Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Navajo Christ by Father John Guiliani

This Navajo Christ moves forward beyond this page, and with his hands initiates a welcoming embrace.  His compassionate countenance bears the marks of human suffering summoning us to transform our own.  Traditional iconography gives witness to the human face of the Sacred.  This icon by Fr. John Giuliani, imaged in the features of America’s indigenous peoples, reveals anew that sacred power.  It celebrates the soul of the Native American as the original spiritual presence on this continent, and as a prophetic sign, it celebrates the reconciliation of the spiritual vision of Native and Christian peoples of this land.

An Interview With Father John Guiliani

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grover the peace man said...

traditional Christianity, will not recognize the peril at this enigma for fear of losing credibility of their one and only true. When in all sources of hope lies faith.. enjoyed the read today