down schools. The Swedish answer to every problem is education. Billions are spent every year and the children become even more unmanageable. The Modern Swedish view and I am not joking is that a youth up to 20 years of age is not responsible for their actions because they do not understand consequences. This I can partly agree with since there are no consequences or punishments for youth under 16 years of age. So nothing or very little happens to youth who murder, rape, steal, vandelize, or destroy property. Sometimes, if the Police even bother to take any action, they may get a few hours of community service. There is also a program here in which they visit special social workers and discuss their problems and if possible meet with the victims of their crime and cruelty and ask forgiveness. I actually viewed this on TV and these two little con artists put on a good show for the Social Worker. They robbed a bank and scared a bank teller half to death. Later during this report the Police and camera crew came across these same two darlings while they were out with their friends burning cars and buildings and such. This is a favorite activity of many youth in the larger city areas. This shows how effective this method is in the reformation of children. I'm sure that the boys probably had many good laughs after.

Now, back to the News report. Two pre-schools and one Gymnasium or High School were set on fire during the wee hours between Sunday night and Monday morning. No one was caught which is the usual. Witnesses said that they saw a gang in the area.

According to News articles I have read, the fine youth of Sweden set aflame an average of a little over one school building per day. This last event was above the National Average. Three schools in one day.

Another phenomenon in Modern Sweden is the Crisis Intervention Team. I watched a video by three of these Educators and Crisis Handlers and my understanding is that the Childen must own there problem and come to their own decisions within their group without adult interference as to how to handle the situation. So, my intrepretation is, anything goes and criminality amongs't youth increases in every catagory, year after year.
I remember the town I was working in had an incident in which an eight year old kicked a Teacher and a special Crisis Team was sent from the University and spent a week at the schlool. I was new to the Swedish Education System and made the comment, "Wouldn't it have been easier to put ones hand firmily on the childs shoulder and say, No, you are not allowed to do this. This would have taken just a moment and saved a lot of time and money for the School District" I got come strange looks and everyone walked away from me to avoid comment.

Ask any Elderly People why they are afraid to walk in their communities or go to the cash machine to take out money. Why Firemen are afriad to go and put out fires when there are gangs of youth involved. Now, there was an incident this summer in which the Firemen were unable to put out fires because the youth attacked both Firemen and Police and drove them away. Now, there's respect for authority. These Swedish Academics and Psychologists must be big fans of , Lord of the Flies. Or perhaps, they should be.

Here's an article of one incident that may give a better view of this problem:

Here's a Youtube of a pre-school burning:

Reflection of the Day

While sitting in an Insurance Office waiting my turn my mind took a thoughtful turn. It's not unusual for the mind to be set adrift within an unpleasant environment.

Anyhow, while sitting there I was thinking about a woman at work who is a refuge from Iraq and wondering if she had any animosity toward me based on my coming from one of the rich nations involved in the destruction of her culture and theivery of her nations resources under the guise of freedom.

I thought about this and thought if I can be responsible for the actions of a few powerful and rich individuals who have manipulated a population for their own selfish interests.

What came to mind was some words in a direct and clear manner. " One may be comdemned in the eyes of man while at the same time being blessed in the eyes of God."

My explanation of the Gulf OIl Spill

While following the news and doing reasearch on the internet about the Gulf Oil Spill I had an insite as to why such events as these occur and occur so frequeny in our world. I was taking to a friend about this and the words just popped into my mind. It is simplictic, but can not the root of most problems when faced honestly be explained in simple terms. Sometime I believe that the world of complexity was created as an avoidance of the facing the truth and taking responsibility for our actions. Anyhow, what came to my mind was:

These events happen when Man has lost his connection to Nature and greed has taken him over.

In a better or more honest and responsible world these events would be unnecessary and avoidable and simply would not occur.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Has Become of the Swedish Healthcare Model?

This information comes from the Swedish News Media. It's about a woman named Elin Andersson who had a Cesarean Section at the Hospital in Sundsvall, Sweden. This was her second baby.

