Friday, April 4, 2014

It Is Only The Truly Conscious Who Can Save Our Planet From Disaster- A Discourse by M.N. Hopkins

Joana Reyes

It is only a fully conscious Man who can save your world from disaster.
Man will come together and work toward the Good with the Good to insure the survival of the species as well as all other species that now inhabit your planet.
All those who have fallen and faltered upon their way we ask to return to the service of the Good.  All have a choice as all have free will.   This was the promise given to Man and the promise will be kept through eternity.
Your priests, your leaders, all those whom you have put upon these imaginary thrones of authority have failed you and led you astray from your true natures.  Follow not those of dark determination, but rather follow your heart's light that will bring you back to Love and Reason and the Joy in Living.
Trust in your Inner Voice that will enlighten and bring you back to yourSelf.  Reconnect to yourSelf and take your rightful place as Co-creator of your world. God has given you all the tools necessary and put all materials in place to build healthy and prosperous communities.
It was the perversions of a few that led you all astray.  It will be the Goodness given to a few that will begin the return of yourselves to yourSelves.
You will all awaken from this dream and come into a world of beauty beyond imagination.
No longer be distracted and led astray, but listen to the Voice of Reason, the Voice of Love, and in truth, the Voice of Self. 
For Self is connected to the Self of All Selves and once reconnected, a flow will begin from Heaven to Earth and from Earth to Heaven and the multitudes will rejoice in knowing that the Light returns to dispel the millenniums of darkness imposed upon the sight of Man. 
For in an instant, Man will see clearly what he has become and what he will be as he enters the void of the Now in which all possibilities exist.
Love comes to direct Man's actions and plans are made together to bring all life forms together in your Earth Realm.
Look not for signs, but be a sign for change.
© M.N. Hopkins