Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Crops Near Amarillo, Texas Show Heavy Metal Damage to Roots Part 1 & 2

June 21, 2012

CORRECTION:  What I say are lateral roots are actually secondary roots, mainly used for water storage. The fine lateral roots branch off the primary root system which usually drills deep into the ground.

Aluminum and other heavy metals affect the growing tip of a tap root and decrease the elongation of other types of rooting plants. But heavy metals decrease elonation there limiting the plant to a shallow and small area to get what it needs. That's they the tops of the trees burn out and branches die off systematically instead of all at once.

My crops were sprayed on June 12 1989 by crops dusters, many witnessed this unauthorized act, but the local sheriff did nothing.. DPS would not check out reports that spray planes were conducting operations on county rds. at night with 5000 gal tanker trucks and fuel trucks on site. The local County Extension Agent Jim Allison and Texas A&B refused to look at postive test results.

I fought these people for three years and spend over $160,000 doing testing and taking photographs, I even hired a local photographer to take very scientific infra red and natural color of the crop that showed paths across the crop the same witdth of a spray plane. The photos also showed that these lines of death also traveled across roads that had been there for years.

But Country Extension Agents publshed papers that said "checker board ," rain, and drought with abundant rain 19" over a 90 day period..and they would still call it drought. I could not believe it.. They even told em that these 30 ft paths of death in my crop could be caused by ancient elephant tracks. They thought it was so funny and all the people at the coffee shop laughed... but a 14 year old boy did die of an anysurem,

Charlie Lamb a local spray guy threatened the lady who ran a day care center for putting in the Stratford Star that they should not spray children. Afterward her garden died and her trees started showing signs of yellowing and the tops died off. But they people charged with protecting us kept on laughing.. it's so funny..

There was an article in the Hereford Texas Paper about planes "playing chicken," with coal trains. It said that they would fly level with the engine and pull up at the last moment, spraying something, all the while. But when they got over the coal they would pull the dump hatch and dump the load. Later the Power Plant had to switch sources because that Canadian Coal had to much heavy metals especially aluminum... Who messes with a train? Does not Secret Service or a branch of the Fed like the SS look after that?

Try to find the December 16th 1989 front page article of the Wall Street Journal that says "40 States Have Wide Spread Damage from the Yellow Monster." This is where someone (Monsanto?) claimed that Du Pont has cross contaminated Benelate with Atrizine.. and it was causing wide spread damage in 40 states. It dropped Du Pont's stock 3/4 point and they had already paid out 350 million in claims and had over 1.5 billion to go.

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