Elin and her husband had to do much of the work of the Nursing Staff. The husband saw to the housekeeping and cleaning in the room and Elin had to keep track of her medicine schedule and call the nurses to remind them when it was time for her medication.

Here is a copy of a report from a Swedish Newspaper that has been translated into English below the Swedish Text:

Föda och städa på BB i Sundsvall
Elin Andersson, nyförlöst med kejsarsnitt fick fixa det mesta själv när hon fick sitt andra barn på Sundsvalls sjukhus i början av augusti. Och barnafadern fick hjälpa till med skötseln av den nyblivna tvåbarnsmamman.

Publicerad 22 aug 2010 04:00
Uppdaterad Sun Aug 22 10:14:01 CEST 2010

Varje gång det var dags för medicin fick Elin Andersson själv ringa personalen och påminna, skriver Sundsvalls Tidning.

Sista uppdrag
Andra morgonen efter operationen bestämde hon sig för att åka hem.
-Då kom barnmorskan och sade att jag skulle få ett sista uppdrag. Sedan hämtade hon en stor vit tvättsäck och bad mig städa ur rummet och sängen där jag legat, berättar hon för tidningen.
Två av barnmorskorna på BB i Sundsvall tycker att Elin Andersson ger en bra bild av hur det ser ut på deras arbetsplats.
-Hon beskriver precis de bitarna vi inte hinner med, säger barnmorskan Gunnel Westerlund.

"Känns inte bra"
-Den medicinska säkerheten går alltid först och man kan inte lämna en födande mamma. Det stämmer att vi ibland tvingas använda oss av föräldrarna och det känns inte alls bra.

English Translation:

The second morning after the operation/surgery the mom decided to leave the hospital. The midwife came and had a final request. She brought a big white laundrybag and asked for the room to be cleaned together with the bed that she had been lying in.

According to the workers the medical security always comes first and they just cannot leave a woman giving birth alone. Thats why they need to ask the parents to help out even if it does not feel good.

My Swedish Translators comments:

This is absolutely amazing don´t you think? Why the hell do they ask the parents to clean instead of contacting the union, the media and the hospital board?

My comments based on an article from a Sundsvall Newspaper article:

Another reason for the lack of services may be explained by the fact that 700 personal were layed off from Sundsvall Hospital in March, 2010 with 400 of those being Under Nurses. A Swedish Under Nurse is the same as an LPN in the States. Today there is such a lack of them that the RN's are now doing many of their duties in the Swedish Hopitals along with the House Cleaning since Cleaning Staffs have been cut down also to save money.
It's no wonder there is a rise in Hospital caused diseases and infections here in Sweden.

This is not uncommon today in the more effective Swedish Healthcare System. This is the Politicians explanation of why they has layed off so many nurses at a time of an increase in sickness in Swedish Society and also at a time that the Government has opened up for the privatisation of Swedish Healthcare. If they follow the model of the privatising of Swedish Schools, then it will be the politicians, their connected family members and friends who will be the one's opening up private clinics and hospitals and reapng temendous profits with even worse service. One of the richest business men in Sweden announced a few months earlier that he was investing in this area and that tells me this will be the next area in which to make windfall profits without supplying any inprovement in the quality of service. The Government will still pay determined amounts for treatments and visits to these private Doctors and Clinics, and Hospitals just as in the Private Schools that have been spreading like a cancer.

