Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Swedish Government Shuts Down Several Swedish Websites Today.

Please send the link to this entry on to as many as you can.  After, I send this, I may be shut down too, although I am running off a server outside of Sweden, so hopefully, I am safe for now.

I will only say:

Sweden, what are you afraid of?

One Is:

Another is:   Chemtrail Truth Sweden

More information on another shut down:   


We received a formal complaint from the Security Department at National Courts Administration
in Sweden regarding this post:

In these situations we suspend the blog until further investigations occur. If you agree to remove that content, we may be able to restore you blog.

Kind regards,


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Anonymous said...

Indeed - "Sweden, what are you afraid of?" Fear creates fear - which is what the world seems to be running on in these difficult times. Like many of us, I place my hope for our future in this Cleansing time period we are moving through. Some have called it the "End Times". With 'endings' come 'beginings'. I think that is where we must place our focus, and indeed our hopes for us all on this beautiful planet we have the honour to live on, and for now, call home.

Michael B.

Anonymous said...

This is scary, Mike.
As an aside, are chem trails left from the small white planes that fly ONLY back and forth over a city? They don't leave the area--just leave white stripes north, south, east and west over our city. I see them every day--unless it's too cloudy to see them. I asked one journalist what they were but she's the political reporter and I haven't heard back.

Índigo said...

I just stop by to say a little hello and see what was going on in your blog! Have a nice and indigo day!

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Indigo:

You are allways welcome here. You have a lovely day also.

Kindest regards,

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Pam:

Yes, there is much of this spraying going on. You will never get a straight anser from any agencies or authorities.

Here is a site to check out for more information on chem trails:

You in the States have more than this to worry about. You have the oil sickness from the gulf, radiation from Japan, and so much GMO farming that your land & water is totally poisoned by Roundup weed killer and there is more, but I'll stop there.

Take care and feat not,