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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Migrant Workers Union Fights For Justice For Cheated Thai Berry Pickers

Here's an update from Sweden about the cheated Thai berry pickers from last summer.  A Thai organization called, Migrant Workers Union that is engaged in the international business of cheap labor has criticized the company Lömsjö bärs  (Lömsjö Berry Company) saying that the Thai bery pickers could not possibly meet the conditions of their contract under normal working hours despite that the contract was accepted by both the local townships and the Swedish Immigration Department.

They are demanding that the Swedish State ought to pay back an average of 11,000 Swedish Crowns that the berry pickers had to pay in taxes, visa fees, and work permits in order to come to Sweden and work.

Here are two links to articles in the Swedish language:

Note:  To all Thai readers of my blog,  please pass on the link to this blog entry to your fellow countrymen and women.  I was in a forum of the but have been blocked from logging in.  There was another blog entry I wished to post there from a Finnish organization that has been fighting hard for the berry pickers in both Sweden and Finland, but I was unable to.  Would any Thai readers be so kind as to pass this information on?  Thanks for your help.  Here is the other link:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two New Year Wishes To All Who Visit Here

I wish to give a New Year message for the upcoming year of 2011.  I received these quotations from my friend Maria in Bulgaria.  They are the words of an illuminated and wise man whose words ring just as true today as when he said them.  Wisdom is timeless and comes from the mouths of many over time.  Sometimes we listen and sometimes not.  His words were appropriate to what I wished to say to all who find their way to this blog.  Here is a message of joy from Peter Deunov:

“Happiness is a reality towards which people aspire. Whoever endures all difficulties for the sake of happiness deserves to taste its fruits. You should be conscious when the fruits are given to you, to be thankful and not to ask how long they will stay with you. Happiness stays forever with one in which Love, Wisdom and Truth reign.

How can happiness be attained? What are the opportunites for one to be happy? It does not require a lot. Open your heart so that Divine Love can flow through it--not drop by drop, but in abundance. Place a golden faucet on your heart so that love can flow readily to all people. Turn a new page of your book and begin to write with the light of your mind and with the warmth of your heart. Love as God loves. When you need Him, pray sincerely. Each prayer and gratitude which comes from the bottom of your heart is always accepted. God hears even the smallest call and answers.”

-The Master Peter Deunov

Now, for my part:

Happy New Year 2011. 

I wish you all every happiness.  There is much to be happy for even in dark times. Now, I will quote something that I wrote several years ago:                    

So, now you will see clearly with the heart. For through the heart way lies the greatest happiness while living one's life as a human being. It is the heart way that seeks a better way for all inhabitants of the human community. It is the heart way that balances and brings the peace and certainty of Spirit into one's being. The heart way bridges the gap between Heaven and Earth and allows one to enter into realms of unlimited potential. For through the heart one can again know that one is neither apart from or separate from the Whole. One becomes the heart of a Larger Heart, which beats with the rhythm of the One Heart, which is the Essence of all of life.

So celebrate one's existence here in this world of physical flesh and know that all is possible if one only believes this to be true. One's beliefs color one's view of physical reality. Paint one's life portrait with light and vibrant colors that bring into being a more joyous existence. Share one's joy with all whom you come into contact with.

Think not upon all the wrongs and injustices of men, but think upon a future in which all co-operate and seek the greatest good for the greatest number. Hold a vision that is joyous and life giving and share it so that others can come to realize that such a joyous existence is a possibility within the physical realm of existence. Be not discouraged, for the gift of faith returns. A stronger more resilient faith that will help others know of their own deep and personal relationship to their own Soul. Once this connection is reestablished many will touch upon and benefit from an inner wisdom and strength, which is inherent to all.

To read this message in it's entirety, please visit and read the Fourth Release of:

North American Indian Code of Ethics

This code of ethics would serve us all well.  Here is the link to the orginal document:

Native American
Code of Ethics:


  1. Rise with the sun to pray. Pray alone. Pray often. The Great Spirit will listen, if you only speak.
  2. Be tolerant of those who are lost on their path. Ignorance, conceit, anger, jealousy and greed stem from a lost soul. Pray that they will find guidance.
  3. Search for yourself, by yourself. Do not allow others to make your path for you. It is your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.
  4. Treat the guests in your home with much consideration. Serve them the best food, give them the best bed and treat them with respect and honor.
  5. Do not take what is not yours whether from a person, a community, the wilderness or from a culture. It was not earned nor given. It is not yours.
  6. Respect all things that are placed upon this earth—whether it be people, animal or plant. Honor the Spirit in all things.
  7. Honor other people’s thoughts, wishes and words. Never interrupt another or mock or rudely mimic them. Allow each person the right to personal expression.
  8. Never speak of others in a bad way. The negative energy that you put out into the universe will multiply when it returns to you. All persons make mistakes. And all mistakes can be forgiven. Bad thoughts cause illness of the mind, body and spirit. Practice optimism.
  9. Nature is not for us, it is a part of us. They are part of your worldly family.
  10. Children are the seeds of our future. Plant love in their hearts and water them with wisdom and life’s lessons. When they are grown, give them space to grow.
  11. Avoid hurting the hearts of others. The poison of your pain will return to you.
  12. Be truthful at all times. Honesty is the test of ones will within this universe.
  13. Keep yourself balanced. Your mental self, spiritual self, emotional self, and physical self—all need to be strong, pure and healthy. Work out the body to strengthen the mind. Grow rich in spirit to cure emotional ails.
  14. Make conscious decisions as to who you will be and how you will react. Be responsible for your own actions.
  15. Respect the privacy and personal space of others. Do not touch the personal property of others—especially sacred and religious objects. This is forbidden.
  16. Be true to yourself first. You cannot nurture and help others if you cannot nurture and help yourself first.
  17. Respect others religious beliefs. Do not force your belief on others.
  18. Share your good fortune with others. Participate in charity. Be willing to give back to the people, so that People will live.
© The Good Red Road
The Turquoise Butterfly Press

