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Thursday, April 28, 2016

SNOWDEN - Official Movie Trailer

Published on April 27, 2016

Academy Award®-winning director Oliver Stone, who brought Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, Wall Street and JFK to the big screen, tackles the most important and fascinating true story of the 21st century. Snowden, the politically-charged, pulse-pounding thriller starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley, reveals the incredible untold personal story of Edward Snowden, the polarizing figure who exposed shocking illegal surveillance activities by the NSA and became one of the most wanted men in the world. He is considered a hero by some, and a traitor by others. No matter which you believe, the epic story of why he did it, who he left behind, and how he pulled it off makes for one of the most compelling films of the year.

Welcome to Earth Time-lapse Video by Luc Bergeron

Published on February 13, 2013

Time-lapse footage from 179 different and beautiful places around the planet. 


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Why Kids Who Play Outside Are Smarter, More Creative and Better Adapted To The Challenges of Real Life by L.J. Devon

Why kids who play outside are smarter, more creative and better adapted to the challenges of real life

by L.J. Devon

Natural News,     26 April 2016

(NaturalNews) Somewhere deep inside every one of us, beating as natural as a heart's pulse, is innocence and goodness. Somewhere deep inside, our inner child desires a sense of freedom, to take up the calling of who we are, to build something of our own, to explore the unknown, to be unique. Somehow along the way we've been instructed to follow along, to get in line, to learn a certain way.

As our childhood innocence and desire for freedom is beaten out of us, we become adults constantly searching for meaning – always drawn back to a box of comfort, of confinement.

Our childhood experiences determine much of our psychology as adults. Allowing our children to play outside freely in an unstructured, natural environment may be one of the best decisions we ever make as parents. Letting children create games and play along freely with their friends provides them with ideal conditions so that they can develop leadership skills, teamwork, problem solving skills and visionary traits. It's these qualities that help them adapt to the challenges of real life as they grow up.

I remember the way I felt when I was 12, cutting trails through the woods, building bridges across creeks with fallen longs, erecting tree houses and forts with scrap lumber. It was these moments of unadulterated childhood freedom that I remember the most to this day. It's these moments, hammering nails and hanging out of trees, where I was alive, creating my own space, adapting to my surroundings.

Sometimes it's as simple as a sandbox, a bicycle ride with friends, or making games up on a trampoline. The possibilities are endless. I remember playing late into the summer evenings, in muddy ditches and creeks, shooting hoops and playing pickup football games.

Electronics stunting children's ability to adapt to the real challenges in life

Today, free-spirited childhood experiences are being replaced with artificial reality and long hours behind electronic screens. As face-to-face interaction disappears, children lose their ability to communicate, to dream. The stereotypical American child now spends an average of seven hours inside, behind an electronic device! How will they ever be able to cope with the real world when half their waking childhood is consumed in an artificial world?

The upcoming generations are being deprived of their inherent creative abilities. As they are consumed with electronic devices day and night, their interpersonal and inner-personal growth is stunted. By being separated from nature, the mud, the trees, the birds and the bees, children lose their connection with all life. According to a study from the University of Michigan, just being outside with nature improves the memory and attention of children.

On top of that, children who play outside are healthier and smarter, because their immune systems are exposed to the real world of germs and therefore allowed to adapt to it all.

According to a Swedish study, when children engage in cardiovascular, outdoor activities, specific proteins and growth factors actually stimulate their brains.

Organizing children's lives and planning their academic success stunts their problem-solving skills later in life

The more we organize and micromanage our children's activities, the more we stunt their ability to figure things out on their own. Parents feel so pressured to get their children to succeed, that they push them into organized clubs, groups and extracurricular activities. Many times children just need unstructured, free-flowing, imaginative fun, where they make the rules – where they run freely through the woods, the yard and the neighborhood.

It's hard to fathom, but the average American child today only spends 30 minutes outside in unstructured play. Those 30 minutes outside each day would never have been enough for me growing up. Sometimes our kids need free time to just lie in the grass, catch bugs, talk with friends or drift into imaginative thought for hours.

