Thursday, February 28, 2013

Support A GMO Free New York, USA


Welcome to GMO Free NY! 


Our Mission: Mandatory labeling of GMO foods in NYS!

If we are what we eat, let us know what we're eating!

GMO Free NY is a grassroots campaign working in conjunction with allies in the nationwide Coalition of States for GMO Labeling to get a mandatory GMO labeling law passed in New York State in 2013.
We're not here to tell you about the controversies surrounding GMOs — the human health and environmental risks, the decreased crop yields and increased pesticide/herbicide use farmers are experiencing, the patenting of seeds — there are plenty of other web sites already doing an excellent job of this.
We're here because we want to put an end to the secrecy about the presence of GMO ingredients in our food. Because we want to stop being unwitting guinea pigs for the biotech industry. Because the FDA is still turning a deaf ear to the majority of Americans who say they want GMOs labeled. Because we deserve the right to make informed choices when we go food shopping!

We deserve to have the right to know!
It's time to label GMOs!
Click here to find out how to tell your NYS Legislators!


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