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Dream For The Little Ones by M.N. Hopkins

I had a dream a few nights ago in which I sat in my arm chair in my living room and near me on our sofa sat a little girl around the age of 5 to 6 years.  She was blond haired with pale skin and could have been from North American, Norden, Russia, the UK, Australia, New Zealand or Northern Europe.

She was very sweet and innocent as any child at that age.  She looked at me with a childlike innocence and said to me in  a clear and direct way, "They are trying to make us all dumb at school."

I told her that I understood..  I looked at her and put my hand over my heart saying, "You can hide your intelligence here and they will never see it or be able to take it away from you."   As I did and said this, she also put her little hand over her heart and said in a very innocent manner.  "Yes, I can do that."

The alarm clock then rang and woke me from the dream.  Later, I thought of the RSA video entry in my blog and a television show I had seen of a classroom of 6 year olds earlier that evening.  Please take a look at the RSA video and you will see why this came to mind after the dream.

After reflecting on this dream, I wondered if there was perhaps a little girl living somewhere in our world who woke up that morning and went to school to share this knowledge with her fellow classmates.

©  2010   M.N. Hopkins

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Vision of Hope by M.N. Hopkins

Now, I will share a personal insight with all who will listen.  One day at a time of down heartedness, I thought of our current world situation and what would become of me and also what would become of Humankind in the years ahead.

I saw myself in my minds eye as one of many extended both long back into time and long forward into the future.  It all began with a dream of freedom countless centuries ago.  After the dream had begun, each added to the strength of the dream by adding their contributions and energy to human community thus keeping the dream alive.  All knew and understood their part in this joint creation of Man that involved many over a very long period of time.

I saw humanity as individuals all connected to this dream that appeard as a wave in the sea.  The wave was rolling through time, growing in intensity and height as each contributed their part to this movement toward freedom.  After some time the wave grew to such an intensity it had Tsunami strength.  Each individual through time had played their part and added to the collective energy of the dream until it had become an unstoppable force of nature aided by Man.  So many had sacrificed so much along the way to unleach such a powerful force of longing into our world.

At a point in my vision all down heartedness disappeared and I knew with that calm certainty that I feel at times that even if our present day Servers of the Good and I could no longer add our contributions of energy to this dream of Man that others would continue until the dream has been realized in time.  The wave was rolling with such an intensity that I knew without doubt it was now unstoppable and had already done the work of the transformation of human community to that of love and reason.  I knew without a doubt that Man would once again live in his former glory and in freedom in the future.

This event occured not due to the efforts of Aliens, Advanced Beings, or Ascended Masters but due to the hard work and sacrifice of countless humans who have held this dream of freedom dear and close to their hearts.  It is our dream and our prize.

So be at peace and be assured that no one, nowhere can possibly put an end to this collective dream of Mankind.  Be not deceived and know deep within yourselves that your efforts were a loving gift to future generations.  A gift of freedom given freely that will one day be appreciated and cherished and will live within the human heart.

 © M.N. Hopkins


To those who will, feel these words as you read the above text and see and feel in your own unique way and come to your own realization as to the truth of these words.  Calm your mind before reading or join with me in your minds eye and view the wave as it rolls to completion.  Express yourself in art or music or just feel the calmness and certainty of being.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Charlie Chaplin's Great Dictator's Final Speech - (Oct.1940)

This is from a Charlie Chaplin film from 1940. Not much has changed in the last 70 years. This message still applies to our world today. A message to all who still have not lost their hope and have a love of freedom and perhaps for the boys on all sides of the conflicts in Iraq, Afganistan, Africa, and Asia.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Letter From Alex Kochkin

I am passing on a  letter I received from Alex Kochkin at Positive Future Consulting & Global Awakening Press. 

 Ascension and Transformation of the Human and Higher Being

Letter introducing a new update that is in process.
December 16, 2010

Dear Readers and Friends,

This letter introduces a new discussion of what appears to be significant changes related to ascension and spiritual evolution. It is something that has been working away quietly since August of 2010 and was identified in 2007.

