Monday, June 4, 2012

Casseroles Night in Canada / La soirée des casseroles au Canada / 30 Mai 2012

A photo montage of 60 events across Canada and beyond / Un montage photo de 60 casseroles partout au Canada (draft / brouillon) Version finale:

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Anonymous said...

There is no doubt there is a global unrest pervading all across our world. In some places as in the Middle East it can be fairly volatile but it is certainly unmasking how fed up people have become - especially the younger generations - over the crappie way in which we, as a global society, have been manipulated and controlled to do the bidding of those we have given our power to - those little boys who are the bullies in the school yard who haven't grown up yet -.The global voice is now saying - "We are taking our power back - and you be damned!" ---- no more bullying!" and it's about time! :)


Ps - There is an old saying -"Power corrupts - and absolute power corrupts absolutely."