Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Meaning of Prophecy Rock Explained by Hopi Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma

Hopi Elder Martin Gashweseoma explains the meaning of the Prophecy Rock.

Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma is one of the last remaining traditional elders of the Hopi tribe, located on the third mesa in northern Arizona. He remains steadfast in maintaining the traditional spiritual ways of his people, as assigned by Massau'u at the beginning of this current world. We are now nearing the end of the great cycle, as foretold in the Hopi prophecy. The purpose of this page is to respectfully establish a link for interested seekers to reach out and connect with Grandfather Martin. Because Grandfather Martin deliberately lives in humble simplicity, without electricity or running water, he has no access to - or need or desire for - a computer. Therefore, messages sent to this site will be printed out and mailed to Grandfather Martin directly. We cannot and do not promise any response.

To learn more about Grandfather Martin and read more about the petroglyphs on the rock , please click on the link provided below:

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