When I sent out the two-part October 2010 Update, it seemed that by around mid-December we would have a clearer understanding of what course the greater changes will be taking.

There does seem to be a major change underway and this needs to be described properly, so a December 2010 Update is underway. It will convey what we can of our understanding. It will briefly recapitulate a number of important themes and topics, all necessary to understanding the bigger picture. The material will be prepared in such a way as to stand on its own and be understandable to a wider readership.

What we presented in Global Awakening News and the 2010 “A-List” Updates represents what we have been comfortable stating for publication. To say that the main point and substance now is a “delicate matter” is an understatement and this has been one the most difficult explanations we have undertaken. I have been ambivalent over whether or not to even publish any more. One of my concerns has been how to do this yet not inappropriately influence people’s spiritual development or practices in ways that might cause them to ignore or disregard something else of comparable value and potential. I will likely prepare a specific disclaimer with regard to this for inclusion with the December material.

At the very least I wish to say that what we are presenting here is not intended to be the “last word” on ascension or the spiritual situation in this realm. It is what we are aware of and it is described to the best of our abilities. Unbeknownst to me, there may be other practices and avenues that lead to desirable outcomes relative to “true ascension” and spiritual evolution that are in accord with higher oneness and the intentions of Creator of All. At this time though, I am not aware of any. What earlier spiritual practices there were, most were focused around continuing ones consciousness upon severing connection with the physical body, and not with spiritual evolution. Those oriented to dissolving the physical body with little or no trace may offer a conduit to spiritual evolution, but those who practiced this successfully left little record of their process or progress. Furthermore, practices related to this were centered on completion of this physical life and were generally not involved with the larger problems of spiritual evolution or the resolution of the problem of the dark.

It may be possible that over the coming months individuals here will be able to share information concerning their own progress, symptoms, and confirmatory signs. From this a practice or set of practices may be defined to help all concerned.

Yes, this civilization is coming to an end and so is the control of the dark over humans. Various types of earth changes will continue to grow in frequency and magnitude. Dark side humans will continue to make their machinations toward war and parasitic conquest, while the masses of humans sink further into servitude and chaos. As much as the signs are present and growing for this, there is also some possibility that the more extreme effects of this will not play out fully.

Regardless of how moderate or extreme the disintegration is of this civilization, 3d is not where to pin ones higher aspirations, far from it. 

Most importantly, this is the time for spiritual completions and new spiritual evolutions and thus it is crucial to “complete” as fully as possible what one is about in this plane of existence.

“Completions” also are on the agenda for our higher selves. This is part of the “makeover” of this entire Creation.

Those who can, need to contemplate their deeper understandings of the problems and challenges of 3-d density existence. This is also important for the further development of the larger collective higher being that most humans are associated with. This is also part of the development of new creator beings.

Such “understandings” at the human level have nothing to do with mainstream or alternative news sources, nor anything to do with the latest in human dramas, channeled pronouncements, or expectations for some version of a world savior.

This is all about you and your greater being your connection to Source, Creator of All and the higher oneness. It is at the your greater being level that much learning is to be integrated and from which much can be accomplished.

Those who have little to no understanding as humans, will eventually have other opportunities to further their learning, if this is something they are capable of choosing.

Presently most humans are skating on “thin ice”, mostly unaware of how thin this layer of “ice” is  –and even less aware that there is little if anything supporting this layer that represents ordinary social-economic existence. Imagine if you will, the rapid change –shown in the TWZ and HPH graphs shown in the October 2010 Update –as the draining away of the water that supports the “ice” upon which humanity resides. For most humans to become aware of this would be a major “revelation”. However, it is only the surface cracks that are beginning to dawn to their ways of conditioned thinking.

Beyond this is something of even greater importance concerning the vibrational state of 3-d reality.

Concerning the greater reality, when the October 2010 Update was sent out, I did not know with any certainty how things would be headed in terms of the spiritual changes since this had not yet been adequately processed at the higher levels. Given this, I did my best to frame the situation in the October material and to set the stage for what is now to be explained.

At the time of that writing, I was aware of a growing sub-atomic instability in the 3-d matrix that corresponds to the higher level flaw in creation that led to the formation of the dark forces. At the time I was not clear as to what the implications were to us and did not want to present inappropriate speculations.

I did know that whatever was to occur, it was absolutely essential that everyone who is more aware and in a process of spiritual awakening to attend to their own assessing of what has been learned in 3-d and to address any “unfinished business” to greatest extent possible and at their human and higher levels.

Even more important, would be the impulse to push ones own personal envelope in terms of finding the vibrationally highest attractor possible and then keep expanding that envelope.
Once enough is known of these larger patterns, you either understand this or you do not. These patterns are all consistently evident in ideas, behaviors, language, subtle energies, etc. Once this is an understanding of the larger influencing dynamics, then there is no need to keep following “rabbit holes” looking for more distractions, unless there is very good and specific reason to do so.

