Friday, July 22, 2011

Can Structured Water Save Fuel?

I received this from a Water Wizard in Denmark and thought I would post it. It's not often that practical solutions are put out on the Net to be shared.  For those with a bit of technical knowledge perhaps you might like to give it a go.  My question is, "Can structured water save fuel?"  I beleive that it can since I know the source of the information and trust him to tell the truth of his experiences.

Here is the text that goes along with the video:

Structured Water Saves Fuel.

With an open mind you could help the environment and save some money.

I want to share some experiences I've had about our sacred water.

I'm sharing this for the love of our planet and its' environment.

My car now uses 5-10 % less fuel.

For the past years I've gained some knowledge about water thanks to some of the "water wizards" of this world.

Then I gratefully discovered some of the so called secrets about water.

Water is capable of transmiting its structure/energy from one source to another (and so are we humans).

If you want to do something for our environment and at the same time save some money.

Do like this!

You would need 1 bottle of structured water and some copper wire.  That's all.
Copper is a great transmitter of subtle energies.

I use Grander water -- maybe other types of structured water would bring about the same result.

Wrap the copper wire around the bottle (I did it clockwise).

Place the bottle as close to the fuel tank as possible. Mine is in the cabin.

Then the water will be able to transmit its' energy to the fuel and you will use less fuel.

One might get different results depending on the car, model, fuel type, intended use, etc.

There might be other solutions to make it work. We are here to think, share, and enlighten ourselves.

Thank you for watching. This contribution is intended to be a preliminary effort until all the free energies which are available in abundance on our planet will be allowed among us.

God Luck, which is everything...

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