Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Book Recommendation For Those Who Have Experienced Trauma

Life is stressful, anxiety provoking, and frequently traumatic. The result is that many of us are hurting, and often we are unaware of how deep our pain runs.

These experiences aren't simply over and done with once they have passed. They each leave their mark, etched deep into both the psyche and the body. This affects how well we function from this point onwards.

The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process shows what stress, anxiety, and trauma do to our mental wellbeing and physical health. Despite the uffering we experience in life, Dr. Berceli argues that even the most damaging events can become a pathay to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. T

The magic of The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process is that it can be utilized by anyone, any place on the planet. The process can reestablish a person's equilibrium, stabilize their life, and turn them to an emotionally healthy place

Note:   I just finished reading the book and I'm of the opinion that the exercises given can very well be beneficial to many.   I have tried some of them, but not all yet.  In our modern world we are experiencing more and more war, natural disasters, civil unrest, violence and it's good to have some practical tools for recovery back to good mental, emotional and physical health.   Don't expect political solutions or much help from a medical establishment that has a pill as an answer to all ills.  Pills just cover up the pain and eventually destroy your liver & kidneys.  Self-Reliance goes a long way toward good health.

What Is TRP? Video - An interview with the author.


Magnus said...

Thank you for the book tip - I will keep this one in mind.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful, thank you.


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Dear Magnus & Maggie,

You are both very welcome.

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