As we script and plan our children's activities and force them into structured environments, they go into adulthood and become followers, herded and shut up. Our number one goal should NOT be to push them toward academic excellence or to push a college plan on them at age 12. Kids need freedom to make up their own minds, to pursue their own paths, just like adults. If we continue to script their lives for them, they will grow into adulthood as dependents, clinging to false versions of themselves. As they strive to conform to the structure that's been thrust upon them, they become too afraid to venture onto paths of their own.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Scientism Leads Eventually To Medical Monotheism - A Quotation from Sayer Ji

Scientism leads inevitably to medical monotheism: the belief that there is only one true and right way to prevent and treat disease, and that all disbelievers are intrinsically inferior and treated as either insane, uneducated or as heretics to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

by Sayer Ji

Friday, April 22, 2016

An Ode to Kerala Video - Time lapse Photography by Lovell D'souza

Published on May 10, 2014

Despite the fact that that Kerala has been made into a concept — a 'God's own Country' to be bottled, packaged, repackaged and sold to spend-happy honeymooners from India and tourists across the globe. Despite all the travel clichés, must-do lists and wellness holiday fads involving Ayurveda, Kalaripayattu and Kathakali. Despite all the marketing genius in their tourism campaigns, there's a wild, untamed quality to Kerala's beauty.

View the entire post here:

Locations: Alappuzha backwaters, Devikulam Tea Estates, Munnar, Top Station, Mattupetty Dam, Athriapilly Waterfalls.

Shot using a GoPro.

Soundtrack: Strife II - Year In The Rain -

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

!0 Health Benefits Of Dandelion Root by Diane Herrington

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10 Dandelion Root Health Benefits

by Diana Herrington

Real Food For Life,   4 June 2012

The dandelion Root is a very economical herb considering that it is a weed that most of us dig and get rid of! I have been eating it for years.

Dandelion is a great spring tonic for our bodies; it helps the transition from winter to the warmer season, by nourishing and balancing the blood so it will flow better and keep us cooler in the summer season.
10 Health Benefits of Dandelion Root:
  1. Widely recognized as a liver tonic as it nourishes the liver.
  2. Because of its high iron and zinc content, dandelion root is often used as a treatment for anemia.
  3. Has mild laxative properties and is often used to help maintain regularity.
  4. Recognized as a great blood builder and for the liver.
  5. Aids skin problems as well as detoxify poisons and toxic waste in the body.
  6. It is also a mild appetite stimulant; tea made from root and leaves can help relieve digestive problems.
  7. Dandelion root functions as a mild diuretic. Because potassium is often lost when using a diuretic, dandelion root is often a better choice for a diuretic than synthetic formulas.
  8. Lowers cholesterol according to some studies. Early results of at least one study show that dandelion root supplements may affect the cholesterol profile in diabetic mice positively by lowering LDL and triglycerides while increasing HDL.
  9. Its positive effects on the liver and digestion, may help the effectiveness of other vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
  10. “Dandelion acts as a tonic to the system. It destroys acid in the blood. As it contains organic sodium, it is very good for the deficiency of nutritive salts, and is recognized as a great blood builder and purifier.“ from the book Herbally Yours
Dandelion root Nutrition:
  • Filled with vitamins A, C, D and B complex.
  • Minerals are abundant too such as zinc, iron and potassium.
  • It is very high in calcium and other nutrients.
How to Make Dandelion Root Coffee   click here  Dandelion Coffee
Also, the dandelion leaves and  flowers are so good for us. Celebrate your Dandelions  this year! Eat them.
Other Recipes with Dandelion:
Dandelion Root Pancakes: No milk or eggs, but lots of health and good taste.
Dandelion Flower Syrup: You can taste the unique sweetness from the yellow petals. (Read more about the health benefits of the flowers here.)
Dandelion Flower Cordial: The word cordial sounds tasty, and it’s very appropriate in this case!
Dandelion TeaMade with the leaves — this is perhaps the easiest and fastest way to use a dandelion.

Dandelion SmoothieAfter almost passing out from a dandelion smoothie, Randy gives some practical tips to keep your  dandelion smoothie palatable.

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Latest Study on Human - Pet Bonding Says You May Be Under a Spell by Valerie Burke

The Latest Study on Human - Pet Bonding Says You May Be Under a Spell

By Valerie Burke

Green Med Info.      5 April 2015

Do you melt when you look into your dog’s eyes? Does your cat have you wrapped around her little fuzzy paws? You’re not alone! New science unlocks the mysteries of human-animal bonding and how our animal companions manipulate us into loving them—for our good and theirs.

People have a long history of living and bonding with domesticated animals. A recent genome study concluded that dogs may have been domesticated as far back as 34,000 years ago.[1]

Today, our animal companions are as beloved as ever with the American pet population expanding from about 40 million cats and dogs in 1967 to more than 114 million in 2012. Roughly two-thirds of US households now include at least one pet.[2]

Not only are pets on the rise, but the significance of our human-animal relationships seems to be deepening. A growing number of young adults are trading in their human partners for the four-legged kind. Many report experiencing greater distress from the loss of a pet than from a breakup.[3] In a recent poll, a surprising 38 percent of dog owners reported loving their pets more than their partners![4]

Our animal companions obviously bring lightness and joy to our lives, but science now reveals they may be bringing much more.

