Saturday, April 19, 2014

Christ Lived In The Now - A Discourse by M.N.Hopkins

From the Now, past and future co-exist together with no division or separation.

The Now is the great revealer and equalizer.

The Now is both the seeds of possibility as well as the fruits of your labors here on Earth.

The Now is the quickest, safest and shortest route to ones' Glory.

Being in the Now opens countless doors of opportunity as well as countless possibilities of being and doing.

Christ lived in the Now and brought forth great possibility as well as opportunity for Mankind to develop and evolve into something greater than yourselves.

Christ lived in the Now and great healings occurred.

Healing is born in the Now.

A healthy past can be returned to and at the same time, a healthy future can be entered into.

Love returns in the Now.

Life returns in the Now.

All that one is and has been and ever will be return and meet in the Now and this is why being in the Now brings about miracles of healing or miracles of change within the human organism.

Your psychologies are based upon dwelling on or digging into the past. This is why it is an ineffective system that often does more harm than good.

Not that the practitioners are not well intended, but when did good intentions alone without real knowledge and skills ever bring about great internal changes in the human psyche.

If they rather brought their patients to the Now, than miracles would occur and a true healing of both body and mind would occur.

It's the same with medical science. Rather than treat a person by looking at what is occurring now in a body, the practitioners look at past histories and family genetics which is not the place to look if healing is to occur.

This will change in time. Man will again remember knowledge that was long forgotten and still residing in the Now. Mankind will also remember knowledge developed far into what you call the future and bring this back to the Now.

So, now perhaps you understand if not consciously, than unconsciously, the power of the Now.

If Mankind began to access knowledge from the Now, then great progress would be made in all the sciences. Man would and will discover or uncover knowledge that is always available since past and future occur simultaneously within the Now of Creation.

So, now do you understand the power of the Now?

Now, for a moment we live in the Now.


© M.N. Hopkins


Magnus said...

Wow - thanks for these wise and insightful discourse. I think I start to understand the power of the now.... ;)

And when dwellin upon it for a few moments... yes, the power of the now is more powerful than anything the mind can ever figure out I guess ;)

I will bear this in mind - thank you

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

You are very welcome, Magnus.

Best wishes,