Monday, April 21, 2014

Dawn Forsythe - Agrichemical Industry Whistleblower


Dawn Forsythe was the former Chief Pesticide Lobbyist for Sandoz Agro Inc., now better known as the eco-terrorist agrichemical giant Syngenta. Dawn has intimate inside knowledge of how the agrichemical industry's propaganda machine operates... and became a whistleblower. Dawn is featured in the recent Canada 16X9 investigative program "Pesticide Peril?" about Dr. Tyrone Hayes.

Tyrone Hayes, scientist at UC Berkeley, was hired by Syngenta many years ago to do studies to prove that their herbicide, atrazine, was safe. What Hayes found was the complete opposite: Atrazine posed serious environmental and human health hazards. Based on his studies, the European Union banned the toxic herbicide in 2004. The U.S. EPA and Health Canada, on the other hand, allowed its continued use. The toxic herbicide is used mainly on corn crops and millions of pounds is applied across North America every year. "Atrazine is the number one contaminant found in drinking water in the U.S. and probably globally,” says Hayes. Syngenta ruthlessly attacked Hayes for a decade. But he didn't back down.

WATCH this 16 minute exposé from Canada's 16X9 revealing Hayes' story and his 10+ year battle with the eco-terrorist chemical/GMO giant, Syngenta:


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