Sunday, June 3, 2012

There Are Often Times Of Great Distress And Uncertainty by M.N. Hopkins

There are often times of great distress and uncertainty within your world of Man.
Man has yet to learn his part in both Natures plan and that of the Divine.
Mankind refuses to hear the words of wisdom that have been sent upon the wings of angels for countless centuries.
Instead, Men choose the lies and falsehoods of those of dark determination that are in control all your financial as well as governmental institutions.
Nature will be called upon to rectify these Man made problems that act as hindrances to the evolvement and development of sound and healthy human communities.
Man has chosen a path toward human destruction and eventual annulation of the species.  It is never too late.
Change can come in a millisecond and last for a thousand years if Man but realigns his intentions with that of both Nature plus that of the Divine.
For Mankind is of both and will fuse into the two simultaneously on day, although that has yet to come.
No warnings will be given.  For, none have been heeded.
Man will learn from experience and learn wisdom in the flames and by the sea.
For two forces will join together and bring a halt to this false path of technology that has and will continue to threaten your development into what you are destined to become.
Powers will return to those of far sight and even greater power to those of insight.
These powers will be used to reconstruct Man after the collapse of your current systems of the organization of human community.
That is when Mankind will again rely on their own powers of mind that will be directed by those who have developed in the power of the heart.
For, the heart will lead the way and the human mind will follow.
Those who have found their home again, not among the stars, but within their hearts shall be the new leaders that Mankind will follow.
Then, balance will return and Mankind will naturally act in a sound and good and kind manner not just with his own kind but with all life upon your planet.
The way will not always be easy, but at least there will be a way determined by Man and not those of dark form.
Be not afraid, but be bold and come back to yourSelves and bask in the Light and Love of Creation.
Bask and wash away the fears and the sorrows of the past.
Refresh yourselves in the Now of Creation and from there look forward to your road ahead.
A road of lush and green health giving forms that will return after the collapse of the artificial forms that have sickened and weakened your human body forms.
The air will be refreshed and rejuvenated as will the waters when the natural forms of energy are revealed to Mankind.
Necessity will bring this about and intelligence and common sense used for the common good will maintain a good working system of human community.
Love finds its way back to the human heart or in truth, one might say that the owner of the heart accepts and uses that which was always there.
It is nothing more than a matter of opening up and accepting what is already a part of your humanities.
Yes, it was lost and now found and you all will live ten thousand years burning bright as the sun.
So, be at peace and know deep within yourselves that you are in truth already free.
It has only been yourselves that have stopped you from experiencing the Glory that is already You.
M.N. Hopkins
Note:  This was written on May 19, 2012 and published for the first time, today.



Pam Bickell said...

Thank you. This is powerfully optimistic without ignoring the damage we humans have done. Inspiring!

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Pam:

Thank you for your kind words.

My best wishes to you and yours,

Anonymous said...


This is excellent. Finally we have a sincere and genuine insight for our future.

I have learned to have great respect for he/she who speaks through you. Thank you! I suspect that those two dates I was 'shown' three weeks ago of June 16th and 26th have some connection to what we are being told here. We shall see, but community and working together in a non-competitive way is how we will encourage ourselves into our joint future - and most importantly lead by the heart.


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Michael:

Thank you for your kind words.

About the dates, we will see.

Take care,