I am not a critic of Socialized Medicine and often have wondered how the Swedes have failed in this area while the British and the Canadian Governments have managed to develop a quite effective and well working system for their citizens health needs. At least if one honestly compares the three systems. I have had a one year experience teaching in a Swedish Private School and have first hand experienced the low standards, majority of uncertified teachers, lack of books and services for students, and tremendous amounts of funding that mainly reaches the wallets of the Founders, Headmasters, or relatives and friends. Seeing this first hand and from my background as a Certified Teacher and graduating from one of the top Teaching Universities in the States with honors, I will qualify myself as having some authority to view the Swedish School System in a critical manner. So naturally, it is easy for me to see a connection between the Privatising of Education and Health Care and predict the possible outcome of an even more corrupt and even more disfunctional system as is already the case in Modern Day Sweden. I also have an inside source Here who has related many stories of her experiences with this nonworking system. Talk to many Swedish Teachers or Nurses in private and your ears will hurt after hearing of their experiences in these two areas of Swedish Society.

So in conclusion and for those who have been following my blog I must warn those who are considering a move to the 3rd best country in the world to live in, the most attractive Nation to move to in Europe and the 8th in the world according to another survey resulting in more statistics, think twice before moving and especially if you are suffering from any pre-existing illnesses or have health problems or if you have children in need of a good education. You will not find quality services here.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wise Counsel or the Nightmare of an Old Woman

This was sent to me by a dear friend in Canada. Sometimes I feel very much like taking the advice of this elderly woman and head for the hills.

Is this the result of a bad dream or an inspired prophecy? Each can decide for themselves.


I received this from a friend this morning. Hhhmmm - Interesting. Michael.

A good friend of mine in Montana whose grandmother just passed away last year, the last thing she said to him was "Make a place for yourself in the mountains because the air will become so hot down here," where they were at on a reservation, "that it would be hard to breath and it won't be long." That's the last thing she told her grandson when she was passing. Go on the mountains and make a place for yourself. Put some things there that you can survive with. People are going to run to the mountains to survive and the Native people must be ready for this.

My View of Statistics

The Swedish Media has been full of Statistics. I saw one Swedish Society Expert on TV a few weeks ago and he said that Swedes have a learned trust of statistics and have a history of using statistic in their arguments knowing that people here will believe them after showing proof in a statistic.

I have experienced this first hand in my daily living here and seen it in forums in which Swedes are involved. One will hear comments like, "What are the statistics or where did you find that statistic?" Another standard comment is, "Show, me the proof." As if an expert opinion is proof of anything or a statistic comes from God and is carved into stone as The Ten Commandments given to Moses. Statistics are given daily in the Media by Journalists. Here in Sweden there are several taboo subjects and if a Journalist even prints an article that shows statistics that go agains't the party line, they will not have a job. The EU has passed several laws the last few years to silence the voices of those who appose the EU agenda.

Some statistics in the News this week:

Sweden is the Third best Country to live in based on an article from Newsweek Magazine. Finland ranked number one and Switzerland, number two.

Sweden is ranked number one in Europe in the number of rapes per 100,000 citizens and number two in the world. There are 53 rapes per 100,000 people in the population. These were UN statistics.

A Gallop Poll of 350,000 people in 148 Countries ranked Sweden as the most attractive to move to within the EU and number eight in the world. Probably why so many are arriving hidden in the back of trucks shipping goods to Sweden. Singapore was ranked number one, New Zealand number two, and Saudi Arabia number three.

I haven't been a believer in statistics for several years. How can one poll people worldwide to give an opinion of a nation far away based on what I call PR News.  How can one honestly believe polls paid for?  Do you really think that the Poll agency will publish results contrary to the party line of the ones paying for the poll?  Do you really think that Government Agencies or Bureaus will release figures that put there employers in a bad light?  It can be also very easy to manipulate figures by carefully choosing you sample group in your survey.

Statistics change from day to day. The unemployment figures are going up and down weekly even though unemployment has been increasing weekly. I have read in Swedish newspapers that only a small percent of rape victims go to the Police and end up not being included in the holy statistics or shall I say, the not so holy statistics due to the modern lack of work ethic in government and business.

So, instead of having a blind faith in statistics it may be better to take them with a grain of salt or in my opinon, a truckload of salt.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Was It The First or The Second Step?

