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Lakota Sioux Holy Man Fools Crow – A Narration On The Characteristics Of Medicine And Holy People, Part 2

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Lakota Sioux Holy Man Fools Crow – A Narration On The Characteristics Of Medicine And Holy People, Part 2

What is important for everyone to know is that the holy men or medicine men must be measured by more than curing abilities.  They must also be measured by their manner of life.

Of course, we medicine men have always had our problems insofar as what people think of us.  Some people do not care for me because they think I get money from all over and using it for my own selfish purposes.  Others are unhappy because I love the black, the white, and the yellow people as well as my own red people and because I want to get along well with all of them.  But they are human beings and God’s children and I love them and want to help them.  So if people are against this, there is not much I can do or want to do about it.

Even the medicine people are jealous of one another today.  And that is very bad.  Years ago all of the hold men and medicine men worked together and as a result accomplished great things.  The medicine men understood their power in the healing rites and in other ceremonies.  Even when they paid homage to God they did so in such a way as to help one another.  There was unity of purpose.  They were as one and the people were very happy about this.  But this seldom happens anymore.  Now the medicine men compete against one another, which often promotes jealousy.  If one man is successful in curing someone, he will broadcast it everywhere in an attempt to build up his position.  In the old days nothing would be said by him or the patient.

Healing is far more important than having fun.  I could do many things to satisfy and astonish curious people.  I could even take a baby and make him dance or do things only adults can do.  But I don’t really want to.  I would rather confine my power to healing.  I have met numerous people who have asked me to do feats of magic or miracles, but most of the time I have not chosen to do so.

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