Sunday, July 1, 2012

We See A Day Of A Great Awakening Within The Hearts Of Man by M.N. Hopkins

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Yes, we see a day of a great awakening within the hearts of Man.
Yes, the hearts must arise from their sleep and awaken to a new rhythm, a new beat.
The pulse of life will change when the heart is again activated and pumps not just blood for the maintenance of the life of the human body.
But, also pumps Light for the maintenance of a sound mental and emotional life.
The Spirit is fine within Itself and needs no aide from Mankind.
The heart is the key to all good mental and emotional as well as physical health which is the direct result of sound living without conflicts and confusions.
Direct ones thoughts to Spirit and see the results.
You will feel calmness and a confidence in living.
Faith will return.
Faith in oneself as well as a faith in others.
For you see as one who sits upon a boat upon the ocean only seeing the surface.
Never seeing the richness of the life below.
Yes, see with new eyes.
Hear with new ears.
And taste anew the fruits of a life lived from the heart center.
Balance will return and with it a knowing of what is right and wrong and what best fits your needs as well as the needs of human community.
Mankind is thirsty for this knowledge and await for fresh, clear water that refreshes and rejuvenates humanity on many levels.
All does not need to be known.
It is enough to have faith in a desired outcome and so it will be in time.
Faith in oneself leads to faith in others.
For, we are all connected, none apart from each other.
Your current realities of human community are but a dim reflection.
Faith restored will bring a new Light into your world.
Faith will light the way and humanity will follow.
The heart awakens now to the pulse in tune with the rhythm of Life.

© M.N. Hopkins

Note:  This was written on November 26, 2012 and first published today.


Magnus said...

Mmm, nothing in word to say, bvut just mmm, beautiful :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Michael - valuable re-Minders in here.


Anonymous said...

Obrigada, uma linda mensagem!

Thank you, a beautiful message!


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