While reading todays Metro Newspaper I came across an article about a Medical Research Center in Sweden being closer to a HIV vaccine. Earlier this week I received an e-mail from the company in the States that I had purchased MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) from telling me that the FDA has banned the sale of MMS in the States and was recalling all sold product. This very simple, safe, and effective detox and water purifier was earlier banned in Canada.

How are these two events related you may now ask? They are related but in not so direct a manner. Let me explain.

Both events are related to the Pharmas plans to ban many natural products so as to control the market on all vitamins and supplements and at the same time take away the option of people taking self-responsibility and seeing to their own treatment of many serious adverse health conditions or illness and disease. The new Codex Alimentarius Commission which is another of the imaginary institutions created to give authority to the plans of Pharma to stop alternative natural products. The FDA, WHO, Academics, Scientists, and Physicians are also on the payroll of Pharma as paid mercenaries in the war against simple remedies that work but that are cheap and readily available without visiting a doctor.

The creation of new vaccines is the attempt to increase profits by Pharma under the guise of stopping several serious viruses. It turns out that MMS was able to eliminate the virus as well as several other bacterias, fungi, parasites, and molds, thus increasing the efficency of the human immune system. Kill the illness causing viruses and other germs and thus give the immune system more power to help in the natural healing ability already built into the human body.

So was it the first step in the creation of an HIV vaccine or was it the second step in a PR campaign this week to destroy all alternative medicine products or perhaps better said, gain control of the medical products market. MMS was a product that reportedly could kill the HIV Virus and I believe this to be true after using this product myself for other reasons. You decide. Below is some information that may help you to come to your own decision.

Google: Miracle Mineral Supplement and Codex Alimentarius.
Looks like the MMS Educational Website has been shut down.

Here is a copy of the e-mail that I recieved this week:

URGENT: MMS Product Recall Notice

Dear Customer,

You are receiving this email because our records indicate you may have purchased a product called "MMS" from our company at some time in the past.

Following discussion with FDA officials, Project GreenLife is effecting an immediate voluntary recall of its sodium chlorite solution product labeled "MMS Professional - Miracle Mineral Solution - Premium Water Purification Drops".

Questions and answers on voluntary recall of Project GreenLife's sodium chlorite product:

Q. What products are affected by this recall?

A. Sodium chlorite solution, labeled as "MMS Professional - Miracle Mineral Solution - Premium Water Purification Drops" distributed by PGL International, LLC. This product comes in a 4 oz green plastic bottle. This recall is for all lot numbers.

Q. Why was this product recalled?

A. PGL International, LLC is initiating this voluntary recall because of safety concerns raised by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in regards to chlorine dioxide. As a precautionary measure, the company is recalling all sodium chlorite product, effective August 13, 2010.

Q. What should I do if I resell or have ever resold this product?

A. Quit selling this product and inform anyone you have sold this product to in the past by sending them a copy of this recall communication.

Q. What should I do if I have some of this product?

A. The FDA recommends that consumers stop using this product. Further distribution or use of any remaining product should cease immediately. If you have any unused product, you may seal the container and return it to the address provided below. Shipping account information will be provided upon request. PGL will work with all customers to make them whole.

If you have any questions or comments, please email

PGL International, LLC
2533 N Carson St Ste 1991
Carson City, NV 89706
TOLL FREE PHONE: 888.349.9428

By the way, this company had great service and many other nice products.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My View on Debates

If one doesn't wish to deal with a problem and find a real, viable working solution, then just have a debate. People are invited from both sides of the debate issue coin and can become quite expressive of their emotions that are activated by their imposed belief systems.

I suppose that debates do serve a purpose. They allow people to express their views publicly, vent some pretty strong emotions, and often feel better afterwards. So, in a way a debate can be a positive tool in a culture or society to calm down and silence concerns before they reach a boiling point. We can't allow the natives to become too restless and maintain our power over them. Can we?

Debates can also serve another purpose. They are a tool to distract people from action in the area of a social concern or problem. Many have been taught to believe that to talk on subjects is the same as doing something to change the situation.