The Magical Healing Powers of Animals

In addition to offering companionship, animals benefit people in a number of different ways. For example, animals have developed special defenses over the millennia to ensure survival in the wild, and some of these have benefits for humankind.

Dog’ saliva has been found to heal wounds due to a protein called Nerve Growth Factor. Human wounds treated with NGF heal twice as quickly as untreated wounds. The purring of a cat can help mend broken bones and soft tissue injuries because they purr at 20 to 50 Hertz, a frequency rangefound to promote tissue healing. And a protein from the venom of the Malayan pit viper is being used in Europe to treat strokes and blood clots.[5]

Even if you don’t own anything as exotic as a Malayan pit viper, your dog or cat may be bringing you an abundance of gifts. Science shows that pet owners are reaping an amazing number of health benefits, including the following:
  • Reduced risk for heart attack, stroke, and cardiovascular disease, and better odds of surviving and recovering from a heart attack, regardless of the severity[6] [7]
  • Better physical fitness and higher levels of activity, overall[8]
  • Improved stress management and coping, reduced risk for depression and anxiety; lower levels of cortisol, and higher levels of “feel good” neurotransmitters, including dopamine and serotonin[9] [10] [11]
  • Less pain and improved quality of life for those suffering from fibromyalgiarheumatoid arthritiscancer and other conditions[12] [13]
  • Fewer allergies, better immune function, and improved health and longevity[14]
  • Higher attractiveness and trustworthiness to others, more social support and reduced isolation[15][16]
  • Early warnings for seizures, cancer, low blood sugar and even death, as animals have sensory abilities reaching far beyond those of humans, making them excellent service companions[17][18]

Pets Reduce Allergies and Help Build Children’s EQ

For children, family pets offer unique benefits, both physically and emotionally. Dogs can forestall the development of allergies in children raised with them.[19] [20] A study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology [21] found exposure to dogs in infancy, especially around the time of birth, can lower a child’s risk for allergies. This effect is so strong that even an expectant mother can reduce the likelihood of her child’s developing allergies by living with a dog.

The emotional benefits are even more profound. Kids who grow up with dogs and cats tend to show greater compassion and empathy, which is referred to as “emotional intelligence” or EQ.

According to kindergarten teachers, EQ is the strongest predictor of a child’s success in school, even more so than reading or writing skills. Caring for a pet teaches children compassion, self-esteem, and responsibility for the care of another, as well as improving cognitive skills, mitigating stress, and numerous other benefits.[22] [23] [24]

Children with autism are sometimes better able to interact with animals, and this may actually improve their ability to interact with people. Science shows cats are especially helpful to autistic children, increasing their social interactivity and improving communication skills, tactile and eye contact, smiling and laughter.[25]

Oxytocin Creates Friends with Benefits

Why do cats and dogs hold this almost-magical power over humans? Recent discoveries are beginning to provide an answer: hormones.

A recent groundbreaking study was the first to identify a hormonal bonding effect between humans and other species, which may help to explain how dogs became domesticated thousands of years ago.[26] According to the study, when your dog looks into your eyes, he activates the same hormonal response as an infant. The mutual gazing between dogs and their owners triggers the release of oxytocin, the “love hormone,” in the same positive feedback loop as in a mother and newborn.

Of the duos who spent the greatest amount of time gazing into each other’s eyes, male as well as female dogs experienced a 130 percent rise in oxytocin levels, and both male and female owners showed a 300 percent increase.[27]

To read the entire article, please click on the link provided below:

Friday, April 15, 2016

A Tribute To Those Who Stand For Us - A Discourse by M.N. Hopkins

A Tribute To Those Who Stand For Us

A time of change is soon upon not just you but many, many others.  The old ways are no more.   Now is a time of a great transformation of financial markets and the ways of commerse.

No longer will a few control the many.  For now is the time of co-operation and consensus upon us.

Now, many assemble in the great financial centers.  New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.  Seats of once mighty financial entities, now overcome and defeated by represntatives of the 99 % of humanity.

These way seers and way showers and way doers now gather before the upcoming storm.  Mothers shall weep and fathers shall cry at the injustices done to their own and will arise from their fear and inaction and demand a change of leadership.  True leaders, those of love, those of courage, those who know the way toward a future in which honest attempts are made to solve the problems of community.  The theft of pensions, the theft of our social services, the theft of our medias.  All will come to an end.

