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Alex Kochkin Update - July 16, 2011

A-List Update July 16, 2011

Notes from April 2011 through July 2011

    “This is a time to realize that a terrible nightmare is ending and to welcome the new energies and to prepare ourselves for a new way of being. Many are now finding their “boarding pass and departure tickets” in hitherto invisible “coat pockets”. “
    “The last week of June and first week of July marked the influx of the new energies and an end to the “last minute” latitudes granted to certain higher levels to conduct their own completions. Time is up for them. Time is up for the human level as well. It is time of the descent of the higher energies. These are of the highest order and are not corruptible.”
    I am writing these days to a rarified number of people who in turn represent a small fraction of one percent of humans today. That is how it is.  This “rarified” group of people represent the leading edge of the transformational processes underway. I will also be writing less and less, since there is little more to say.
    Some of what I am have to say may disturb or unsettle some readers. But if you adopt a cognitive perspective that is more on par with your higher levels of knowing, then this will make more sense and thus will not be so “disturbing”. 
    As in the “as above”, there is the next stage of correction energies. It is like a massive incoming wave front that is compressing and dissolving the discontinuity or boundary zone that is a buffer and barrier between the dark or fallen sector and the rest of true creation. It is also being ushered in by some higher level beings in specific ways, so it is not only broad wave. This is leading to a new type of coherency and a more direct connection with the real higher oneness of true creation. Like a magnetic separation process, all that is of the dark, all particles, wavelets, entities, and thought forms are being removed and pulled one way and all that is of the true light or identifies with the true light is being pulled the other way. It is a challenging experience for those most engaged with this, however you look at it. Anything that has relied too much for its existence upon the dark or derivations of the dark, will find it a difficult time.
    While this may sound to some like metaphor and analogy, more importantly, it is very literal and very definitive.
    This is already being reflected some in the “as below” realm, but not in any overtly positive manner, but rather as a type of new surreality in which the powers-that-be feel comfortable enough presenting nearly any manner of nonsense and lies to a human population that mostly still accepts this as the only reality and so remain engaged in the falsehoods. 
    Many are dropping out, knowing at some level that it is all non-reality, at least for themselves.  And a small fraction of a percent of people are turning away and engaging with a higher attractor that is identified with the correction energies. And of course there are those who are forced out into an economically marginalized social caste that is amorphous and heterogeneous.
    There is also an in-between spectrum of people who are either actively opposing the status quo or who are latching on to one falsehood after another, including those imagining some new “golden age” that will suddenly change some version of a hell-on-earth into some fantastical earthly paradise. 
    That is not how the transformational process works.
    Consider how few humans understand the nature of the human social reality.  Now consider how rare it is for anyone to understand much about ontological reality. Consider how idiotically naïve most new-agers are and how dangerously ignorant the religiously stupefied are. What has anyone learned at their human level?  Why project that sort of low level awareness into a higher vibratory world?  It would be like introducing a deadly disease into a pristine environment. When you die from your human body, the human belief systems that are strongest will influence that self’s next stage of existence. At least initially.
    The very notion of a “golden age” is colored by falsehoods and illusions of present day consciousness projecting something of itself into a make believe past. Most of what is provided as evidence of a “golden age” was an earlier version of present human existence that was mostly infected with the same problems as that of present day human existence.  The technological simplicity or prowess of some imagined glorious civilization long passed has absolutely no bearing on the state of their spiritual consciousness.  This is like fancying that primitive “indigenous people” are “naturally” more spiritually correct and live in such great harmony with their environment. Or like those dangerous fools who believe that ET’s/aliens that have mastered advanced technology must therefore be more spiritually and ethically evolved than earth humans. What utter nonsense.
    The transformation and ascension process may have certain common shared patterns overall, but truly it is unique for each and everyone of us.  We can support one another’s process in various ways, but it usually is unique to each.  Hence it is presumptuous to claim that this process is leading to certain specific outcomes that are applicable to msot everyone.