For those who are ready, there is the clear and complete rejection of all that is false and that is distorted by the dark at any and all levels.
What then is there?

To identify with and develop the highest level attractor possible involving the totality of your being.

For some this will be to develop the highest vibrational “love”, a localized counterpart to the high oneness of the true creation. This can become ones new “call home” signal. It can be directed “upward” and a reciprocal response developed that resonates and grows between your lower and higher levels of being, and that potentially expands outwards.

This is also closely related to the dynamics of a vibrational level bifurcation that can lead to the resolution of what has been a grotesque entanglement of dark and light energies. From your high level attractor and with the energy of high oneness and love, consider calling to your awakening human self all of you that is of the true light, particles waves, bodies, whatever descriptors fit.

Consider asking the correction energies to filter out any dark distortions as you do this. A corresponding process is occurring at the higher level of being that also involves the human “you”. 

And all this is related to connecting to the space between your atoms to the energies of true creation.

There are those who may say that it was “love and light” anyway and always, but if nothing is learned of any substance in this realm, then there can be no direction or conscious expression for the “love and light” and thus its potential remains unrealized and the intention of creation unfulfilled

The December 2010 Update begins with a preface and a summary recapitulation of what we have noticed and reported on so far. An introductory section then helps frames the major features and points covered. The main body has sub-headings to help delineate major thematic elements. We will circle around as concisely as possible to connect all the facets. The exercises discussed in an appendix are experimental and likely will not work for everyone right away. This is why we are encouraging emailing us at to describe your experiences with this. John Crawford and I will be the only ones who see your email. We will do our best to assist and to composite this feedback for the benefit of all concerned.

While instant results may be nice and desirable, patience is needed. It has “only” been hundreds of thousands of years in coming.

I would emphasize that whatever occurs in these coming months or sparsely few years, there is no failure to you, not to any of us at any level. Consider that some very major cosmic beings have repeatedly tried to penetrate the situation here and develop workable solutions. Overall, they failed in achieving the desired goals, and not always due to internal flaws on their part.

It is time.



For those who wish learn more about Alex and his work please click on the link below: 

To e-mail Alex:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Att leva ärligt

I wish to thank Ulf Brånell for the translation of my last blog entry into Swedish.  In hope this makes it easier for all the readers in Sweden.  Here is the message entitled, A Message About The Need for Honest Living translated into Swedish.

Att leva ärligt

Ljus och endast ljus är nog för att läka alla sjukdomar och allt elände på  mänsklighetens långa lista över fåfänga klagomål. Ty Ljus  för med sig  ärlighet  i livet, och i ärlighet kan  människans illusioner av sjukdom  inte överleva.

Ty Människan lärdes att vara sjuk, liksom den lärdes att vara oärlig, av dem som vilseleder och vilseleder för sina egna själviska syften. En återgång till ärlighet skulle medföra en återgång till friska  individer och grupper i mänskliga samhällen.

Ärlighet är det som mest behövs i dag. Människan har lärt sig att ljuga liksom den har lärt sig att bedra. Ty när ett fåtal  proklamerar en falsk verklighet eller illusion, då kan inte längre människan se med klara ögon, känna med tydliga känslor, och tänka med ett öppet sinne. Förnuftet råder inte längre i detta system där mekanisk kontroll och sjukdom härskar.

Ett naturligt system som förändras till ett onaturligt,   kommer alltid att skapa sjukdom eller konflikter i den mänskliga organismen. Bakterier, mikrober, virus och bakterier är  skapelser av ett sjukt sinne som fått andra att tro på sjukdom snarare än på hälsa.

Uppmärksamheten  riktas  nu alltid på svaghet av olika slag och inte längre på människans naturliga styrka och hälsa, understödd av ett starkt sinne som inte kontrolleras utifrån. Människan reagerar nu på fabricerade rykten och lögner som  understöds av förfalskad  information och statistik som är obegriplig  eller skulle sakna mening om människan fortfarande hade förmågan att tänka klart och se verkligheten i sin existens här i världen..

Ett enkelt synsätt är alltid det bästa. Komplexitet skapades av dem som vill förvirra i sina försök att kontrollera mänskligheten.

Beskåda inte bara det yttre landskapet, utan  blicka inåt  för att se var sanningen har sitt hem. Hys inget förtroende längre för dina medier, ty de är inget annat än medel för att bedra massan. Du   bombarderas med en mängd värdelös information som ska distrahera och hålla dig borta från riktig  information för ditt beslutsfattande. I själva verket har du gett upp din beslutsfattande förmåga och överlämnat den till   andra som mer underhåller dig än  informerar dig om världen omkring dig.

Vi ser många mörka moln som uppstår i era mänskliga samhällen. Detta är en naturlig process som måste ske innan Ljuset frigörs i din värld.

Det finns så många konflikter nu när fåtalet gör ett sista desperat försök att kontrollera människans angelägenheter . Detta kommer att misslyckas eftersom alla ansträngningar som kommer från ett ego  kommer att misslyckas.

