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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Let The Emergence of a New Humanity Begin!

Let The Emergence of a New Humanity Begin!

27th July 2015
By Paul Lenda
Guest Writer for Wake Up World
Reality is a consciousness hologram with the ability for us to move through time, to experience the full range of emotions we feel as humans. This vast (even infinite) quantum reality is filled with metaphors to help us understand and bridge the gap between physical reality and the nonphysical subtle reality of consciousness. The rainbow bridge is the ultimate metaphor in shifting our awareness towards a place where we are consciously evolving and becoming intentional evolutionaries. By crossing this bridge, we are able to become self-realized and self-realization is then just one step away from full enlightenment and liberation.
Even legendary physicists Einstein and Planck have said that matter doesn’t exist. By finally realizing that we are not what we think we are – this solid body that our basic senses perceive is the real ‘us’ – we can experience self-realization on the highest level where we realize that we are multidimensional consciousness simultaneously experiencing a wider horizon of Reality than we had ever previously thought was possible; even if we come from a religious background since this realization transcends all human concepts.
The purpose of life is to gain experience. What else is life but a continuous stream of experiences? Of continuous being and becoming? The only constant in existence is change. There are enormous transitional and transformational shifts and changes occurring right now, the end result of which is still too hazy to see clearly. What we can all do to help ensure that the future is a bright one – one that fully empowers and liberates humans wherever and whoever they may be – is to shift our minds towards unity and away from all the divisiveness that plagues human society.
We are all interconnected… it’s time we start living life reflecting this reality.
The concept of Oneness and being One with everyone and everything is not a new concept at all. It is probably actually the underlying concept of all major belief systems that has survived to this day. This concept is something that has in recent times been dubbed The Golden Rule which expresses that we are to treat others as we would like them to treat us because we are all part of the same Whole and any one thing we do to someone else, we are doing to ourselves. This is where global consciousness becomes a relevant topic, which is the idea that each one of the 7 billion individual brains that have consciousness are in fact, One collective consciousness.
Human beings are a storytelling species. As much as we would like to believe that we are rational, scientific people who consider all the “facts” before acting, the truth is that our stories and the roles we play in them have a far greater impact on our behavior. Your family, past experience, and even your name are all part of the story of who you are (or at least who you tell yourself you are). We play many roles in different stories – husband, wife, co-worker, business partner, sibling, employee, boss, waiter, customer, father, mother, friend – and it is each of these roles that has a far greater impact on our behavior.
We also have another kind of story, a collective story that answers the question of who we are as a people. The current story of the people descends from the Newtonian, mechanistic worldview. It says that we are each separate beings – separate from each other and from Nature -interacting through market transactions to maximize economic and reproductive self-interest. In this story, dolphins suffocated by oil spills, starving children, and ostracized homeless people does not affect us. How can it if we are truly separate from one another?
This belief that we are separate from one another is being challenged both by quantum science and our own intuition. We know in our hearts that the world is supposed to be much more beautiful than what has been offered to us as normal. As the old story of separation falls apart, a new story based on the interconnected web of life is being born.

Yet Another California Vaccine Injury by Theresa Hessler Sauter

My daughter 7 days after Dtap vaccine. I was only doing one injection at a time because of my fears concerning vaccines. I foolishly never made the connection between this rash and the vaccine. The worst part of this reaction is that it was followed by a 3 month cough. 

Not one doctor could tell me what this rash was from. I took her to 3 different doctors. The pulmonary doctor misdiagnosed her with asthma.
When her cough cleared we knew she did not have asthma. I took her in for her dtap booster 6 months later and same thing happened.

This time a 4 month cough that was eventually diagnosed as the RSV virus by the emergency room. We live in California. Luckily my pediatrician says this is most definitely a reaction to the vaccination and will be giving her a medical exemption. My daughter now has eczema and has to eat a special diet to help with skin issues. I am more afraid of the vaccines than I am of the diseases at this point. I eventually took her to an immunologist who also agreed this was a vaccine reaction but he couldn't tell me which component she reacted to but it was safe to give her other vaccines. No thank you! My pediatrician agrees no more vaccines for now.

