Monday, June 25, 2012

Bad News For The FDA And Good News For MMS Users with Jim Humble

Help MMS fight for freedom
or lose it forever; your choice- 06-08-2012 -

Just over three weeks ago I sent out an urgent plea to donate to the MMS Defense fund. This fund has been set up to fight the FDA and their attempts to make criminals out of people involved with MMS.

To date, the fund has received over $40,000 in donations. While this amount still isn't nearly enough, it clearly shows that people around the world are coming together to fund this “historic” fight against the Food and Drug Administration, Monsanto and Big Pharmaceutical. This is a fight intended to insure our personal health freedom once and for all!

The fund needs close to $2 million to turn this fight into an all-out war against the FDA and what they are attempting to do to our health choices and MMS.

Again, we don't have months to play around with this, it has to be now.

Of the 175,000 people I sent the alert out to, 200 donated to begin with. We sent out our second alert and an additional 800 people donated. We will succeed in this fight people! First, thank you to all who have stepped forward. Now, the rest of you, if you would give just $10.00 each, we would hit our mark and the FDA will tremble. Anyone who can donate more please do so now.

This mission is working and because of our supporters world-wide, we will witness a huge success. Don't let your inaction allow the FDA to take away our personal health freedoms or MMS.

Donations may also be sent to:
MMS Defense Fund
c/o US~Observer
233 Rogue River HWY PMB #387
Grants Pass, OR 97527

Check back soon for an exciting announcement! 

The US~Observer has taken on this fight and published an initial article. You can read it here. If you haven't already, please read the urgent plea I previously sent out. You can read it here.

Source of Video and Text:

Master Mineral Organization

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3 comments: said...

The FDA is one agency which is completely out of control. They appear to be targeting all kinds of organic food producers and even the Amish. Meanwhile, 30 people were killed from listeria infected cantelopes just recently. Talk about misplaced priorities.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Yes, Indeed.

I was just talking abvout this with my wife last night. Swedish news had a story about how dangerouse wild meat is near the lead bullet and for people to be careful. The big Swedish food companies are daily poisoning people with saminella. e-coli, out dated meat, etc. and nothing is done, but to go after hunters. Smoke & mirrors to avoid the real problems.

Take care and thanks for visiting,

Anonymous said...

Would you please update your blog on the MMS case? The facts are here: and the funds donated to US Observer are no longer arriving to Daniel. I know you were a great help before, and we really need you now! Trial set for 3 March 2015 in Spokane WA. Jim did a great video for him: Thank you and God bless!