Hys  ingen rädsla och vet att balansen kommer att återvända till din värld och vänlighet och förnuft kommer att regera igen. För några kan fortfarande se behovet av att  knyta an  till både naturen och till Gud. Detta är det enda sättet att upprätthålla en balans i din värld.

Låt inte rädslan vara din guide, utan låt kärlek och förnuft åter styra..
Here are two links to Ulf' for those who can read in Swedish:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Message About The Need For Honest Living

Here is another message that I wrote some time ago.  It came to mind again recently while I was thinking about how we are daily bombarded by lies from governments, institutions, and business through their controlled and financed public relations firms and medias.  Stories are created to deceive and mislead either to profit a wealthy corporate class or to maintain power for the know nothing, do nothing, leaderless leaders who fill up the seats of Parliaments, Ministries, and Congresses worldwide. It is the common citizen who suffers the most and are asked to sacrifice while those in power continue to increase in riches.  I have often wondered why the one's with the knife to the throat are so active to defend and protect the one's who are holding the knife to their throats.  Crazy world that we live in.  Enslavement called freedom and plutocracy called democracy 

Honest Living:

Light and Light alone is enough to heal all ills and illnesses from humankind's long list of illusionary complaints.  For Light with it brings an honesty in living and in an honest way cannot the illusions of illness exist in Man.

For Man was taught to be ill as he was taught to be dishonest by those who mislead and misinform for their own selfish purposes.  For a return to honest living would insure a return to healthy individuals as well as groups within human communities.

Honesty is what is most needed today.  Man has been taught to lie as he has been taught to deceive.  For when a few impose a false reality or illusion than can no longer Man see with clear eyes, feel with clear emotion, and think with a clear mind.  Reason no longer exists in this system of forced control and sickness prevails.

A natural system changed to an unnatural one will always exhibit illness or conflicts within the human organism.  Germs, microbes, viruses, and bacteria were all the creations of a sick mind that inflicted others to believe in sickness rather than in health.

The concentration is now upon weakness of every kind and no longer upon Man's natural strength and health nutured by a strong mind that is not controlled by outside influences.  Man now reacts to fabricated rumors and lies reinforced by falisfied information and statistics that make no sense or would make no sense if Man still had the ability to think clearly and see the reality of his or her existence here in the world of Man.

A simple view is always better.  Complexity was the invention of those who confuse in an effort to control Mankind's direction.

Stop and look at not just the outer landscape, but look within to see where truth makes it's home.  No longer trust your medias.  For they are nothing more than the means to mass deceive.  You are bombarded with a multitude of useless information to distract and keep you from real information for your decision making processes.  In fact, you have given up your decision making abilities and handed them over to a few others who entertain rather than intelligently inform you of the world around you.

We see many dark clouds arising within your human communities.  This is a natural process that must occur before the release of Light into your world.

There are so many conflicts now as the few make a last desperate attempt to control the affairs of Man.  This will fail as all efforts that come from an ego source will fail.

Have no fear and know that balance will again return to your world and kindness and sanity will rule again the affairs of Man.  For few can see the need to reconnect to both Nature and to God.  This is the only way to maintain balance in your world.

Let not fear be your guide, but let love and reason once again rule.

©  M.N. Hopkins

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some Warm Words of Encouragement from M.N. Hopkins

Here is another message that I wrote on March 26, 2010 that I would now like to share with all who find their way to my blog.  I wish to all who read this a warming in your heart. I do hope that you too find this message of some comfort. 

March 26, 2010 Message

The warmth that you now feel is your own inner warmth. It is a warmth that is available to all, not just a few chosen ones.

The warmth subtains life as it gives life and fuels the inner fire that illuminates one's darkness and turns it into light.

A negative turned positive and so simple as feeling one's heart light and letting it spread throughout your physical body and mind.  The Light goes in and as it comes outward from the heart it releases many emotional and mental toxins.  Yes, as a detox yet more effective than any method known or devised by man.

So simply done that any child can do this simply by asking in a prayerful way.   All prayers are received and answered by those of sincere hearts.  Be as a child again with full faith and the ability to receive the gifts of Grace to Man.

Be comforted and be at ease and feel our gifts given freely and without need of reward.  For we have all that is needed since we have no needs.  We live in a state of grace in which we can feel the joy in living and express the Good out into your world of darkness.  We have such a joy when our gifts are received and shared with others in human form.

We seek no acclaim, but make the claim that Mankind will continue upon his and her path back to Self.

Feel now the ease of living in a new way.  Feel now the joy of creation that allows for the creation of a joyous and well functioning human community.

Yes, it is possible again to live as you once did.  Free of ego tyranny, free of fear and full of faith.

©  2010 M.N. Hopkins

A Message of Encouragement to Those Who Serve the Good

I often talk on my blog about people who serve the good.  I have written many inspirational messages in the past and will share one that I wrote here on my blog.  This one was written on January 11, 2010 and I hope it will be a comfort to all who serve their better natures and serve community in a positive way.  We now live in a difficult time of many changes and my hope is that these messages will bring some calmness and balance to the readers. 