Consensus shall show it's head and the head of the snake will no longer direct, since it's body will be cut off.  Those who have signed up to this mass disordering of human community and betrayed not only others, but have betrayed what is best within themselves will lead no more.

No longer will the weak and the corruptable rule.  Now, comes a changing of the guard.  Now, come those of responsibility and compassion.  Now, come the true leaders to take their rightful place amongst their fellows.

The call has gone out and many have answered.  They come together not as victims, but as leaders.  Leaders leading the way back to their roots that were forged in the fiires of a democractic dream.  A dream of Man and Woman working together for the betterment of all within human community.

Now, the bell of liberty rings again but not from a cold metal object, but it rings loud and true with the strength of the human heart.

The young and old unite for a common cause of the re-establishment of the common good.

Yes, Good that will one day be so common amongst Mankind that future generations will wonder how Mankind could have ever allowed itself to fall into such a state of disalignment and disrepair.

Future generations will know directly what is of the Good and live their lives in accordance with not just what is best for their individual expression of their humanity, but what is best for their everyday living in human community.

We salute you all this day and wish to tell you that yes indeed you succeeded with your plans and brought about whole new systems of commerse that were created out of what is best within your humanities.

God's speed and stay the course.  For those of greatness and wisdom from your past and your future have joined together with you in these days and helped direct you back to the path that you left so many countless centuries ago.

They come from the north, the south, the east and the west and join together in a common goal of re-establishing the common good within human communities.  They will come together as one, yet keep their individuality.  United by a common dream, one determined by the human heart.

It is freedom you have sought and it is freedom that has again found you sleeping and rang the bell of liberty.

Fear not.  There is no force that can deter you now from the culmination of your collective dream of freedom.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

7 Ailments That Could Be Treated By The Lemon, Salt And Pepper Trio! by Toni

7 Ailments That Could Be Treated By The Lemon, Salt, And Pepper Trio!

by Toni

The Healthiest        10 April 2015

People have been using natural ingredients to soothe and treat various health conditions for thousands of years. Some of these ingredients can be found in every’s person kitchen, including lemon, salt, and pepper.
Salt is great at moving water out of the body’s tissues, which can lower both inflammation and pain caused by inflammation.
Lemon juice and the peel are also beneficial because of the antioxidant content and the way it cuts through congestion.
When it comes to pepper, there are two types of pepper used in home remedies, cayenne pepper, and black pepper. Both are rich in flavonoids and antioxidants good for your immune system. Also, they can reduce pain, improve the function of your digestive system, break up mucus, and improve circulation.
Here are 7 ailments that can be treated by this trio:
1.Sore throat
This trio can help soothe a sore throat and may even help you to get over it faster. Lemon juice contains citric acid, which helps break up mucus in the throat. Also, it is a natural antiseptic and contains vitamin C, which is known for its powerful antioxidant activity.
Salt helps drawn water from the swollen tissues in the throat and provides some pain relief. On the other site, cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which is a natural pain reliever.
2.Nasal problems
Salt water is useful for helping open up the sinuses. When applied with a net pot, it can open up the sinus tissues and flush out mucus.
On the other site, lemon can open up blocked sinuses, but don’t snort it. Adding black pepper or cayenne pepper in it can stimulate the nose to run, and loosen dried mucus.
The strong smell of lemon is able to help ease nausea and it promotes constriction of the gastric tissue to move whatever is causing your trouble into your digestive tract.
Cayenne pepper also helps stimulate gastric secretion and the movement of the esophagus. Also, the small amount of salt will help drain off the toxins from the stomach tissue that may be causing the problem.
The salt will drain out the fluid from the swollen gums and the pepper can provide some pain relief.
A little lemon peel grated and mixed in can help strengthen the gum tissue and adds the support of vitamin C, which boosts the immunity and helps your body fight off an infection.
Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, and by adding this essential vitamin to your diet you will boost your immunity and might make your body less susceptible to the factors that cause an asthma flare-up.
Cayenne pepper and black pepper also contain antioxidants that strengthen the immune system.
6.Cold and flu
When you combine all these 3 ingredients, you’ll get the benefits of the bacteria and virus fighting flavonoids and antioxidants it contains.
Lemon backs it up with a punch of Vitamin C. Both the salt and black pepper help break up some of the mucus in the throat.
Of course, these three ingredients can relieve the other symptoms of a cold or flu, such as nausea, sinus issues, sore throat, or just feeling blue because of it.
If you are dealing with depression, these three ingredients may help out too. Depression is associated with low potassium and sodium levels. Lemons are rich in potassium. Easing up on your low-salt diet may also help and you could consider incorporating natural sea salt or Himalayan salt, which don’t have the added chemicals of processed table salt.
Black pepper is rich in piperine, which stimulates the nervous system and may ease depression.
Salt, pepper, and lemon are three very common ingredients you can keep stocked in the kitchen. Incorporate these items into your meals, and reach for them the next time you experience any of these symptoms.
Source of this article:

