Saturday, August 18, 2012

We Plant The Seeds For Future Generations - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

We Plant The Seeds For Future Generations 

We plant the seeds for future generations.

For they are the ones who will understand our words.

Words of Love.

Words of encouragement.

Words that will lead them back to their chosen paths.

And what is that path?

It is the way of the heart.

The heart way that has long been forgotten begins to be remembered by a few.

A few who have opened their hearts to this new possibility.

To this possibility for a new way of living.

One unhindered by the pursuit of false images.

Those images that were created by Man to control and influence others.

To mislead and open them up to all sorts of unrealities that in Reality, just do not exist.

These images with values that are false.

Images that distort and destroy ones possibilities for a joyful, fulfilling life here within your world.

Images of plunder.

Imagines of the rape of the Land.

Images of a false success that is really ones failure to complete or live ones Souls intent for this lifetime.

Yes, we have planted these seeds today so that they can be tended to and cared for by you and others.

In this way, future generations will reap the harvest of our thoughts and emotional contructs that are conducive to a better way of living.

The Light of Creation is within that which takes one beyond ones ego needs and desires back to ones Self.

Once arriving within the Now of Creation, all fears desolve and disappear from the mental and emotional constructs and are replaced by an openness to that which is new and fertile.

Once arrived, life begins to transform into one that is more to Ones liking.

Once awakened, one has an opportunity to create not just new mental and emotional structures for oneself, but for others jointly in your human communities.

Fear leaves and Love returns.

Love of self as well as the love for others.

The false images are shattered and laid to ruin by the Light of the harvest.

Man again prospers once nourished.

Then love grows and soon becomes the mainstay in the human diet.

M.N. Hopkins


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Michael.

As usual. You have a powerful way of re-Minding us.

Tried to leave this on your site but as usual got flummoxed.


Anonymous said...

Nice poem and very interesting and real, all are in the seeds.


Mathew Naismith said...

Taking control, especially of others, is all about fear.

You can tell this poem is very heart felt Mike, your not false, you really do care, good to see.