From:  Theresa Hessler Sauter


Living With Common Sense

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Celebrating Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, A Legend In His Time - Lest We Forget A Good Man

Celebrating Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, A Legend In His Time

by Dr. Kelly Brogan  MD

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez’s passing is an unthinkable loss for so many who were inspired, transformed, and saved by his work. He was a clinical genius, an activist, and a visionary that changed the course of medicine for all those willing to let go of the old paradigm.
Being tuned to the truth is like having supersonic hearing.  In this way, one hears things that others don’t and perceives that which is dismissed by the masses. We truth-seekers know each other when we meet. We share a vibration. We know that we can go it alone, but sharing the space with others feels like a balm to a weary soul. It feels like instant familial recognition.
Since I departed from conventional medicine 8 years ago, I’ve never had a true mentor. I’ve operated from a place of hunger, learning everything I could from anywhere available. I consumed enormous amounts of material, connected dots, and shared my findings.
I never had a go-to resource for the inconsistencies and complexities that continued to challenge my understanding. I knew that those I would ask were also feeling their way in the dark in the same way I was. I devoted much of my time and effort to undermining assumptions about the conventional paradigm. If I could just be a gatekeeper protecting patients from the hook and sinker of a Pharma-driven disease model, I thought, then I have served my purpose.
Throughout this fight, however, I have marveled at the power of nutrition. I put down my prescription pad and fine-tuned dietary recommendations that seemed to be the magic bullet my patients had sought when they first filled that antidepressant prescription.  I didn’t fully know why my nutritional program worked the way it did. Was it decreasing inflammation? Balancing blood sugar? Eliminating food antigens? Maybe it was just the placebo effect of my passion for this work?
I didn’t understand the truth about healing, about the body’s synergy with its own environment until I met Dr. Nick Gonzalez in January 2015.
A soft-spoken, well put together gentlemanly type, Nick’s energetic presence is so intense that I imagine few can tolerate it. When he would speak, his encyclopedic knowledge poured out like a golden river. I knew, almost instantly, that this man represented the single most powerful threat to the pillars of belief upholding the rotting temple of cancer treatment and chronic disease management. His integrity, his honesty, his compassion, his lighting-rod-like intuition, his passion all packaged in a man who could deliver a 4 hour lecture without a single note, a man with an impeccable pedigree, and one who fought, quietly, daily to uphold the truth.
Hearing a single case report of his – a woman presenting with biopsy-confirmed metastatic breast cancer, progressed on chemo, alive and thriving in his practice 34 years later – should have been grounds for international press conferences. And there wasn’t just one such patient. There were hundreds. He is responsible for not just prolonging lives of the condemned, but shepherding them to a state of vitality that would have otherwise never been even a consideration. He did this work, every day.
He did it because there was no one else who could.

The Making of the Healer

His path to greatness was so unusual, that one can only assume he was called to this mission of healing. Of being the first stop for those who know that the conventional system overpromises and under delivers, and the last stop for those who could not be helped by all of the great “experts” out there.
He was an accomplished journalist in the 70s before attending my alma mater – Cornell – for medical school. Through his investigative journalism, he had developed an interest in the creative geniuses in the nutrition realm at the time, like two-timeNobel Laureate Linus Pauling, and he went to Cornell (yes, he just decided to go and went, unlike the rest of us who had to toil, beg, and pray to be considered for admission) so that he could work with the then president of Memorial Sloan Kettering, Dr. Robert Good, a transplant pioneer with an expressed interest in nutrition. It was under Good’s wing that Nick was able to pursue the work of William Donald Kelley, dentist and clinical genius. He lived in his house and told me about being woken up at 4 in the morning to discuss science with this most unusual specimen of humanity. He writes:
“As part of my project, I eventually interviewed and evaluated more than 1000 of Kelley’s patients, concentrating on a group of some 455 patients diagnosed with cancer who had done well under his care. From this population, I wrote up in detail 50 cases, representing 26 different types of cancer. Even today, nearly 30 years later, I am still impressed by Kelley’s achievement.”
Kelley synthesized the works of neurophysiologists like Francis Pottenger and Ernst Gellhorn MD PhD who both elucidated the relevance of the autonomic nervous system to disease, with nutritional anthropologists like Weston A Price. He expanded and explored the relationship between ecological niches, ancestral nervous system dominance, the vulnerability to disease, and the role of specific diets for healing. Through Kelley’s own cancer recovery and self-experimentation, he intuited the work of Dr .John Beard  around the relevance of pancreatic enzymes to cancer treatment and also developed an appreciation for the role of detox and the infamous coffee enema.
He treated and saved thousands of lives before he closed his practice, potentially withering into obscurity.
Nick’s analysis of Kelley’s cases allowed for a better understanding of the optimal manufacturing of pancreatic enzymes for anti-cancer effect. He describes this journey in his article, The History of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer, complete with two poignantly moving cases of successful long-term treatment of stage IV lung cancer and Burkitt’s lymphoma. He greatly admired the work of Dr. Beard (and was known to give 3 hour lectures on the subject) who first claimed that pancreatic enzymes (trypsin) have anticancer activity based on the trophoblast theory of cancer. This theory has been substantiated by others such as Dr. Wicha whose work has confirmed that cancer does not arise from rogue mature cells, but from stem cells that lose regulatory control in a hostile, toxic environment.
In 1987, Nick started out on his own, despite being asked to work with Dr. Bob Atkins, the famed weight loss doctor. He knew he had his own work to do.

Metabolic Type Diet

We have, as people, evolved in different ecological niches, with different relationships to the environment. The late microbiologist, Rene Dubos was also an intellectual hero of Nick’s, who among many brilliant quotes, stated:
“man himself has emerged from a line descent that began with microbial life, a line common to all plant and animal species…[he] is dependent not only on other human beings and on the physical world but also on other creatures—animals, plants, microbes—that have evolved together with him. Man will ultimately destroy himself if he thoughtlessly eliminates the organisms that constitute essential links in the complex and delicate web of life of which he is a part.”
In these different niches, our nervous systems adapted to survive. Our ancestors interacted with the available food, the climate, and the microbes, and their bodies met and yielded to these forces like stone erodes from the waves. Those that survived, over time, had to be designed to complement the environment. From the Eskimos to the Amazonians, the alkaline vs acidic nature of available foods selectively stimulated arms of the autonomic nervous system to perfectly balance a system’s native dominance.
What an elegant truth.
There are those who thrive on a low meat, high leafy green and citrus diet, and those who thrive on a high-fat, meat three times a day regimen. And it turns out that your temperament and bodily habits can tell us a lot about where you fit in this spectrum. Kelley elucidated 10 dietary types on a map and also personally and clinically tested hundreds of nutrients for their properties in stimulating the para and sympathetic arms.
The reason that my dietary template has worked for so many years is because the patients who come to see me, are almost without exception, of a certain autonomic dominance in the parasympathetic arm. These patients require a broad diet, but one specifically inclusive of red meat and natural fats. My patients get well without eating boatloads of kale – in fact, I’ve been criticized for promoting a smoothie recipe without a single green in it!
All alternative practitioners know that food matters. But we are subject to the latest guru, some poorly designed study, or the lens of our own personal experience. Nick’s approach offers patients a personalization of diet for top-down regulation of all systems from immune to gut to endocrine.
My native inspiration from Price and Pottenger was given the most beautiful scaffolding in Nick’s work. Everything began to make perfect sense.

