Monday, July 16, 2012

Some Say That The End Is Near - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

Some Say That The End Is Near

Some say that the end is near.
The end of what?
Is not eternity never ending?
Perhaps one might say that the end of false rule and false rulers is near.
The end of misidentification of what is truly important in life and living within human community.
An end to dependencies upon others.
A new start of depending on ones’ Self for strength, for support, for guidance.
An end of misdirection.
A start of directing ones’ intent upon strength and wisdom rather than the words and misdeeds of others.
Yes, it is You who will save you.
Not others.
For others are other than the Source of your inspiration.
Your Source of inspiration resides within yourSelf.
Your Self that is connected to both Heaven and Earth.
That gains strength and support from these Sources of inspiration.
Turn your focus away from others to supply your needs.
This is a form of theft and one that is so common among humankind.
A theft of energy.
A misalignment and misdirection.
For, there is nothing to take from another.
All resides within your Self.
All strength, all courage, all wisdom and all love.
All is Self- contained and easy to access when one changes ones’ focus from the other to oneself.
Much of your conflicts, your pain and your misunderstandings stem from this misalignment with Self.
Self is content.
Self is secure.
Self is aware of the dangers and limitations of being in human form while at the same time accepting life as it is within human community.
Self seeks knowledge and understanding.
Self seeks wisdom.
Self seeks Itself.
Self is the creator and the created.
Self works in unison with the Will of Heaven as well as the Will of the Mother.
Self nourishes and enriches.
Self completes.
Align yourself with Self and see the change that will occur.
Bring balance back into your being.
Respect and revere both Heaven and Earth as All That There Is. 
You will come back to your natural state of being.
You will see balance return to your body and mind.
Emotions will flow uninterrupted and run their course.
Health and vitality will return to the human body organism.
Your senses shall be keener yet calmly in use.
Your heart will beat with the rhythm  of the Earth and balance will return to all systems both inner and outer reflections of your human mind.
Life will return and as It does a new way of living will evolve quickly upon your planet.
Ride out the storm and the calm of its’ passing will establish itself within your being.
Let go of the pain, the irritations, and the frustrations of your misaligned past living and embrace your new found way of living.
Feel joy return and feel the goodness with yourself.
Be not afraid to accept the truth of these words.
Let go and let Goodness surround you and fill you with Its’ strength and certainty in your everyday living.
No longer a burden to those around you or near to you, but supporting yourself and bathing in the knowing that you have arrived at a crossroad, a choice, a new possibility and a new way of living in human community.
Know this to be true.
And so will it be.
M.N. Hopkins

Note:  I wrote this poem yesterday and published it for the first time today.  I dedicate it to SJ.  She will understand. 


Anonymous said...

Não sei a quem dedicou, mas, agradeço pela leitura desta bela mensagem! Muitos caminhos se percorre para encontrar a tranquilidade que estará sempre dentro de nós mesmos.
És uma pessoa realmente especial Michael!

Um grande dia a você meu amigo!


Anonymous said...

I agree - no arguement - and well presented - but tears still flow when I look around this beautiful Earth I have chosen to live on in this saddening time.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for what you do, what you offer...


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mike. This insight is beautiful, straight to the heart and inspiring.
I never did get the other one published (have detached from the internet and blog as of late)so I hope it's okay if I publish this one instead.

Susan said...

This is a great focusing meditation leading the reader into the truth and new affirmations. Nice!