Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Join We The People Of Maine on April 19, 2014 in Portland



Please Join

We The People Maine

Corporations are not people
Money is not speech

Saturday April 19,
Noon to 2:00 pm
For a petitioner carrier and volunteer workshop.
Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church
524 Allen Ave, Portland, ME 04103
Can you volunteer one or two hours on primary day, June 10 to sit at a table and collect signatures?
This will be an enormous help in gathering the almost 80,000 signatures needed.
The outrageous McCutcheon decision, permits ultra-rich individuals to give $3,600,000 to candidate campaigns

Citizens United permits corporations to give unlimited dollars in election expenditures.
The We The People Maine Initiative is more important than EVER!
Direct our legislature to apply for an Article V convention to draft a constitutional amendment that says
Corporations are not people, Money is not speech,
and make the Electoral Process accessible to all Americans.
We hope to see you noon Saturday, April 19!
Questions or more information, please respond to

Please let us know if:
I can be there Saturday April 19: ___
I can’t be there, but will volunteer at the June 10 primary: ___
I can’t be there, but want to help in other ways: ___

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