A New Paradigm

When I began working with Nick, I had to let go of what I understood about nutrients. About folic acid and calcium. I had to let it all go, all of the alternative medicine dogma (yes, there’s lots of it). I had to learn that certain nutrients, even synthetic, in low dose synergy have nervous system balancing effects that render more targeted use of herbs, fancy fatty acids, and antioxidants, unnecessary. As he said, whole books have been written about single nutrients, but for whatever each nutrient did, it stimulated the nervous system in a very specific and precise way.  This nervous system is what controlled digestion, cardiovascular health, respiration, and immunity. It was the master controller – only second to the mind.
I asked him once, where does inflammation – a subject to which I have devoted about 8 years of research – fit into your worldview? He said, the five most important health-determining parameters were: autonomic nervous system, autonomic nervous system, autonomic nervous system, autonomic nervous system, autonomic nervous system. He was always crisp and clear in his messaging!
No, Nick didn’t use curcumin in his practice. No he didn’t treat the effects of chronic stress on adrenal function with adaptogens.
He didn’t need to. He divined a methodology that worked, and he stuck to it for 30 years. Not subject to the latest fad, the hottest new study, or a conference that he was so relieved to have gone to. He used a three-tiered approach of a personalized diet, detox, and supplementation, much of which was glandulars tailored for growth factor stimulation of deficient areas in a given patient.
And no, Nick didn’t just treat cancer. He wasn’t just responsible for keeping stage 4 patients alive – thriving – under his care for years and even decades beyond their death sentence. He also resolved Lyme, chronic fatigue, and even a case I plan to publish for him, of end-stage diabetes treated to vitalism with a high-carbohydrate whole foods diet.
I would sit in awe, my jaw literally agape, in his office reviewing his charts of cure after cure after cure.

His Legacy

I spent 7 months mentored by Nick and I count it as the most formative window of intellectual growth in my life. To be in his presence, to hear him speak was to tap into a wisdom that I can only attempt to transmit in my time as a clinician. Suffice it to say that his clinical outcomes are unmatched the world over, that his knowledge base spanned the esoteric arts, to biochemistry, to conventional cancer practice, and there has not been a clinican yet who is as able to synthesize this material with the level of meticulous, journalistic study he brought to each and every patient’s journey. He had the gift of inhabiting the role of the healer, of materializing a path to lasting wellness for his patients, while also being a true intellectual and a visionary. Most of us never merit one of these designations.
Nick was an activist and a deep supporter of health freedom. He had amassed an important and powerfully undermining knowledge of the flaws in conventional research designed to support the use of cancer diagnostics and associated chemical treatments. Of course, a trial of his own work was systematically sabotaged, about which he has written a book and articles, his detailed vindication recently published by a colleague, Colin Ross, MD.
A quick study, my intensive apprenticeship under Nick has inspired me anew.  I dare say that my entire life has taken on a new meaning since knowing this man. His untimely and inexplicable death have forced me and his loved ones to bow down in surrender to the greater wisdom of our shared journeys.
For this moment, I am so deeply grateful to have stood in his light. To have heard the truth he channeled – it’s a sound so sweet, I hope to continue to share it with the world.

Shared with me by my dear partner, Louise Kuo Habakus:

Sweet Darkness

When your eyes are tired the world is tired also.
When your vision has gone no part of the world can find you.
Time to go into the dark where the night has eyes to recognize its own.
There you can be sure you are not beyond love.
The dark will be your womb tonight.
The night will give you a horizon further than you can see.
You must learn one thing. The world was made to be free in.
Give up all the other worlds except the one to which you belong.
Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet confinement of your aloneness to learn
anything or anyone that does not bring you alive
is too small for you.

 David Whyte from The House of Belonging


Dr. Kelly Brogan MD

Friday, July 24, 2015

Gardasil Injury New Zealand: We Thought It Was The Right Choice by Gayle Dickson


Gardasil: We thought it was the right choice

By Gayle Dickson 
Auckland, New Zealand

Sane Vax Inc.     23 July 2015

I refuse to allow this vaccine to continue harming our girls and am doing everything in my power to bring it to the attention of the media and authorities. 

