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Sunday, May 31, 2015

An Aurora Borealis in Norden

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Terje Sørgjerd

I spent a week capturing one of the biggest aurora borealis shows in recent years. 

Shot in and around Kirkenes and Pas National Park bordering Russia, at 70 degree north and 30 degrees east. Temperatures around -25 Celsius. Good fun.

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

By Concentrating More On What Is Best Within Oneself - A Quote by M.N. Hopkins

By concentrating more on that which is best within oneself, one concentrates on what is best within the human community.  By doing so, one brings balance to oneself and balance to others.

© M.N.  Hopkins

Neil Young & Friends Say That GMOs Are Not Needed To Feed Maui

A special “Outgrow Monsanto” community food planting event on Maui Saturday drew over 200 people, including Neil Young and Darryl Hannah, as a statement that “the community can and will feed itself without Monsanto.”. The group planted real food that will feed islanders without GMOs or poisonous chemicals. Musicians Neil Young, Daryl Hannah, and Lukas & Mika Nelson made an appearance and they helped plant sweet potatoes and an ulu tree, before playing a song off of their new album titled “The Monsanto Years.” GMOs are not needed to feed Maui. The Monsanto Years are coming to a close. Finally.

Polina Gagarina Sings A Million Voices

Number 2 In The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 For Russia

Performer: Polina Gagarina
Song title: A Million Voices
Song writer(s): Gabriel Alares, Joakim Björnberg, Katrina Noorbergen, Leonid Gutkin, Vladimir Matetsky
Song composer(s): Gabriel Alares, Joakim Björnberg, Katrina Noorbergen, Leonid Gutkin, Vladimir Matetsky
We are the worlds people
Different yet we're the same
We believe
We believe in a dream

Praying for peace and healing
I hope we can start again
We believe
We believe in a dream

So if you ever feel love is fading
Together like the stars in the sky
We can sing
We can shine

When you hear our voices call
You won't be lonely anymore
A million voices
Your heart is like a beating drum
Burning brighter than the sun
A million voices

Now as the world is listening
From cities and satellites
We believe
We believe
In a dream

If you ever feel love is fading
Together like the stars in the sky
We can sing
We can shine

When you hear our voices call
You won't be lonely anymore
A million voices
Your heart is like a beating drum
Burning brighter than the sun

When I look around at these faces
I can see the stars in the sky
We will sing
We will shine

Singing out
Singing out
Singing out
Singing out
Singing out
A million voices

Faith As Defined by Khalil Gibran

Faith is an oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking. - Khalil Gibran

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Put The Elderly In Prison And Criminals In Elderly Care Homes

Petra, Jana and Michaela: HPV Vaccine Survivors in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic Flag

HPV vaccine survivors in the Czech Republic

Sane Vax,  Inc     23 May 2015

Three different women in the Czech Republic have similar experiences after deciding to protect themselves from cervical cancer by using Silgard or Cervarix. (Note: Gardasil and Silgard are the same product marketed under different names depending on which country it is being sold in.)

Petra from Plzen, Czech Republic

I was inoculated with three doses of Gardasil (Silgard) in 2009. My gynaecologist believed this was an excellent vaccine for cervical cancer prevention and supported my decision to get it. Until these shots my cervical screening tests had always come back normal.
After the shots this changed rapidly. It was not long after the shots that my pap smears began getting worse. Less than three years later I developed grade CIN 3 (PAP IV A) severe dysplasia on my cervix and I had to undergo a conisation surgery to remove the part of my cervix that was affected.
Six months later I had another pap test done which showed grade CIN 1 (PAP III D) and I underwent another conisation surgery which left me with 1/3 of my cervix.
I was advised to have children as soon as possible and that I might not be able to have any if I delayed for too long.
It is clear that my cervix started changing from healthy to cancerous once I had been vaccinated with Silgard. I had a long-term relationship with the same person prior and after the vaccinations so it would be unlikely that the cancer developed because of me or my partner.
We’ve never discussed the link with my gynaecologist so it is likely that this vaccine is still being promoted by her.

Michaela from Olomouc, Czech Republic

I am 29 years old and was vaccinated with Cervarix in 2008 at age 23. I was advised to get vaccinated by my dad as he wanted the best for me. We had to pay for the vaccine privately because this vaccine is not part of the national immunisation programme in my country.
I have always been healthy and I did not suffer from any problems. I had a baby in December 2012 via c-section. During my postnatal examination I was informed that there was something wrong with my cervix.
In the spring of 2014 I was told that my cervical screening results came back abnormal showing cervical dysplasia between CIN 2 and CIN 3.
After further tests I have been informed that apart from other viruses present on my cervix there were also the ones contained in the vaccine, namely HPV types 16 and 18. It is apparent that the vaccine did not protect me against HPV types 16 and 18.
In the autumn of 2014 I underwent a biopsy and a month later conisation was performed.  My health is fine for now but nobody knows what may happen in the future.

Jana from Brno, Czech Republic

I  was vaccinated with Silgard (Gardasil) in 2007 at the age of 47. I was diagnosed with HPV virus type 16 at the time and both my gynaecologist and internal medicine doctors agreed that this vaccine would be appropriate for me as it would stop the virus from causing cancer in the future.
Since the vaccination my immune system started to deteriorate. In 2008 I ended up with trigeminal neuralgia twice and also intercostals neuralgia.
A year later in 2009 I developed phlebothrombosis and started feeling more tired each day. I have also been suffering from candida type of infections that are difficult to get rid of and they keep coming back.
In 2011 I developed trigeminal neuralgia again and I ended up off sick for the whole year.
In December 2012 I nearly collapsed from high fever, headache and joint and muscle pains. Since then I feel exhausted all the time and suffer from a lot of pain in my muscles, joints and in fact the whole body aches. I have serious neurological problems and some of my nerves are damaged.
I also developed a grade three pre-cancerous vulvar dysplasia and had vulvectomy surgery in December 2014. I am waiting to have another surgery for laser excision and vaporization and also curettage of the uterus in March 2015 in Prague, the Czech Republic.
Apart from these issues I have also suffered from insomnia and gastroenterological problems since the vaccination.
I have been unable to work since November 2013 due to extreme tiredness and pain. Of course, my doctors do not seem to see any link between the vaccine and my injuries. I am certain that these problems have been caused by Silgard vaccine.
Prior to being inoculated I had a successful career as a Manager for an overseas company but today I am potentially permanently off work on a disability benefit which is not great. I hope to work in the future as the benefit does not cover my living expenses but there is a big unanswered question whether I will ever be able to as I suffer from a lot of serious problems.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Love Will Replace Your Fear And Love Again Will Reign Upon The Land...... M.N. Hopkins

Found no organizations, no institutions, but find each other and help others to find themSelves. Then, a great healing will begin and spread one to the other. This will continue over the course of centuries until one day, again reason and faith will be the masters of Mankind. Then Mankind will once again be the masters of themselves and no longer will the ego tyrants rule.

Start this day and fear not, for love will replace your fear and love will reign again upon the Land.

©  M.N. Hopkins

Blackmail and the Medical Vaccine Exemption by Barrbara Joe Fisher

Blackmail and the Medical Vaccine Exemption

by Barbara Joe Fisher

Vaccine Impact,  22 May 2015

Almost No Medical Condition Qualifies for Medical Vaccine Exemption 

Vaccine risks for you or your child can range from zero to 100 percent depending upon the genes you were born with; your microbiome DNA; the environment you live in; your age and health at the time of vaccination, and the type and how many vaccines you get. 1 2

Vaccines are not safe or effective for everyone because we are not all the same and we do not all respond the same way to pharmaceutical products like vaccines. 3 4

Our response to infectious diseases and the risk for complications can also vary, depending upon our genes, environment, and age and health at the time of infection. 5 That is why malnourished, vitamin deficient children living in impoverished environments, for example, are at higher risk for complications from gastrointestinal, respiratory and other childhood infections. 6 7

Vaccinators Do Not Know If the Odds Will Be in Your Favor

To read the entire article and view the video, please click on the link provided below:

Vaccine Impact News

March Against Monsanto 23 May 2015 Worldwide - Coming To A CIty Near You

March Against Monsanto 2015 Official Press Release

by Nick Meyer

Media alert: The 2015 March Against Monsanto is set to launch worldwide on May 23.
For immediate release: 
WORLDWIDE – On May 23, 2015, hundreds of thousands of concerned individuals will gather across 38 countries and 428 cities to join in peaceful protest against the Monsanto Company as a part of the March Against Monsanto grassroots campaign. This movement seeks to raise awareness to the dangers surrounding Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds and cancer-linked herbicide Roundup.
The campaign comes as the demand for GMO labeling and non-GMO food alternatives continues its exponential climb, with states like Vermont enacting mandatory GM labeling legislation that will require food corporations to let consumers know if their products contain GM ingredients.
In polls conducted by the New York Times, Washington Post, Consumer Reports, and many others, over 90% of respondents were in support of national GMO labeling – an initiative that has been defeated time and time again at the state level thanks to heavy spending by Monsanto-backed lobbying groups.
Highlighting the concern over Monsanto’s creations is the latest report from the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research group, which listed Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide Roundup as a ‘probable carcinogen’. This finding has drawn many researchers and health experts to stand behind the goals of March Against Monsanto.
“There’s no question that March Against Monsanto is the most powerful grassroots initiative we have in the fight to reclaim our food supply from the GMO seed juggernaut known as the Monsanto Company,” said Anthony Gucciardi, March Against Monsanto speaker and founder of the natural health website
“With the new admission by the World Health Organization that Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide Roundup is causing cancer worldwide, now is the most important time to join the movement and take a stand.”
Despite claims by the multinational biotech giant that genetically modified crops would actually lead to a decrease in Roundup use, U.S. Geological Survey data reveals the use of Roundup’s key component glyphosate has increased 16-fold since the mid-1990s when GMO crops were first introduced.
March Against Monsanto protests will begin May 23rd with extensive physical protests and related online coverage throughout the day on news media platforms as well as
For more information on the 2015 March Against Monsanto, and to start a march in your area, visit or contact the event coordinator via email at
An online event can be found here:

A complete list of events can be found here:


New Gardasil Horror Story from the UK by Bryan Hubbard


New Gardasil Horror Story from the UK

by Bryan Hubbard

[SaneVax: Author Bryan Hubbard tells the story of a young girl from the United Kingdom who’s life changed dramatically after the administration of Gardasil. A huge thanks to Bryan and the staff of What Doctors Don’t Tell You for giving SaneVax permission to share the following article which will appear in their June issue.]

Lotte Amit has not lived a proper life for two years since she had the HPV vaccine against cervical cancer. Tragically, her story is one of a growing number that suggests there is something terribly wrong with the vaccine
Charlotte (Lotte) Amit never had the MMR vaccine. She suffers from hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid gland) and her parents, Sue and Ian, thought it best not to vaccinate. But they didn’t have the same doubts when they received the standard letter from the local doctor’s surgery for Lotte to have the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine against cervical cancer.
“Certainly, we were surprised to receive it because Lotte was only 15 and she definitely wasn’t sexually active. I queried it and they told us it was a safeguard for the future. We had complete faith that this was for her good, and that it was safe and that the doctor knew what was in the vaccine,” said Sue, of St Austell, Cornwall.
Lotte had the first two of the three-course Gardasil vaccine in the autumn of 2012. After the second jab, she started spinning her hands around for several minutes. She kept complaining of tingling in her hands and wrists. It reminded Sue of the behavior she regularly witnessed in the special-needs children she cared for as a care agency director.
This strange behaviour lasted for only a couple of days, so Lotte was given the third and final vaccine the following year, in March 2013. Two days afterwards, the nightmare began, said Sue. Lotte would roll around on the floor for 10 minutes three or four times a day, screaming with the pain in her hands and feet. Ian and Sue gave her painkillers, but they didn’t seem to help.
Lotte, who had always been a vibrant and energetic girl, suddenly became very lethargic and couldn’t get out of bed, and would sleep for the entire morning. Her periods stopped abruptly.
She also developed a strange obsessive–compulsive problem: whenever anyone sniffed, she felt excruciating pain in her hands and feet. This got so bad that she often ran out of the house at all hours of the day or night, once when she was naked.
The local police eventually found her hiding in some woods. “Looking back, I think some association built up when someone sniffed while she was in pain,” said Sue. Sue and Ian said it was “painfully obvious” that the HPV vaccine was to blame. They took Lotte to the family doctor who had administered the jabs. “He just told us to get on with it,” said Sue. Convinced that Lotte’s problems were a form of hysteria, the doctor referred her to a psychiatrist, who prescribed antianxiety drugs, including Risperdal (risperidone).
One evening, Sue was lying against Lotte’s chest and noticed she had an irregular heartbeat; using a heart monitor, she realized she was skipping four beats out of every 10. Doctors at an emergency unit told them she had a systolic heart murmur, which wasn’t life-threatening.
They also took her to a local homeopathic clinic, where the homeopathic toxicologist there told them that Lotte’s nervous system, ovaries, kidneys and liver were damaged. He treated her for several months, and Sue noticed a big improvement in Lotte.
He also advised Lotte to start drinking spring water, as the silica in the water binds to aluminium, which was one of the ingredients of the vaccine. After drinking several litres of water every day for a few days, Lotte had her first period in a long time. “I think she has had three proper periods in two years since having the vaccine,” said Sue.
Sue had to pull Lotte from school last year just three months before she was due to sit her GCSE exams, and have her hometutored. She ended up with five low-grade GCSEs, and got a D for her science when she had been predicted a B. She started college last September, but had to leave because of her phobia of hearing people sniffing. Lotte is now studying ancient history and classical archaeology at home as a distance-learning student.
Today, Lotte, 17, is learning to cope with her phobia, and Sue says she’s showing signs of some recovery, although nobody knows if she will ever fully recover or even be able to start a family of her own. “While we’re extremely angry that Lotte’s life was almost ruined by the Gardasil vaccine, we’re just thankful she’s not permanently in a wheelchair or dead, which we know has happened to too many young girls who were given the HPV vaccine, having been told it was perfectly safe.”


Did Not Recover7,729
Abnormal Pap Smear597
Cervical Dysplasia265
Cervical Cancer102
Life Threatening686
Emergency Room12,470
Extended Hospital Stay268
Total Adverse Events39,038

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Silencing Of University Of Hawaii's Hector Valenzuela By Use Of Corporate Funding?

University of Hawai'i Professor Hector Valenzuela has been harassed, insulted, humiliated and silenced by the University for questioning chemically intensive agriculture and the science behind GMOs and for supporting organic, sustainable agriculture. In public, or in private emails, Valenzuela says that his superiors called him a “jihadist,” a “liar,” “worthless,” and, as in an email from a university administrator, a “nutjob.” Valenzuela said he was the only member in his department who wanted the university to teach “farmers how to sustain crops without having to rely on chemicals, rather than genetic modification.” As a result, he said, he “was not allowed to interact with farmers, members of the public, and undergraduate students who had questions about agricultural sustainability and about the science behind crop biotechnology.” Professor Valenzuela's organic farming research project was shut down. Why would a public university restrict legitimate research into a less toxic method of growing food crops? Could it be the Monsanto money? $620,000 of donations to the University in just over a year.

The Organic Effect - What Happens When a Swedish Family Eats Only Organic For 2 Weeks

For more Information ( För Mera Information):

Natural Society - Christina Sarich Article

The Whole Foundation Of Genetics Turns Out To Be Wrong......says Ignacio Chapela

The Zealots of Genetic Engineering: “[Biotech] Scientists are like priests. This is being pushed as an ideology,” says Ignacio Chapela, Microbial Ecologist and Mycologist, University of California, Berkeley. Initially, he said scientists were excited about the possibility of “mixing and matching” traits in different species. “Some said let’s find the genes for wings and put them in pigs so they could fly,” he said. “The whole foundation of genetics turns out to be wrong. Eye color is not determined by a single gene. DNA is not a master molecule. We have the benefit of 40 years [of GMO failure] and should liberate ourselves from the central dogma. How many [GMO] traits have they developed? Two after 40 years.” The fact that the central dogma is wrong is not publicized. “You don’t hear much about it,” Chapela said. “The reporters don’t write about it.” Instead he says researchers are told: “Thou shalt not ask any further. This is what we are teaching students today.” Further, he said genetic engineering became a technology to make money for biotechnology companies, which he said “should be remembered as some of the worst actors in history.”

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Where Is Your Gift ? A Quote by Roxana Jones

One Nation Under Vaccine Manufacturers; Lost Politics, Broken Laws by Jeffrey Jaxon

One Nation Under Vaccine Manufacturers; Lost Politics, Broken Laws

By Jeffrey Jaxon

Sane Vax, Inc.    19 May 2015

It is becoming clear that as states line up in a coordinated removal of vaccine exemption bills, the fix is in. Never before has the nation seen such a concerted push towards a common, unconstitutional goal. The attempts to conceal voting and coverage of vaccine exemption bills from the public continues to reveal the signature of corporate influence directing political power. However the unfortunate and inconvenient truth of controlled senators and their lobbyist handlers is that much of their actions and authored bills are illegal on many levels. Speed and appeals to emotion are their only tools. Their window of opportunity is closing and simple force appears to be their last pillar of hope.
Looking at the removal of state medical vaccine exemptions reveals laws, international principles, codes, and rules all broken simultaneously. In committees that pride themselves on due process and fulfilling the will of the people, this time will go down in history as a warning to future generations of the damage caused by unchecked corporate lobbying and unrestrained politicians. A endless future of class action lawsuits and countless other legal challenges waits eagerly in the wings for foolish politicians to enact into law their vaccine exemption bills.

State Constitution and Educational Laws: Ignored

Shortly before the California Judiciary Committee vote on Senate Bill 277 (SB-277), Mary Holland, Legal Research Scholar at New York University School of Law, stated in a press release “This bill (SB-277) appears to be unconstitutional under California law, and if passed in this form, will wreak havoc in California courts.“ In addition, federal law protects special education students, guaranteeing they receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). For many of these students, home schooling will not work.
Recently when Vermont Bill H98 was being hurried through the Health and Welfare Committee, Senator Ann Cummings inquired how the children who refused vaccination would be educated moving forward. Senator John Campbell stated “Only homeschool will be available to them.” Highlighting the clear legal issue, Senator Claire Ayer concluded the topic by saying on record “It will be decided in the court system.”
In a recent Los Angeles Times article, it was pointed out by Kevin G. Backer, legislative director of the ACLU of California’s Center for Advocacy and Policy, that “under the California Constitution, children have the right to a public education”.
Quoting directly from the State of California Department of Justice Office of the Attorney General, under chapter 6 “State Laws”:
The right to a public education in California is a fundamental right fully guaranteed and protected by the California Constitution. Recognizing the central role that education plays in our society, the California Legislature has enacted numerous laws designed to promote equality in educational opportunities and to safeguard students against discriminatory practices in public schools providing educational services.

The U.S. Constitution: Ignored

The First Amendment to the Constitution states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Vaccine exemptions declared by individuals for religious concerns, if removed, would appear to be in direct violation of the First Amendment.
Since the 1960’s the Supreme Court has established clear precedents under the Fourteenth Amendment due process clause requiring states to prove that their interference in medical autonomy is “necessary, and not merely rationally related to, the accomplishment of a permissible state policy. “Griswold vs. Connecticut, 381 U.S 479, 497 (1965) (citing McLaughlin v. Florida, 379, U.S. 184 (1964)).

Medical Code of Ethics: Ignored

The “safe and effective” line was over before it began now showing to have been a baseless corporate talking point created to sell legislation all along. Doctors and nurses who should know better instantly have lost credibility uttering this catch phrase to an awakened and educated public that thoroughly knows the research and medical literature.  Vaccine inserts clearly state that the product “has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic properties, or for impairment of fertility” and that “safety and effectiveness in pediatric patients have not been established” Next, with the vaccine inserts in mind, arguments around adjuvants lack proper credibility as many have been well known toxic substances to humans for over a century. In the light of the official announcement that the U.S. government is lowering fluoride levels in drinking water, an observer could comment that the U.S. medical community only will act after 50 years of public poisoning. In the case of mercury, fluoride, aluminum and other long knowntoxic elements to the human body, it seems that regulatory agencies have schizophrenic tendencies when human health and life are on the line.

International Human Rights: Ignored

What still continues to be ignored by mainstream media and senators that wish to understand the gravity of the vaccine exemption bills they are voting and reporting on are the following potential international violations:

Nuremburg Principles:

Principle I states, “Any person who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible therefore and liable to punishment.”
Principle III states, “The fact that a person who committed an act which constitutes a crime under international law acted as Head of State or responsible government official does not relieve him from responsibility under international law.”
Principle IV states: “The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him”.
Principle VII states, “Complicity in the commission of a crime against peace, a war crime, or a crime against humanity as set forth in Principle VI is a crime under international law.”

Nuremberg Code:

5.) “No experiment should be conducted where there is a prior reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.”
6.) “The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment.”
7.) “Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability, or death.”
10.) During the course of the experiment the scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage, if he has probable cause to believe, in the exercise of the good faith, superior skill and careful judgment required of him that a continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject.

Declaration of Geneva: 

The health of my patient will be my first consideration
I will practice my profession with conscience and dignity
I will not use my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties, even under threat
I will maintain the utmost respect for human life
I will not permit considerations of age, disease or disability, creed, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, political affiliation, race, sexual orientation, social standing or any other factor to intervene between my duty and my patient

Declaration of Helsinki:-Operational Principles

Article 13: “…subject to independent ethical review and oversight by a properly convened committee”
Article 17: “Studies should be discontinued if the available information indicates that the original considerations are no longer satisfied”
Article 16: “Information regarding the study should be publicly available”
Article 27: “Ethical publications extend to publication of the results and consideration of any potential conflict of interest”
Article 30: “The interests of the subject after the study is completed should be part of the overall ethical assessment, including assuring their access to the best proven care International Treatise under the United Nations United Nations Universal Doctrine of Human Rights Convention on the Rights of the Child”
Article 19: “….of the Convention states that state parties must “take all appropriate legislative, administrative, social and educational measures to protect the child from all forms of physical or mental violence.”