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Ed Snowden Emerges From Hiding To Receive Award, Father Lon Snowden Makes Trip To Russia by Ben Swann

Ed Snowden Emerges From Hiding To Receive Award, Father Lon Snowden Makes Trip To Russia

by Ben Swann

Ben    10 October 2013

At this time, the geographical location where Snowden received the award is unclear, but he was most likely in Moscow.

The Sam Adams Associates Integrity and Intelligence Award is given each year by a group of retired CIA officers. It is given to an individual who takes a stand against abuse of information gathering. Many of the award’s past recipients have been whistleblowers — in fact, the award itself is named after Vietnam whistleblower Samuel A. Adams. Wikileak’s Julian Assange received the award in 2010.

Four former US government officials met with Snowden on the day he received the award — they are the first Americans to have met with the whistleblower since he left the Moscow airport. They claim Snowden was in good spirits and did not regret the leaking of classified documents.

Former NSA official Thomas Drake was one of the four Americans who met Snowden. Drake said, “He spoke about going out and about and getting to understand Russia and its culture and the people. For his own safety it’s best that no one else knows where he actually lives. But I believe he is making the best of his circumstances and is living as normally as possible.”

Jesselyn Radack, a former Justice Department official, was also there. Radack said, “He spoke very openly about a whole range of things, a number of which I won’t get into here, but it certainly didn’t involve any kind of manipulation by the Russian government or anyone else for that matter.”

Snowden’s father, Lon Snowden, went to Russia to visit with Edward on the same day that the photo was released.

Lon thanked Russia and Putin for giving his son asylum. He also commented on his son’s current condition and future plans. He said to Russian media, “I’m not sure that my son will be returning to the U.S. again.

He’s safe and he’s free, and that’s a good thing… I love my son.”

Lon said it was his understanding that his son had stopped leaking information, a condition of his asylum.

Some US government officials have said they believe Snowden was under the control of the Russian government. The whistleblower’s interactions with the four Americans seems to debunk this.


Video Of Award Ceremony In Moscow: 


Richard Bittner said...

Never seen this site before...was lured by the title...conjurs memories of people seeking asylum from very ill advised war...A war plotted by many members of the August Council on Foreign Relations...after three other members Allen Dulles, McCloy and Ford had assisted in the cover-up of the JFK assassination... Additional C.F.R. members have since entertained us with...iran/contra drugs/$$$/weapons....Abrams, Negroponte The bankster division helped produce the dot com fandango and the Great Wall st., rating company, greenspan/ Fed, DemPublican deregulation politicians...SWINDLE...The C.F.R. vulcans with bushpower brought us the Weapons of Mass Destruction HOAX, using 9/11 as a pretex to starting the most ill-conceived, idiot planned and executed war in our history.... Naturally N.S.A./C.I.A.general Hayden is Council on Foreign Relations...we will suceed in defeating the N ational Security State only if We the people destroy the stranglehold on power that the C F.R. has maintained for decades. We must remove from office all DemPublican politicians and judges who support domestic spying by the N.S.A... .......
....................Originally when the N.S.A. was chartered, it was BANNED From Domestic Spying.. that ban must be restore in order to RESTORE our BILL OF RIGHTS..anything less is meaningless. The only way to permanently restore the bill of rights is to BAN the N.S.A. from Domestic spying and dealing with judges and politicians who think that domestic spying is cool.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Richard:

Thanks for your comment.

I keep it simple. Wealth and power rule and the government is just a tool for their agenda.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely a hero!