Friday, June 1, 2012

Mylee - A Chairi Child: The Journey Continues

A journey with Chiari Malformation, Mitochondrial disease and the many symptoms and medical issues that go along with these diseases... Mylee's journey continues... and her fight to live life is so contagious!!!

A gift for Mylee:

Take responsibility for your body and mind as you would care for a small child and protect them from the words that comdemn and destroy a sound built in system that maintains good health.

Be misled and deceived no more by those who concentrate more upon their personal wealth and power over others, than have a true or sincere love and concern for you as a fellow human in need of support and kindness that will lead again to a strong and healthy state of being.

Open your heart to this possibility if just for a moment and let the Healing Light enter through your heart and travel to the place within your body that needs healing.

Now, feel it in your Heart of Hearts that health soon returns.  Be not afraid and open yourself up to new possibilities and believe not those of dark determination who profit from the suffering of many due to their own weaknesses and ill afflictions.

We, the Healing Friends will come as theives in the night and join with you who truly wish to be restored to good health.  Think on us and we will come to restore faith oneself and in God and in the natural healing abililites of the human body.

Now, think on us before retiring for the night.  Pray only to God and ask that He send His Healing Angels of Light.  Have the faith of a child and know that when you arise in the morning, you will be restored again to health.

Now, we wish you all a happiness that comes from knowing with the mornings light will come a new found health.

M.N. Hopkins

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