Thursday, July 26, 2012

Episode 18 of the Disarming Grandmothers Of The UK Documentary Series - "The Life Of The Insurgent"

26 July 2012


Helen sets up a new peace camp just outside the perimeter of Menwith Hill and with the help of fellow protester, Kate Holcombe, quickly establishes a place for her renewed campaign.  This episode gives a taste of camp life, from the mix of characters and tales of past police encounters to the vehicles that quickly decorate the scene: from caravans and police cars to prison vans!  There is always a serious and heartfelt purpose behind all of Helen’s antics but the women always ensure they have a good giggle, testing the police and being prepared to drive themselves to court in Helen’s new prison van if needed!


Watch Episode 3 in the Opening Trilogy to find out more about Menwith Hill.

For further information about Kate Holcombe’s campaign visit her blog:

Direct Action Station

Ms Helen John, 74, a founder of the Greenham Common protests, is demonstrating against the use of unmanned military aircraft.

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