Essentially, our lives rocked along with the usual family squabbles, snotty noses, heat rashes and teenage pimples … nothing really major to concern ourselves over. Until the youngest, our daughter, started at College! Then all hell broke loose! In her final primary year (Year 8), we’d received notices regarding Gardasil. I was about to toss them in the bin, when the words “cervical cancer” caught my attention. My skin prickled and my eyes widened – we have a great deal of female cancer history on both my side and hubby’s maternal side … breast, ovarian, cervical … so I read on! I then did some very basic research, going onto Merck’s site, discussing it with friends etc.
Some friends cautioned outright against it; others were 50/50 and still others were, like: Why wouldn’t you if it can prevent cancer? Given that I couldn’t find anything specifically negative in my searches at that time, we came to the conclusion that we should go ahead.
There was no immediate reaction to the vax … even after the third shot …. Apart from the odd sore arm, short term headache and a slight feeling of not being quite right, but we ignored that as normal for vaccinations. She left primary and went off to college … vibrant, healthy, getting good grades, participating in all manner of sports and, often to our mind, taking on too much!
About six months later, things began to crumble … she complained most nights about being extremely fatigued to the point where she was in bed by 7.30 every night. Okay, she was always an early-to-bed-early-to-rise girl… But this was beyond even her capacity for sleep!
We then noticed that she was starting to wake tired, too. It wasn’t long after that when the nagging nausea started. Then she started slipping with her grades and we succumbed to extra tutoring. She kept complaining of “not being able to pay attention or keep up” and saying things like “I’m just so stupid, mum!”  Initially, we told her that she was now in college and needed to buck up her ideas, work harder, etc.
Visits to the GP were fruitless…. endless blood tests, urine and stool samples etc … all proved nothing. They just kept stone walling us with more and more scripts that achieved nothing and, in my opinion, exacerbated the issues! Most times, they merely concluded that it was all in her head!
By now, the joint pains had started, too. We wrote these off to her demanding regime competing nationally and internationally at cheerleeding, and berated her for not being fit enough and not working on her core strength enough.
Eventually, about 3 years ago, we went off to see an iridologist who’d worked wonders for a friend with gut issues. He took one look at my daughter’s ridiculously blue eyes and said her acid levels were off the scale. He immediately commenced a detox program and had her off dairy, gluten and sugar in a flash. We plodded through this regime for 3 months, slowly noticing an improvement in her attitude, behaviour and energy. Phew, we thought, things were back to normal. Even when we were able to resume a normal diet, we did however, stick to the gluten-free aspect as that seemed to set her off again when re-introduced to her diet… but sugar and dairy came back in with no adverse reactions.
Sadly, the peace and quiet didn’t last. It wasn’t long before the nausea and fatigue crept back again, only this time it was accompanied by anxiety and depressive bouts, too. The GP had prescribed about four different anti-nausea tablets, none of which really helped and three of which make her so tired she couldn’t take them at school for fear of falling asleep at her desk! He then put her on The Pill – according to him, this might help regulate hormonal imbalances! He gave her Losec and other antacids.
In fear that we were facing cancer or something just as evil, we requested a gastro scope only to be told the wait list was six months. A ranting mother in a doctor’s waiting room can work wonders – we were in within weeks instead! However, that showed clear – no lumps, blockages that we need concern ourselves over – the stomach and duodenum appeared normal. Biopsies were taken with a cold forceps for Helicobacter pylori testing so that they could do an evaluation for coeliac – bearing in mind she’d lost about 10kg over about a year through not wanting to eat most of the time. Those results are now in, and she’s clear of Coeliac.
Frustrated beyond all belief, I went to see a holistic GP – not a cheap exercise, but we were at wits end. Within minutes of our consult with him, he asked if she’d had the Gardasil vax … OMG, light bulbs exploded in my head, my heart raced and my hands went clammy! Really, was it that simple?
Haha – simple? I really kidded myself with that one, didn’t I?
He did some further questioning and honestly seems to believe her symptoms are all related … and the timing certainly is impeccable. She wasn’t his first, it seemed – there had been quite a few … and his alarm bells were geared to look out for the symptoms.