    On a personal note, part of me is already in 2012 and on. Prior to leaving Montana, part of me was already breathing the air of our new location and I could smell the air there at times, even though still in Montana. Perhaps this means that our energy bodies can convey human sensory effects to our human physicality. Our new location, will be more suited to our next stage of whatever it is we are becoming. 
    Some are evolving/mutating/growing rapidly. Imagine shedding you old self on a daily basis!  Like walking out of one body as the new one is shaping up, constantly. For some memories are affected, for others most memories are intact, but very distant feeling, detached from your ever-newly emerging new self. Whatever or whomever you may have once thought yourself to be or were about changes as well.  Shedding everything. 
    Some will shed their ordinary physical bodies this way, some will still maintain their “physicality” as it may be relevant to their new way of being.  Some might even lose 3-d solidity. This is part of the ascension process.
    Taking the “Red Pill” or a Pseudo-version?
    In human language, “awakening” is being deliberately cross-linked to “spiritual awakening” as part of an end game to keep humans enslaved one way or another by one set of dark interests or another –or to be fodder of the dark at a slightly higher level. Fortunately the latter situation is closing down fast. The former problem is one that will also become increasingly limited, but not necessarily in a gentle manner from the ordinary human perspective.
    Too many are conditioned to believe that they are “awakening” to the reality of the human situation relative to the global elite and the systematic fraud of established social-political-economic modalities.  Many have been deluded into believing in various notions of “human sovereignty”.  This is not an a spiritually enlightened awakening, and most who are “getting a clue” as to how this existential reality or social surreality is set up are for the most part only getting a small portion of the true situation.
    Those who persist in studying the situation discover the horrifying extent of all this and then find the situation more than a little upsetting to their human sensibilities. As one comes to understand these matters, it is best to continually engage in the practice of looking away from all that and focusing on what is of ones highest attraction as a spiritual being.  That is both as a new type of human-focused spiritual being and as a larger spiritual entity that is far more than the sum of its physical existential experiences.
    Pattern Recognition and Self-Teaching  Through Higher Awareness
    If you do not understand the close similarities in the “as above” patterns of the dark to the patterns in the “as below” human realm, then you cannot grasp what is going on and thus have only limited avenues of response:  One defaults to oppositional anger to an enemy that cannot or need not be fought; Another defaults to denial or some psychopathology; Yet another leads to the abyss of survivalistic impulses without benefit of a guiding higher spiritual consciousness. 
    However, those who are more aware and conscious have other avenues open to them.
    Endless war (WW3 to the end) is now official. Just as fewer people are disabusing themselves of the lies of “democracy”, there are comparable numbers embracing fascistic social dynamics to enforce the illusions of stability and constancy. There is no correcting this through reasoned discourse.
    The keepers of secrets of officialdom are now so confident of the ability to influence and control that they do not worry much about hiding their lies, falsehoods, and all manner of deceptions in cleverly constructed packaging for mass consumption. Why? It matters less and less to them anymore given what they know of the global changes beyond mere human militaristic politics. And they have their internal impulses, their own dark programs to run given their state of consciousness and nature of being.
    To those who know the real truth of this false reality and who know the real truth beyond the falseness of the dark, it no longer matters. But for far different reasons.
    These similar appearing “conclusions” and the respective motivations are quite antithetical of one another.
    Over recent weeks my global scanning of human info sources has shrunk to barely 15
    minutes each day. Maybe not even that at times . That is the level of importance I place on any of the mainstream or so-called “alternative news”. There is no “news” partly because of the control by the powers-that-be and partly because there really is nothing new of “news”. This is one more indication of the dissolution of this reality for humans. And that is about it.
    For those still glued to all manner of “news and info”, please consider unplugging the television and unplugging from endless Internet-based speculative chatter and focus instead upon finding new possibilities for your human existence. For most humans this is too frightening and so they are afraid to “unplug” and so continue to feed off of the latest insanities and mayhem, even while pretending they are absorbing “intelligent” commentary and analysis.
    I would like to receive thousands of emails from everyone asking to take them off the “A-List”, telling me “hurray” they really “got it” now and a nice thank you and have a good life and see down the road sometime for tea and cookies. 
    To read the entire document, please click on the link provided below and once you are in the forum, click on the Update-April-July2011.pdf:
    ps:  Alex is always a good read.

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