Here is the message:

Be kind to those who do not understand this path that you have set out upon.  None can know the pathway of another.  For the Guide is unique to every traveller along his or her way.  The path is sometimes pleasant beyond description and at other times, a nightmare of adversity.  All are necessary if one is to develop into a fully concious and aware human being who can one day carry the torch light for another.  At times a lonely path full of pit falls and at other times a garden path full of friendship and delight.

Continue to walk upon your path and allow others to freely traverse their own intended paths.  Some walk slowly, some hardly move, while others glide effortlessly as if carried by a winged host.  All arrive one day.  All are greeted upon their return.  All are grateful for the kindnesses and help along the way shown one to another.

Walk quietly, but with steps that are sure and enjoy the moments of solitude as well as the lovely moments of comradery.  Remember that others have gone before and left their markers so as to make it a bit easier for the ones yet to come.  You have left your markers as others have left theirs.  All have been done with a sense of conviction and a sense of knowing that their efforts were not in vain.

All are remembered in the book of time and all honored for their contributions made for future generations.  Know that your contributions have not gone unnoticed and know that you have been loved as you are now loved as you will continue to be loved on the pathway that leads one back to one's Self.

Be kind and remember the kindnesses shown to you along your way.  A good way, one of many ways back to your home in the stars.

©  2010  M.N. Hopkins

Assange Case: Evidence Destroyed Over And Over Again

Assange Case: Evidence Destroyed Over And Over Again By Göran Rudling

Here is the text, minus comments:

Assange Case: Evidence Destroyed Over And Over Again

By Göran Rudling

30 September, 2010


One of the women who filed charges against Julian Assange is Anna Ardin. She stood in the elections to the community council for the social democrats and she is a public person who should be examined. So I'll publish her name.

Anna Ardin is christian, feminist, social democrat, animal rights activist, and opponent of abortion on the left political scene. She's previously been in charge of equality issues for the student union of Uppsala University - a job she won an award for. Today she works for the Brotherhood Movement and 'burns for peace and justice... for a just, open society of solidarity'. On her own blog she describes herself:
'A political scientist, communicator, entrepreneur, and freelance writer with special knowledge within faith and politics, gender equality issues, feminism, and Latin America.'

On Saturday 14 August at 14:00 she wrote the following on her Twitter account.
'Julian wants to go to a crayfish party, anyone have a couple of available seats tonight or tomorrow? #fb'

Early on the morning of Sunday 15 August (02:00) she writes again at Twitter.

'Sitting outdoors at 02:00 and hardly freezing with the world's coolest smartest people, it's amazing! #fb'

When Anna Ardin files a police complaint against Julian Assange on 20 August these tweets are removed. Why? As far as I can tell, it's not common for victims of crime to delete blogs, clean up their cellphones, and try to get witnesses to attest to things that aren't true. Why is it so important to remove these particular tweets?

If you know that the 'reported molestation' takes place on the night towards 14 August, then it all becomes easier to understand. The tweets actually indicate that Anna really liked Julian and that there had been no molestation 24 hours earlier. You can't divine in the tweets that Anna Ardin thinks Julian has a 'warped view of womanhood and can't take no for an answer'. The tweets are more an attempt by Ardin to shine in the brilliance of Julian Assange. Why else would she publish them on the Internet? The tweets don't match Anna's story given to the police on 20 August. So she simply deletes them.

Proof That Anna Ardin Is Hiding the Truth

In the beginning of September, I note that Anna Ardin has two identical 'miniblogs' - one at Twitter and the other at It looks as if Anna Ardin's tweets are posted to both blogs at the same time. The tweets that are deleted from Twitter are still visible at Anna missed the fact that she has to delete on each and every blog. Bad luck.

To see if Anna Ardin is really trying to hide her Twitter tweets, I post a comment to Sara Gunnerud's article WikiLeaks Heroes Can Also Do Stupid Things. The article is published at the Rebella blog, a social democratic feminist blog where Anna Ardin contributes and runs the website. In my comment I mention the deleted Twitter tweets. After five days, on 13 September, my comment is reviewed and removed directly. I then post a new comment where I mention that one can read the deleted Tweets at My comment is removed directly. A few hours later the entire site is taken offline. When reopens at 04:00 in the morning of 14 September, the tweets deleted from Twitter are also deleted from

But it's not as easy to remove things from the Internet as Anna Ardin thinks. Google takes snapshots of how web pages look - so called caches. If you search for the cached page for you can see what it looked like on 19 August. (If the cache disappears, click here.) Then you can compare the page with how and look.

As we can see, Anna Ardin is doing all she can to hide her tweets. Tweets that indicate Julian Assange is actually innocent of at least the charge of 'molestation' that he's been accused of. It looks like Anna Ardin is doing all she can to get Julian Assange convicted. By deleting and denying acquitting circumstances, she's perhaps making herself guilty of false accusation.