Perhaps, this is why politicians so love the debate forum as a distraction or diversion from them being put into the situation of taking action. People in our modern world concentrate on images that are created and propagated by governments and their controlled medias rather than the reality of their everyday living environment. This creates an image of action without any real action ever taking place.

Think about this next time that you view a debate on TV and yes, they are entertainment. View them as entertainment and avoid the disapointment of unrealistic expectations that these problems will be solved. I have been watching debate programs over several years now and all these multitude of problems discussed are still prevalent in the society and have even increased in occurance over the years. Think about this and come to your own conclusions if you so wish.

To end on a positive note and perhaps even contradict myself I will say that there is always the exception to any rule and someone can be moved into real action. Private citizen perhaps, but never a politician and their self serving bureaus.

Now anyone for a debate?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My definition of fanatic

Being a thoughtful person I often think about subjects in the news or people I have met or any number of subjects of interest. As is my habit often words or a definition automatically comes to my mind.

On one occasion I thought about fanatics and the mental and emotional pain that they must live in to drive them to commit such cruel acts toward their fellow man. The answer came to me so clearly that a fanatic is someone who has stopped learning, evolving, developing intellectually and emotionally. It's as if they have become stuck in one belief or "ism" and are unable to break out of their self imposed prisons. In a way they are mentally and emotionally handicapped, thus no longer learning the life lessons that they came here to learn.

Intense emotions are often part of the healing process and an indication that something is amiss or out of balance in the personally structure. It's a build up before a release of emotion and after that release a healing will occur.

So in a way a fanatic stops the healing process and takes on a terminal illness that will surely in time lead to his or her self destruction.

©  2010    M.N.  Hopkins

Monday, August 16, 2010

Chinese Berry Pickers Paradox Update

The latest media report on the Chinese Berry Pickers is that 44 of them are being sent home.

And to update the shell game between the Swedes and Chinese. The Swedes are claiming that it was just a misunderstanding or miscommunication and all the fault of the Chinese Employement agency.

My guess is that there are political reasons considering that the media also said that the Chinese Workers was costing the town that they were working out of 40,000 swedish crowns per day.

Again, go Chinese Berry Pickers. Perhaps the citizens of Sweden will thank you one day for your efforts on their behalf.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Chinese Berry Pickers Paradox

Bravo, Chinese Berry Pickers in Sweden for your fight for the Democratic principles of fair play and labor rights while the Swedish Employers with what appears to be the backing of Swedish politicians are actually doing the opposite and behaving in a Totalitarian manner. Strange world isn't it? People from that terrible land that refuses to recognize human rights fighting for human rights in a land that openly speaks about defending these rights while at the same time doing the opposite.

Turns out that the Berry Pickers were imported from China, Vietnam, and the Ukraine this year and at least the Chinese workers had a bit of a mini revolt. The Swedish Employers have hired them through Employment Agencies in the workers homeland. Is this to get around the labor laws in Sweden? Is this a common practice today in this modern and Democratic Land?

Last year the Employers imported workers from Thailand and had work conditions similar to those in 19th Century America or Europe. The Thai workers revolted also with demonstrations and marches as was done this year. The Government and the Employers played a shell game so that neither would take responsibility for this unethical treatment of these foreign workers. The result was that the Thai workers were cheated out of wages and their government finally sent over airplanes to pick them up and take them home.

The government promised the workers a base salary of 17,700 sek a month. The Swedish Crown is a little over 7 per USD. You do the math. When I first saw this my reaction was, yea, sure, lots of luck getting your salaries paid. Turns out I may very well been correct in my assessment of the situation.

Now it appears that history has repeated itself. The Chinese are protesting and have had marches and a small group has locked their Swedish Supervisors into a room in a Berry Warehouse. Shame on them for speaking up as is their right in a democratic land. They were arrested by the way.

