Saturday, February 15, 2014

Food Buying Clubs Podcast by Dennis Crowley

Food Buying Clubs
by Dennis Crowley on February 12, 2014


Podcast with host Dennis Crowley

Episode 14 of the Food Rights Hour podcast is about food buying clubs. During this episode, our host Dennis Crowley and John Moody, food buying club consultant for FTCLDF members and administrator for Whole Life Buying Club, discuss:
  • How a food buying club works
  • Why food buying clubs matter to the local and real food movement
  • How John Moody crafted a truly successful food buying club model
  • Why food buying club members should also be FTCLDF members
  • How to find farmers and members for a food buying club

Listen to the podcast to find out!

Link To Episode 14 Podcast

Even though individual farmers don’t have a lot of clout, farmers, consumers and artisanal producers taking a stand together do!

FTCLDF can help food buying clubs by providing free legal advice on contracts with club members and farmers and much more.

Become an affiliate community member or a farmer, consumer or artisanal producer member!


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