The hair analysis he ordered showed a sensitivity to dairy. The bloods he ordered showed that her iron levels were “depleted” – not even a number alongside – they’ve just recently gone up from 6 to 13 – the first time an iron supplement has actually absorbed within her since this whole mess started thanks to having them injected rather than taking oral supplements!
For the last few months, he’s been working with us to boost her immune system, clean out toxins and generally fix what didn’t actually need to be broken in the first place. He has been fantastic in terms of providing me with information on Gardasil as well as other vaccinations.
We are intravenously injecting Vitamin C (which can at times make her feel awful as her blood pressure is horrendously  low post-Gardasil). We’re are also taking SA (Sodium Ascorbate powder) in high doses, as well as Lypospheric Vitamin C.
I inject her with B12 every couple of weeks. She’s on the following supplements: Vit D, iron, magnesium, St Mary’s Thistle, NAC and Ashwaganda. She’s also started on Sacromyces Boulactis, aloe concentrate and Kombucha, and a host of others I can’t recall right now – suffice to say, I thank heavens for!. We have managed to secure some very generous donations through a Give A Little page set up by a friend ( without which we may not have been able to continue with some of her expensive treatments.
We are attempting reflexology and acupressure points to ease the constant nausea, as well as seeing Anthony and Fay at Stillpoint for a variety of osteophathy sessions – one to help relax and the other to detox the aluminium deposits. She’s also seen a wonderful kinesiologist who is helping with the pain and tension in her backs and shoulders.
We have also been dealing with outbreaks of boils (which have now appeared to stop thanks to upping her B12 levels). At one stage her breasts started leaking quite heavily (worse than mine did through both pregnancies!) – we discovered this was a direct result of one of the anti nausea pills … yet again, a known side affect of a medication that was never pointed out to us … we had to research it ourselves!
We have good days, bad days, and really bad days. It’s not often a day goes by without at least some queasiness, pain or anxiety creeping in. We are all trying to remain positive, but the tears very often flow – from her and us!
Most days during school term, she attempted to go to school chipper; within hours we usually either heard her car in the driveway or we’d get a call from the school nurse that she is so ill she couldn’t drive herself home ….on those days, I thanked God I don’t work for a boss and am self-employed!
Her school attendance got so bad, sometimes not attending for up to two weeks, that we have now, in conjuction with her teachers and with their full support, decided to home school in order to complete her final year in College. At this stage, we aren’t sure what she’s going to do about University studies that she was so intent upon, as there is no way she could cope. She is currently looking at correspondence courses to achieve even a Diploma level.
I’m at the point where I’m collating data madly. I am now living 18-20 hour days, fitting in work somewhere amongst the medical appointments and then frantically reading, researching, messaging and chatting to all and sundry. Running ragged, but determined to do something to get my nearly 18 year old back to her former self.
We’ve recently met and chatted with so many other mothers, fathers and daughters going through the same or even worse symptoms, and it’s made me realise how important it is for these girls to know they’re not alone … and for us mothers and fathers to feel that we have an outlet. Thank God for social media and the support groups.
Over and over the Facebook posts in groups such as this, I’m very keen to set up a regular get-together over coffee (or wine!) and nibbles so that we can all vent, share solutions and start to regain our lives again. If anyone is in the Auckland region and keen, do message me on E: Parents or girls are welcome to ring me, too: C: +64-21-2817699.
I refuse to allow this vaccine to continue harming our girls and am doing everything in my power to bring it to the attention of the media and authorities. I’ve had two interviews done … one has already been ”shelved” as they maintain that I can’t provide scientific proof that the vaccine is to blame! Go figure!
But I won’t give up …. Another interview should hopefully see the light of day soon, and I’ve had talks with a member of the Waitemata (Auckland) District Health Board, and am trying to get to see our Minister of Health. I’m also pushing local MP’s to sit up and take notice!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