Penal Code Chapter 15, 7 § A person who, otherwise than in 6 §, with prosecutors, police or other authority falsely testifies of a criminal act, provides compromising circumstances, or denies acquitting or mitigating circumstances, shall be found guilty, if authority review such a case, of false accusation to imprisonment not exceeding two years or, if the crime is petty, to a fine or imprisonment not exceeding six months.

The Assange case gets really creepy if we take everything that's happened into account. Anyone wanting to read more can see this article and this article. Julian lives in Anna Ardin's flat from 11 August until 19-20 August. During this time Julian and Anna have sex. Around 18-19 August Anna gets a call from a woman wanting to speak to Julian. When Anna realises that Julian's also had consensual sex with this woman, something happens. The two women who are both christians and are connected to the Brotherhood Movement and were at the seminar at the Brotherhood Movement realise immediately that Julian doesn't have any long term serious intentions with them. They decide after discussing the matter to file complaints against Julian Assange for sexual molestation.

It might seem strange that a christian social democrat feminist would avail herself of legislation to get revenge on a man who is 'unfaithful'. When you read about Anna Ardin's post about revenge, it's no longer strange. It's completely natural. Anna Ardin has for a long time wondered how she can exact revenge on a man who dumps her, is unfaithful. When the other woman turns up, she has the opportunity to do something about her ideas. Anna Ardin plans it all well. She gets another woman to make the actual rape accusation. A case of 'revenge by proxy'. And then she gets help from Claes Borgström who's done all he can to try to get Julian Assange put on trial, frenetically cheered on by the feminist blogs.

But the truth wins out in the end. Anna's perfect 7-Step Programme for Legal Revenge failed. One deletion too few. And the Google cache. Too bad, Anna. The ways of the Lord are truly mysterious.
I'm very surprised that christian feminist 'equality' women can so idolise a WikiLeaks hero that they do all in their power to get him into bed as soon as they have the chance. And then, when they realise he's not as interested in them as they are in him, go to the police and accuse him of rape. This demonstrates an extreme contempt for the women who are real victims of violence and sexual crimes. Their behaviour is unconscionable.

If you're a groupie at heart, why not just try to keep quiet about it? It's nothing you should spread on the net or go to the police to talk about. As things look now, Anna Ardin's carefully planned character assassination and revenge on Julian Assange amounts to nothing more than a suicide bomb on her foot. A bit unlucky for Anna that Google cache keeps track of things like an Internet god. If you're going to delete, then delete good and proper.

All that remains is to see what the preliminary investigation leads to. According to the prosecutors:
'The investigation is well advanced and only a small number of investigative procedures remain to be taken before a decision.'
f the prosecutors conclude that this is a case of false accusation, then hundreds of thousands of men who claim most rape complaints are false will win their argument. This will unfortunately also lead to making it much more difficult to get justice for real victims. That would be a catastrophe.

But something good will come out of this story. We are going to learn that just because you're christian, feminist, social democrat, animal rights activist, and opponent of abortion, it doesn't mean you believe in equal rights for women and men.

Göran Rudling, born in 1951, is the editor of Samtycke Nu/Consensus Now, a site promoting sexual self-determination that uses the motto 'it is a human right to decide for oneself when and with whom we are going to have sex'. Rudling is a frequent contributor to Newsmill where he writes about the need to introduce democratic laws that are based on sexual activities needing to be consensual to not be considered criminal.

The above is a translated article.

For Original article here  -  This text will be in Swedish

Suicide Bombing in Central Stockholm, Sweden

Yesterday evening according to Swedish Media there were explosions that started with several explosions in a parked car around 5 p.m. Saturday evening.  The car began to burn and 10 minutes later a man blew himself up a few hundred meters away.  The suicide bomber wasn't the smartest bulb in the lamp since the bomb was strapped to the front of his body and the backpack of nails on his back.  He was the only one killed in the event.  This event occured on Olof Palmes Street near the location of the Former Prime Mininsters murder.

Ten Minutes before the explosions the media and Säpo (Sweden's FBI) were sent an e-mail in both Swedish and Arabic that stated, "That it is time to attack.  Sweden and the Swedish people.  The bomber also referred to the silence around the artist Lars Wilks painting and the Swedish soldiers presence in Afganistan.  "Now shall your children, daughters and sisters die as our brothers and sisters and children die."

Of course Säpo and the police authorities won't comment and haven't really read the e-mail. (Yes, sure.)  The Swedish Secretary of State, Carl Bildt said via twitter, "Most worrying attempt at terrorist attack in crowded part of Stockholm.  Failed, but could have been catastrophic."

According to hearsay on the net, the man was wearing a Palestinian scarf on his head.  Also, the Swedish Media was on the scene before even the event occured.  Is that a quick responce time?   I will not speculate on this event.  I'm sure by now we will have the Zionists, CIA, Mossad, Bilderberg Club, a Stockholm Moske or God knows who involved.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This Song is Dedicated to Julian Assange

This song is dedicated to Julian Assange who is serving the Good by fighting for our freedom of expression.  What you have started cannot be stopped.  You are one of many voices in our world that have not given into fear and continue to work toward the enfoldment of the dreams of justice and freedom.