So, Bravo Chinese Berry Pickers for the good fight for ethical and honest labor practices and not taking this lying down. Reminds me of the Labor Revolts in America in the late 18th century, but on a smaller scale. How can this be? Workers from that terrible oppressive Totalitarian State defending democratic principles? A paradox indeed.

Thank you, Chinese workers. You have done Sweden a great favor by fighting the good fight that many here are afraid to become engaged in. There are only a few speaking up, mainly on the Internet and they have been branded as terrible and dangerous people and given the label of being members of the Truth Movement by representatives of the Swedish Government. Since when has Truth become a bad word. Another paradox perhaps?

Thank you too, Swedish Company owners and politicians for exposing the corruption and hypocracy that is growing in Modern Day Sweden. You have been far more effective that your Truth Movement youth in exposing the lies and myths of the image of a Swedish Model that you like to project out into the non Swedish speaking world.

Looks like your actions now speak louder than your words.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Go Jane Bürgermeister

Best wishes to Jane Bürgermeister. Please pass this video around.

Sorry, but I am unable to embed this video. Please cut and paste the link given.

The Honest Five Procent

Hello and welcome to this blog. This is my first entry.

I thought that I would write a bit about my experiences being an Immigrant to Sweden coming from North America with my real name and passport and valid papers. This is an oddity in Sweden and some say 90 % of all immigrants to Sweden use smugglars that I believe can cost up to 20,000 USD and come in with false names and papers and false countries of origin. I think that perhaps 95 % is a better figure and being my statistic, it's as valid as any other imaginary statistic put out by any government, bureau, organization, or company in our not so honest world. So, I have made up the term, "The Honest Five Percent". Perhaps I should patent it and sell T-shirts to other members of this group. No, are not enough of us who are either honest or coming here from North America. Well, it was a good idea before I thought it through.

I remember back in 1994 on one of my early trips to Sweden seeing an Arab man in the Restroom collecting Passports and then getting on a plane to Norway a short time later. At the time my only knowledge of the Swedish society was from the PR being put out in the world medias about this so called, "Scandinavian Model" with it's freedoms and equality and justice for all. What I call, "The Scandinavian Party Line." I thought that perhaps he was a tour guide or tour leader for a group from a Middle Eastern country and holding their passports for them. Little did I know that to get asylum one must be paperless. I have often wondered how people can get on any airplane anywhere in the world without a passport and get through Customs. Again, I was very naive to the Swedish ways and I must confess it still leaves me a bit confused how such a thing can possibly happen. Oh well, every Land has it's own ways. I have learned to be more tolerant of other cultures and worry about myself that I begin to loose all logical and critical thinking and acquire Swedish logic.

Later I attended an SFI Swedish Language Class which is intented to teach new coming immigrants the Swedish Language and my classmates taught me how the system really works. This was back in 2000 and at that time a smugglar cost 10,000 USD. They all had similar stories and I wondered how so many Vets, Dentists, and Electrical Engineers would migrate to Sweden. Later, I found out they are given stories to tell the Immigration Department and to my surprise there was very much similarity in the stories. I assumed that Swedes were perhaps very trusting people or perhaps unwilling to question people more thoroughly or perhaps let panels of Dentists, Vets, or Engineers test them and question them about their training and skills. This seemed only logical to me at the time, but me being so naive to Swedish society and culture and their Integrity Law which to me in truth protects liars, theives, and criminals of every kind rather than having anything to do with honesty or being one of character. I think in truth it was created to protect those in the Swedish Government. I will perhaps talk about this Swedish definition of integrity in another blog entry. Here is the definition of intregrity from the websters online dictionary:

Main Entry: in·teg·ri·ty
Pronunciation: \in-ˈte-grə-tē\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English integrite, from Middle French & Latin; Middle French integrité, from Latin integritat-, integritas, from integr-, integer entire
Date: 14th century
1 : firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values : incorruptibility
2 : an unimpaired condition : soundness
3 : the quality or state of being complete or undivided : completeness

synonyms see honesty