To Inspire - As Defined by M.N. Hopkins

To Inspire:

For, what is it to inspire?

To inspire is to lead another to an inner realm, an inner realm often avoided or better said, neglected.

To go inward and upward as in the spire of a church building. Up and outward until one touches upon the place of before one's birth in this human existence that you call everyday living.

Yes, everyday, yet more.  It's in one's duties in the everyday that one meets one's greatest joy.  The bird that lands nearby, the stranger with a smile, the chance happenings that in reality are not by chance at all.

All are to lead you toward an inner reflection and contemplation of not just Nature, but the true nature of Oneself.

You have all been mislead, distracted, and delayed from your arrivals to that place in a time that really isn't a time, but from where all plans and times can be accessed.

Now,  I didn't mean to confuse you just lead you toward your inner spire. Tour place of contemplation and realization of what and who you really are. Here is the place or better stated, non-place where you have an inner clarity of vision.

Gone are the outside distractions, the ego annoyances and irritations. Here, you find peace in the knowing that you are more and other than your ego self.

You are as Gods sleeping, waiting upon a wake up call, not knowing that the service has ended and it is now the responsibility of all to awaken themselves to this new day.

Yes, a new day of Light and Laughter together with a joy in living one's everyday existence here on this planet that you call Earth. It has an has had many other names as it will be renamed in what you call, future time.

It is still the same being , this Earth of yours, no matter what the label, just as you are the same being you have always been & will always be despite all your many labels and classifications.

Classifications that limit and confuse and keep you from the true Essence of your being.

And what is that Essence. Some call it Love, some call it Life, some call it God, yet it is neither defined or limited by explanations and is in fact, the Creator of all limitation, hindrances and explanations. It is the Essence of All There Is and It is You as you are a part of It.

Yes, a part, a segment, a fragment of the whole, yet a part while at the same time being a whole being in Love.

Confused again? Good, now we come closer to where we should be. Within the embrace is simultaneously the embrace as well as the Embracer.

Now,  feel your being in a state of Grace. Free for just a moment from the chains or fretters of ego. Free to feel, free to experience, free to touch not just upon yourSelf, but the Self of others.

Safe and secure in knowing who and what you really are for just a moment.

Just a moment that will last a lifetime since you have travelled up the spiral and come to the meeting place of Heaven and Earth. You have arrived at the Heartland, that middle place, sometimes called the middle way. Sometimes one's center, sometimes one's place of balance and power.

So close it is and now you have arrived at this place and from this place you have met with Grace and Grace has washed your sins away. Grace has come from above as it has come from below.

Grace from the Heavenly Realm as well as from the Earth Realm. The Mother and the Father have met and embraced within your heart and a new life has been born. A life free from fear, yet still with trials. Trials that will lead you to other moments of freedom, other moments of Love, other moments of inward realizations of what and who you really are.

Each moment a stepping stone, each moment a cure, in each moment you allow yourself this Gift of Grace to Man to enter into your being. You weaken the grip of ego and experience freedom through touching heart to Heart.

Now, I am finished.  Be glad this day for you now know the way back and the way forward and now it is as now it was and now it shall be.

©  M.N. Hopkins

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Many Thanks To All In The World Peace Community

I received an award this day most unexpectedly.  I am extremely grateful and deeply touched by this gesture.

To see what it is all about, please click on the link provided below:

World Peace Community G+

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Love Is Not Just A Feeling - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

Love is not just a feeling

It is a higher emotion

That emanates from one’s heart center


It is love

That resides in the heart of Man


It is Man

Who will reside amongst his fellows.

Once Love visits

It transforms

All darkness

Into Light

All misunderstandings

Into knowledge

All pain

Into joy


Joy is a sign

That reveals those whom are embraced in the arms of  Love

Those whom extend their arms out to others

Those who know of the delight of touching another

One heart touching to that of another

A joy is evoked


A joy shared


This is a sign of those in Love

Love comes

Love grows


Leaves it’s mark upon  the hearts of all

Whom have been a witness

To It’s effect upon their lives


The lives of others


Love is not just a feeling

Copyright © 2015 M.N. Hopkins

Note:  I wrote this first on July 8, 2015.  I revised it over the last couple of days and decided to release it for the first time on my blog today.