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RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms

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Icelandic Modern Media Initiative

This is important not just for Iceland, but for our world.  More initiatives around the world of this nature would be most welcome.  What do you think?

On June 16th the Icelandic Parliament unanimously passed a proposal tasking the government to intoduce a new legislative regime to protect and strengthen modern freedom of expression, and the free flow of information in Iceland and around the world. The unanimous vote included all government members.

Here is the full text of the article and it's link listed below:


I am proud to advise the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative's proposal to create a global safe haven for investigative journalism. I believe this proposal is a strong way of encouraging integrity and responsive government around the world, including in Iceland. In my work investigating corruption I have seen how important it is to have have robust mechanisms to get information out to the public. Iceland, with its fresh perspectives and courageous, independent people seems to be the perfect place to initiate such an effort towards global transparency and justice.
—Eva Joly MEP



On June 16th the Icelandic Parliament unanimously passed a proposal tasking the government to intoduce a new legislative regime to protect and strengthen modern freedom of expression, and the free flow of information in Iceland and around the world. The unanimous vote included all government members.
Birgitta Jonsdottir, the chief sponsor in parliament of the IMMI proposal said: "Iceland will become the inverse of a tax haven; by offering journalists and publishers some of the most powerful protections for free speech and investigative journalism in the world. Tax havens aim is to make everything opaque. Our aim it to make everything transparent." she said.

Highlights from the proposal:
* the Icelandic Prize for Freedom of Expression
* Protection from "libel tourism" and other extrajudicial abuses
* Protection of intermediaries (internet service providers)
* Statute of limitations on publishing liabilities
* Virtual limited liability companies
* Whistle-blower protections
* Source protection
* Source-journalist communications protection
* Limiting prior restraint
* Process protections
* Ultra-modern Freedom of Information Act

Because of the complexity of the legislative changes required, the final legislation will not pass through Parliament at the same date, at least 13 laws need to b e changed and improved in 4 ministries. The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture that will have an over all responsibility of implementing the laws.
Estimated time for the entire IMMI package to be completed is about a year. The creators of the IMMI hope by Iceland's bold steps in the direction of creating a haven for freedom of information, speech and expression, that it will inspire other nations to follow suit by strengthening their own laws in favor of the fundamental cornerstones that are the base of democracies and thwart the trending of gagging, legal harassment and destruction of historical records.

This proposal was created by international collaboration of lawyers and organizations such as Wikileaks, who have a comprehensive understanding about how the current status of affairs are in our world in regard of serious attacks on freedom of information and expression.
The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative is based on turning the tax-haven concept on its head. Instead of pulling together asset hiding and secrecy laws from around the world in order to shelter corruption and financial crime, the IMMI pulls together the best transparency enabling legislation, to create a stronghold for investigative journalists, internet publishers, transparency watchdogs and the public.

The global support for the IMMI underlines the need for a robust environment that supports the world's best journalism and the activities of transparency groups. The flow of information has no borders and most of the media is moving to the internet. That is why the time has come for a modern legislative regime that can promote and defend global freedom of expression, in principle and in practice.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Founding Fathers Advise Ignored

Here we are over 200 years later and the wise words and warnings still go unheeded.  So much suffering and injustice could have been avoided if only people would have listened and pondered for themselves the wisdom in these words as they apply to everyday living.  Men like this visit us for a short time and ignite great changes in the hope that humanity will benefit.  They have visited many Lands at many times in human history with always the same goal, the creation of a better future for all Human Beings.  I only mention these men because they helped in the creation of my homeland and now we have  leaders without vision there and around the globe who do their best to destroy all that was and is good in this Land in our shared world while proposing and enacting  the exact opposite in their attempt to silence the voices of freedom.  They talk of peace and freedom yet at the same time create chaos and move to enslave Man rather than liberate. Hypocracy rules in our new age that lacks neither reason nor wisdom.

© M.N. Hopkins

Equal and exact justice to all men, of whatever persuasion, religious or political.

                                           Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1801

Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories.

Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia, Query 14, 1781

Where the press is free and every man able to read, all is safe.

                                         Thomas Jefferson, letter to Charles Yancey, January 6, 1816

It should be your care, therefore, and mine, to elevate the minds of our children and exalt their courage; to accelerate and animate their industry and activity; to excite in them an habitual contempt of meanness, abhorrence of injustice and inhumanity, and an ambition to excel in every capacity, faculty, and virtue. If we suffer their minds to grovel and creep in infancy, they will grovel all their lives.

                                     John Adams, Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law, 1756
Observe good faith and justice towards all Nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all. 

                                       George Washington, Farewell Address, September 19, 1796

Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it.

John Adams, Thoughts on Government, 1776

We have it in our power to begin the world over again.

Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776

We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in.
Thomas Paine, The American Crisis, No. 4, September 11, 1777

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