Gratitude Is An Attitude That........Author Unknown

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Vaxxed The Movie - A Review

We will not be silenced by corruption, greed and intimidation. We will support Dr. Wakefield's Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe documentary by pulling together and doing everything it takes to make sure the entire public sees this important documentary about CDC corruption, falsified data, the vaccine/Autism connection and media compliance with vaccine industry fraud. We're Awake, we're Pissed, and we're going to Put An End to the systematic destruction of our children through an ungodly vaccine paradigm. 

Cancer Cures Exposed! Natural Medicine Finally Revealed As THE Answer - A Notice From Green Med Info.

Cancer Cures Exposed! Natural Medicine Finally Revealed As THE Answer

Green Med Info.         5 April 2016

Natural cures for cancer not only exist, but have a huge body of scientific literature supporting them. Why don't more know about it? Both and Ty Bollinger's documentary, The Truth About Cancer, provide a powerful combination of awareness raising tools to help move the paradigm of cancer prevention and treatment out of the Dark Ages into a compassionate, natural, effective and affordable, root cause resolution approach.'s #1 health advocacy is cancer, measured both by the sheer density of researchwe have collected and reported on the subject over the past seven years, and the primary interest of our user base measured by traffic to cancer related topics, which includes an average of over one million unique visitors monthly. Our cancer database -- a byproduct of a decade of work -- now contains thousands of abstracts from published studies documenting the therapeutic or preventive value of natural interventions for cancer, as well as the unintended adverse effects of conventional appraoches. You can view this free resource here. We also report regularly on the under appreciated role of overdiagnosis and overtreatment, as well as cancer misclassification, in the present day epidemic that will directly affect 1 in every 4 people. Another topic is the dangers and even cancer-promoting effects of chemotherapy and radiation, with one FDA approved chemotherapy costing 4,000 times more than the weight of gold, even though it was never clinically demonstrated to be effective in a placebo-controlled trial, and has deadly side effects. Clearly it is time for a change. 

For this reason we are excited to spread the word about one of the most popular and authentic awareness raising events in the history of cancer advocacy work: a 9-part docu-series titled, 'The Truth About Cancer..A Global Quest', which interviews on site over 100 doctors, survivors and scientists, who together, break the medical and research community's 'code of silence' and expose the truth about cancer: namely, how to prevent, treat and beat cancer 100% naturally. Best of all, its free for anyone to watch. Register for free access here. We encourage everyone to tell at least 5 friends and family about it; especially those who have never been exposed to the information. Here's what you and they can expect to learn about: 

Episode 1: The True History of Chemotherapy & The Pharmaceutical 
(April 12th at 9:00pm Eastern US time)

Episode 2: Cancer Facts and Fictions, Breast Cancer, Hormones, Skin
Cancer & Essential Oils

(April 13th at 9:00pm Eastern US time)

Episode 3: Cancer-Killing Viruses, Cancer Stem Cells, GMOs, Juicing
& Eating the Rainbow

(April 14th at 9:00pm Eastern US time)

Episode 4: Excitotoxins that Fuel Cancer, Nature's Pharmacy and Healing
Cancer with Sound & Light

(April 15th at 9:00pm Eastern US time)

Episode 5: Cancer Causing Blindspots, Toxic Vaccines, Homeopathy &
The Power of Emotions

(April 16th at 9:00pm Eastern US time)

Episode 6: The NOCEBO Effect, Healing Vaccines, Advanced Detoxing &
Going Inside A German Cancer Clinic

(April 17th at 9:00pm Eastern US time)

Episode 7: Heal Cancer with Clean Electricity, Unique Water, Natural
Sunlight & Combining Superfoods

(April 18th at 9:00pm Eastern US time)

Episode 8: Cannabis, Nature's Epigenetic Switches, Peptides & Healing
with Micronutrient Therapy

(April 19th at 9:00pm Eastern US time)

Episode 9: Cancer Conquerors & Their Powerful Stories of Victory
(April 20th at 9:00pm Eastern US time)

For more Information, please click on the link provided below: